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Last year I did one of the most amazing shoots I think I’ll ever do!

Lydia, who runs The Hermosa Co put a call out looking for pregnant women of any stage. She had a vision to get at least 50 women together to capture the beauty of pregnancy and what an amazing thing the women’s body can do!

*on a side note if you are from Geelong and either pregnant or postpartum,  you MUST check out The Hermosa Co for pregnancy, postnatal and women’s massage; plus incredible natural products!!

I saw the post on Instagram and knew I had to be apart of the shoot! Been pregnant the first time was a good experience for me and I wanted a keepsake for my last pregnancy! 

I love been pregnant, which I know unfortunately not everyone does but for me it is something I have got to enjoy twice. I wanted to show off my bump I was so proud of.

The most amazing thing about the day was seeing so many incredible women come together. All with their beautiful bellies. Some women only 10 weeks, others at 40 weeks waiting to pop! I was at 23 weeks at this stage, not knowing what I was having.

Hail and Shine took these powerful, incredible images. They are an awesome husband and wife team that have a very clever gift behind and in front of the camera!

Taken from The hermosa Co website Lydia’s aim was…
“showcasing the wonderful differences in each pregnancy and why each bump, whether it is high, low, big, small, round or pointy, is uniquely perfect. The images captured on that flawless beach showed something else though: The bond of motherhood. Each mother shared their experiences and deep understanding of the connection and emotion felt in growing your little ones. Which created an instant and unbreakable bond. This remarkable project delivered way beyond showcasing the beauty of pregnancy – it captured in a few spectacular moments the extraordinary power of motherhood.”

Lydia is again doing the shoot this year! If you are pregnant or know someone I highly encourage you to be apart of this and walk away with some beautiful images of yourself!

Details are:
Sunday 15 April
@ Private Property in Torquay (Address will be emailed on registration)

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picking berries

Berry Picking 

I love spending time with the girls, and still love one-on-one time too. Back in early January I took Frankie to Tuckerberry Hill to go twilight berry picking. A nice mum and daughter evening out.

It was so much fun! The weather was perfect, the company was great and it was a lot of fun.
At two years of age I wasn’t sure how successful we would be with the concept of picking berries. After only one accidental green berry Frankie got the hang of only picking blue berries. Then adding to her growing bucket. We would go looking for blue berries and she would continually say “these are good ones” as we got to another bush. A good laugh too.

After about 40 minutes of picking berries we headed back to the cafe at Tuckerberry. We had a nice cold drink (I may have decided it was a nice night for a beer) and ate some of our freshly picked berries, enjoying the beautiful summer evening.
My only complaint was there wasn’t enough food to choose from for a dinner meal. I should have researched more, as I hadn’t fed little miss dinner! (mum fail) That didn’t damper the evening though, still watching the kids run around and enjoy perfect evening.

I highly recommend this as a fun kids activity and something a bit different to try. Twilight picking was only for the month of January but you can still pick berries on Wednesdays and over the weekends, during berry season. Jump on their Facebook page to find out their opening times.

Location: 35 Becks Road, Drysdale

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welcome 2018

Someone once said to me as you get older the years get shorter! I can not believe how true that is and here we are starting 2018.

Last year had so many ups and downs! I realise that is adulthood, but boy we had so much happen in such a short time. So many lessons were learnt and one of the biggest was how important amazing friends and family are! I am so grateful for my village and those that surround me!

Last year our biggest achievement was growing our family from three to four! I love been a mum and so lucky to have my two precious girls! They love each other so much and I love the way they both always looking for each other… no doubt that will change but for now I’m loving this stage. I also love the way they adore their dad and the love he has for his three girls (me included).

Late last year we had our wonderful friend Kiah come to visit and she captured some amazing images of us with the girls. We didn’t have a lot of time but I love she still got some great shots as we walked around Geelong. Andrew and I love photos that capture the moment and she did an amazing job! You have to go look at her work here

I thought it was a great time to show my family as I commit to writing so much more this year and getting right into the swing of blogging. Especially to talk more about Geelong and the incredible town it is becoming! My brother had friends down over New Year and he showed them around and they loved it! I want the world to see that and all there is to offer.

Plus I still have to talk about fashion as that’s what I started this for plus motherhood… That is who I am and the direction I’m going. I hope you continue to follow the journey and please tell your villages about my little voice here. I’d love to hear your feedback and if you want to see, hear anything from me…

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope it’s a wonderful 2018!

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what’s the time

Emma and Roe tme 

How is it nearly Christmas?! It only feels like it was July a second ago… This year is flying by!

I’m normally the type of person who is organised for Christmas by the time December comes around. We not only have Christmas, but half our family celebrate birthdays in November and December. This makes for a very busy (and costly) time of year. This year I still have one last present to get.

My birthday is the week before Christmas; (yes another year older this week); I need to look for myself too!

I have been looking for a new watch since my last one battery died. Yes probably any normal person would replace the battery but I decided I wanted a new one.

I had been investigating options when I was contacted by Emma and Roe! When I looked at their range, not only did I fall in love with all their pieces but I discovered their beautiful watch range. I’ve been right into rose gold of late. I’ve been a gold girl since I was born but I love having something a little different. Add the grey band and it was the perfect watch. They have an incredible watch collection and I recommend you taking a look!

Emma and Roe have incredible pieces and I already have my eyes focused on a stacker ring! Might have to wait until next year!

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This watch was gifted, however all opinions are my own.
You can find the link to my new watch here

santa claus is coming…

Santa Claus is coming to leopold

The girls and I headed to Gateway Plaza Leopold on Saturday. It was to not only have our photo taken with the man in red, but to have breakfast with Santa as well!

I knew it would be a challenge with Miss F as she is very determined. Although she likes the idea of Santa I knew she would be a little sketchy on the old man in red.

We first got to go and have breakfast with around 50 other children where Santa made a guest appearance. The kids all were very excited and loved their time playing and yelling for Santa. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer also made a guest appearance! Lots of songs were sung and a few Christmas games and it was so wonderful to watch the delight on their faces. I really do love this time of year, so many happy people and so much cheer!

Last year was a challenge when we went to visit Santa. She was 13 months and aware of stranger danger. She wasn’t sure about the man in red. Lucky mum got to jump in the photo.
This year she knew exactly what was happening! In theory she thought it was a great idea, but without her nap and not knowing Santa, it didn’t quite go to plan! Frankie wouldn’t have any of it and instead of wasting the cute outfits and opportunities I decided to still get Lola with Santa. It turned out super cute!

UPDATE:  I was able to get my hands on three of the outtakes and thought I had to include them!! They are very funny and tell the story of Frankie not been so keen! I had to post as this is real life!!

I’d love to hear your Santa photo stories…


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skinny dippers

I love Geelong and exploring everything we have on offer in this great town, so I thought I would start to again talk about the wonderful places we have on offer in this town!

On Saturday, three of my beautiful friends and I tried out Skinny Dippers in Newtown, for a breakfast date. I think it’s important for me to say who I went with as that can alter the experience of the cafe.. (No kids means more relaxing for example!)

When we first walked in we felt over dressed… Everyone was in their active wear! We realised Geelong Crossfit was next door as well as the cafe been known as a great spot for the health conscious, providing clean healthy foods. It was great to know so many people were out and about on a beautiful Saturday morning after doing some exercise!

We ordered a coffee then sat and decided what we wanted for breaky, while making the comment we would have to come back and try one of their “bowls” for lunch!

the menu

When looking at the menu you wont find any naughty treats. As mentioned before it is for the health conscious and allows you to make great choices in what you are after. They do have raw treats as well as muffins, however they are made with activated coconut, so good sugars! Anyone that likes a healthy treat it’s worth a look.

Chelsea and I ordered the “smash brothers” which was poached eggs with smashed avocado and goats curd. My only suggestion would be to make the avo a little more chunky but maybe I too picky!

Nicole and Carol ordered “Bob the builder” where you were able to create your own breaky choice. A great option if you feel like bits from different menu options.


It was great to enjoy some adult time, but the venue was a great space and was very kid friendly.
They offer a kids menu as well as lots of high chairs available! You can most certainly take the kids and be sure you giving them great treats.

Skinny Dippers Cafe
2 Lambert Ave,
VIC 3220

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All pictures are my own 

eclectica and me

Eclectica andme

At the beginning of October I saw a call out from a photographer, Jeanie Irving . I have admired Jeanie’s work for a long time now, and always followed her on Instagram. Jeanie was looking for someone to be a model showcasing her videography in one of Geelong’s gift shops.

I’m always keen to work with talented people especially to get some amazing photos to use on the blog. Jeanie did not disappoint and I was rapt with these images. Plus I got to be in the incredible short film showcasing Eclectica!  I am looking forward to working again with Jeanie and creating more wonderful insights into our beautiful town Geelong!

I have always loved going into Eclectica to look for beautiful gifts, plus it’s on one of my favourite streets, Pakington Street. Eclectica has beautiful homewares, clothing and gift ideas, as well as the talented owner, Amanda Jane, creating lots of the beautiful jewelry. I have followed her journey for a very long time and even wore her pieces back when I did my debutante ball and it still amazes me what she creates.

I’m all for Geelong and these two wonderful women are extremely talented. One with a beautiful store with incredible jewelry. The other an amazing eye for showing off the best that can be seen.

Don’t forget to have a look at this wonderful video below; Jeanie showcases the shop perfectly!

I was wearing:
Wrap top and shorts from Seed

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For more details:

Jeanie Irving
Geelong | Australia

148 Pakington Street, Geelong West, VIC 3216
Phone: +61 3 5222 1115

guess who’s back…. back again in Mamaybebe


It has been a long time since I’ve stopped by this blog of mine!

If you follow me on Instagram  you would be all up to date with my life! If not, a lot has happened since my last post back!! Unfortunately something had to give and that has been this platform of mine.. my voice to you the listener.
I’ve had a baby girl (in July), making our three a four; a wonderful addition completing our family. I am loving life with my two little girls. It has made life very crazy time too as I’ve adjusted and adapted to parenting to two! Time is one of those things that seems to have gone out the window. I actually read such a great article about been a mother of two and good for a laugh should you want to check it out!
Two weeks after having Lola I went back into hospital with appendicitis! CRAZY!! I was in so much pain and assumed it was just after birth pains, but no my appendix was about to burst. Caught it just in time. The upside was I got to have some lovely one-on-one bonding time with Lola while in hospital, even though I missed my Frankie terribly.
These pictures were taken when Lola was 6 weeks old. We went away for a much-needed night away and it seemed appropriate to capture the outfit I had been wearing day in and day out for six weeks! They were beautifully gifted by Mamaybebe and I highly recommend them.

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welcome 2017

2017 is here… Can you believe it?!
I certainly can not but am so excited for what the year will hold.

I have many adventures planned and fun things to see and do, which I hope to continue to tell you all about it! Hopefully a little more regularly than of late! I have been slack but it has busy busy busy around here! Sorry for not popping up on your screens a little more, I’ll do better I hope!
I love writing and telling my thoughts on Geelong Fashionista, but time has been running away of late and I’m left wondering, “how did that happen!”

One of my goals for 2017 is to really work on finding the time to write. I want to sharing my thoughts on fashion and style as well as tell you about incredible Geelong events, places and things to do. Especially with a little one, things change and to be able to share with people my thoughts and what I found is something I really want to do.

My biggest goal for 2017 is to work out my beauty regime. To look after my skin and get it to that glowing state where I feel good all the time!
That started with the wonderful present I received for Christmas, Zoe Foster (Blake)’s Amazinger Face
I’m already in love with what it says and only a quarter of the way through!

My style is still evolving and I think will continue to do so this year as I work out my perfect look and really work on my capsule wardrobe.
I spoke to an incredible group of women late last year about returning to the workforce and it really helped me to see what I am so passionate about and sharing my styling tips. Now to share those with you too!

To kick-start 2017 I thought I would look back at some of my favourite looks from 2016 and get inspired to start exciting posts for 2017!

What are you goals for 2017? I’d love to hear them….

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its time to celebrate

its time to celebrate

So much has been going on in my life…. To be honest when does it really stop? But currently everything has been happening at once!

I’m back at work! (think of the money 😉 )
My little girl turned one! (How did that go so fast!!!)
House hunting (well trying too…)
Birthday parties (1st ones!)
Catch ups…. the list goes on!

Plus this blog of mine has turned 4!!
I really need to celebrate that! 4 years I have been doing this passion project that is so much fun and I love writing plus meeting incredible people along the way.

I still have so many plans for where I will go and how I will take this to the next level… All I need is to fit in a few more hours into my day and hopefully that can come true!
So much to tell you all, so much to write…  Where to begin and how to accomplish! That is my goal of right now!

I have so many incredible Geelong stories about people I am meeting and experiences that I am getting to do now to tell you all about them.

Last week I meet an incredible lady from Geelong that designs designer bags! The quality is outstanding and they are a must for every girl who has dreamt of a designer bag but for an incredible price…. I have so much more to tell you about her, and that will be coming in the next post. For now you need to know the name Cecily Clune, and if you are a Geelong local you can go purchase one from the pop up shop now on in Westfield Geelong!

Not to mention my Christmas (And birthday!!) wishlists will be coming soon!

Cecily Clune
Long view
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