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39 weeks

You may have noticed that I have meaning missing of late.. it’s because our two has become three!

That is right… I’ve just had a baby! Well she is nearly three weeks old now but it has meant life has changed forever and I am still getting use to this new role of mine!

It all kind of happened rather quickly. I had a day planned to get the blog ready while I took some downtime for motherhood and next minute I was in hospital having a baby just a little earlier than expected. Not quite how I thought it would happen so very thrilled to have a healthy happy baby!

I am over the moon and so happy and loving this new adventure but Geelong Fashionista has been neglected with every ambition to come back and write as soon as I can.

I don’t plan on changing the blog into a baby blog by any means… that is not why you follow; but things will change around here in terms of lifestyle and no doubt I’ll be mentioning her in my writing but still with the focus on my everyday fashion, lifestyle and hometown of Geelong.

Before little miss was born I was thrilled that I got to get some amazing images of my belly. Andrew and I borrowed our friends beautiful house and took some to remember the time. I loved been pregnant; it was a wonderful time and I am so lucky that I had such a great pregnancy and enjoyed my changing body. I’m thrilled I captured it right before Frankie was born.

growing belly

Black and white 39 weeks

Baby bump

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derby day 2015


I couldn’t get to Derby Day this year but I did have my friends go as well as watched on TV to see the fashions that were about!

There is something about black and white that I love and the way people interpret their designs on the day. Its classic, sophisticated and elegant and I think that is what was seen yesterday track-side. I loved so much and was blown away by all the different looks.

Hopefully next year I’ll get there and will take my own images of the styles I love but for now here are some of my favourites as well as my friends that I have come across or been sent. (credits below!) Beside the images I have  below; I love the recap Jess from What would Karl Do writes each year with amazing images by Karen Woo and I highly recommend going and having a look at her posts!

Ashley Hart
Kate Waterhouse
Lindy Klim
Jen Hawkins
Kate Richie Emma Freeman Kate Peck Rachel FinchThe girls

I loved that the winner of Fashions on the Field was from Geelong! Her mum is an incredible milliner (Moore Millinery Designs)  and I was lucky enough to see Courtney and her sisters at the Geelong Cup last year and capture some images. It was only a matter of time before these ladies would take out the ultimate prize and I do love the use of material that has been used.

Courtney Moore

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Images taken from Honey, The Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald  and What would Karl Do 2014


38 week bump

There is something about navy that gets me excited! For a while now I have had an obsession with the colour navy and when I came across this beautiful navy stripe dress I knew I needed it!

Not only will this dress be good for the next two weeks (nearly there, come on baby we want to meet you!!!) it will also work really well for feeding as it turns into a nursing dress by lifting the front section of the dress. Something that is going to be very handy for me this summer!

I am not one to waste money and having versatile pieces that work for both maternity and post birth are exactly what I and no doubt anyone that is pregnant require! I keep hearing people saying they don’t want to waste money and I can strongly recommend taking a look at Mim and Bas‘ collection for pieces that work for a good 12 months in your wardrobe. Something that is very handy to me and can easily be styled to suit any occasion!

The weather has really picked up of late which is so exciting. I am thrilled to be having a spring baby and hope that I can get out and about to enjoy the sunshine! This particular day was quite windy, hence the crazy hair, but it was still fun to capture some fun shots as I get closer to the end!

What do you think of the dress and are you someone who loves versatile pieces?

Close UP
Navy Stripes
love at 38 weeks

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spring racing lookbook #3

Paige, Nic and Ami

This is my last post giving inspiration for the spring racing carnival this season. It really was so much fun putting together outfits and getting the girls to try some different styles.

Stakes day to me is the racing day in which you can take risks and be a bit different in your looks! With culottes been a huge trend, clashing prints and colours and trying something different is what inspired these outfits .

I love showing people something different and to have a rethink about what they have in their wardrobes! Again I’m all about buying the odd thing here or there but great if you can use outfits you already own in different ways, then reuse and save for other fun purchases! I also believe you don’t have to spend a fortune on looks that you can mix cheaper things with more expensive or make sure again you have the confidence to pull off the outfit you have on.

Nicole is a great example of pulling off this fun look. We experimented a lot with the outfit and I love how it all came together. Not something I would think normally but it worked and I must say it’s one of my favourites throughout these  spring racing looks.

Fun outfits
Paige wore:

Ami wore:

Nicole wore:

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spring racing lookbook #2

Bright and Colourful

I love seeing lots of bright colours at Melbourne Cup and throughout the spring racing carnival (beside Derby Day of course!)

While taking photos the other day I got my beautiful models to wear bright colourful outfits that would work perfectly for Melbourne Cup; even some of the other days as well! I am a big believer in length and sophistication at the races while also bringing fun and great outfits. Meaning if you wear something short than it’s modest up top, or if a little revealing up top then longer in length, showing class and elegance. I love big hats and really fun head wear and been very traditional, while having your own spin on your style of course!

I love the use of pattern and clashing prints, but the biggest thing is feeling good in what you are wearing and confident in what you have on.
That would be my biggest advice as we approach the major races days; make sure you feel good in what you have on and the rest will come together.

What do you think works best for the Melbourne Cup? Are you someone who loves colour and making a splash?

Melbourne Cup
Walking Girls

Nicole wore:

Paige wore:

Ami wore:

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spring racing lookbook #1

Derby Day

Spring Racing is upon us and I love this time of year to see all the amazing outfits that are put together.

With the Caulfield Cup just gone on Saturday and the Geelong Cup (for us locals! 😉 ) on this Wednesday I called upon three of my girlfriends to help me put together some great ideas for what you could wear to the spring races this season.

I love the races and putting together outfits. I think a big part of that is the fact I enjoy wearing hats and facinators and playing with fun looks, trying something different. This year at 37 weeks pregnant it’s not going to happen so thought I would give you my ideas of what you could wear instead of me showing “what I wore”

These looks are all inspired by Derby Day and looking at the traditional black and white trend. I’m a big believer in sticking to race dress codes and Derby day is the day you wear black and white and so stay true to the day for these looks.
Derby Day Inspo
Black and White

Ami wore:

Nicole wore:

Paige wore:

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comfy shorts


Wearing comfy clothes has been the biggest thing for me in the last couple of weeks as I grow and grow. Especially this last week with our “heat wave” and making sure I am comfortable as my temperature seems to have jumped quite a lot to normal. Not that I’m complaining!

These shorts are amazing. They look great and no one would know they go all the way over the bump! The minute I saw them I fell in love and knew they would be well-worn! It may only be for a short while but as maternity leaves approaches very very quickly I think they will become a wardrobe essential. That’s right; my last day of work is tomorrow and I am very very excited.

As much as I enjoy my job, I feel it’s time to stop. Almost like my mind knows it’s time to prepare for the next phase in my life.

Mim and Bas really does have some wonderful pieces and I have been getting excited by their new mum clothes, perfect for breastfeeding and yet still looking good! Make sure you go check out the website Mim and Bas to check out their pieces! I’m sure they will be more images to come.

Jean ShortsMim and Bas

I was  wearing:

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dressing for a wedding


One of my favorite things to do is to get all glammed up for a wedding!! Last weekend just happened to be my sister-in-laws wedding up in Echuca!

It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect. In fact it really does feel like spring has sprung! A great feeling to have as I’ve been hanging for some sunshine!

Now back to the weekend! Carly looked amazing and everything about the wedding was stunning. I got to use my event management skills by helping at the church and setting up the night! I love helping people create such a special memory, however at 33 weeks pregnant it was a challenge but I think Carly and Mark were very very happy.

Beautiful Bride

The biggest challenge for me was what I was going to wear… I generally plan out a wedding outfit well in advance, it’s just the way I work. I like having a good idea and making sure everything fits in. Not knowing what shape or how big I would be really was a challenge as I had to wait right before the day to really know what I would wear! I’ve found that with the right material you don’t need to wear maternity clothes and that everyday wardrobes can work. I guess I’m also lucky that the only places I have “grown” are my tummy and boobs!

Kookai has been my place off choice for lots of my outfits in the last 8 months and goes to show you do need to experiment. This red dress was perfect and I am forever grateful to my girlfriend for the lend, it sat perfectly around the bump and worked really well!

What do you think? Do you have tips on dressing in maternity wear?

33 weeks
Baby Bump
Full length
WIttner heels

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top 9 looks from the 2015 brownlow

The brownlow

It was Melbourne’s night of nights last night… The Brownlow; honoring the best footballer of the year (for the AFL) but for a lot of people it’s all about the fashion and I thought I’d capture my top 9 picks.

  1. Clementine McVeigh
    Clementine was my favourite of the evening. It was elegant, simple and I loved her hair and make-up to complete the look. It fitted her so well and she looked so striking! Plus she has a very handsome man on her arm (he one of my favs!)


2. Elisa Swallow
There seemed to be a lot of pregnant women last night on the red carpet and I would have to say that Elisa was my favourite of these looks. Showing off the bump perfectly and doing elegance very well. Especially knowing how she would be feeling at the moment!

Elise Swallow

3. Bec Judd
Bec wanted to stand out this year as it was her husband’s last season and that she did! In a beautiful gold number, she said was inspired by Cleopatra. I wasn’t sure on it at first but I think it’s a beautiful gown.

Bec Judd

4. Jordan Paplia
Jordan wanted to wear something different this year and that she did! I loved the cut and shape of the beautiful white gown combined with simple hair and makeup! The back of the gown was rad as well!


5. Mardi Harwood
I personally liked this gown and thought Mardi looked great. The cape was a nice touch and I loved the colour and sparkle that was added. What did you think of this number?

Mardi Harwood

6. Heidi Greig
I am lucky enough to know Heidi from a past life and I thought she dressed beautifully. An elegant sparkle number showing her stunning figure and features and very much stood out for me!

Heidi Grieg

7. Natalie Cini
I thought this dress was beautiful, again complemented by her make-up and hair! How much does that make an outfit?! It was different and sat so well on her.

Natalie Cini

8.Brit Davis
It seems the simple elegance is what won me over this year and Brit has born just that, a simple white gown. Showing just the right amount of side boob, it’s very striking! Plus I needed to add one of the Geelong WAGs!

Brit Davis

9. Alex Davis
I find Alex to be extremely beautiful and I loved her gown which reminded me very much of Carrie Bickmore’s dress from the Logies this year (seen here) Her simple make up and hair made for a beautiful overall look!

Alex Davis

What was your favourite look?

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windy days


What a beautiful weekend we had, however we still haven’t quite skipped the cold days of winter!
The forecast is saying very cold the next couple days, but lets hope that’s the end as I heading toward maternity leave and would love spring weather!

I took these photos on a sunny but windy day in Melbourne. I saw the lamp post and knew it was the place to stop and get a few images.
Andrew whipped out the camera and captured this amazing spot with such a great lamp post and the plain white wall. Really making my outfit pop! I love exploring Melbourne and love that there is something amazing around every corner. Great places for photos every where I look.

I have been trying to wear some colour and this woolen dress has been a great addition to my baby bump wardrobe.
It’s warm and give the right amount of colour, even if I have paired it with everything black!

Are you someone who likes to inject colour?

Lamp post
Bright red
Bardot cardi
close upKirsty

I was wearing:

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