the rains back

Model-Fashion-RainFashiiongonerouge2Fashiiongonerouge4Against the rainilovegreeninsp_raining_fashion_editorial_elle_girl_2Fashiiongonerouge5

You may have noticed I have been missing of late… It’s not from the lack of love for this blog… It’s called work!

Work has been crazy with me gallivanting all over Victoria on the road. It has been fun but no time to put into Geelong Fashionista!

After a glorious sunny few days, the rains have returned. Hopefully not for good!

Just like me missing on here.. I shall return very soon with some exciting news!

I hope you are all well and enjoying your Tuesday!

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images from Fashiion Gone Rouge

love local – peachy parade

Insta love

With my love for buying local, today I bring you the other creative mind of the awesome Mothers Day Raffle that was created supporting Geelong Mums.

Jess from Peachy Parade worked with Emma and Ali from Alma Designs to come up with the fantastic opportunity to win so many amazing Instagram business prizes, with the fundraising going to the amazing Geelong Mums.


1. Tell me about Peachy Parade; what do you sell?
My main focus is making unique and beautiful baby mobiles that will last well past the baby years. Many mobiles are quite baby-ish and get packed up when the cot is packed away but my mobiles are not only beautiful in a baby’s nursery but look amazing in big kids rooms. I also make other paper products such as garlands and wall hangings and I can customise colours to suit any room.
Some other products that I hand make are mini calico teepees which are a perfect way to spark a child’s imagination and linen black board bags for entertainment on the go.
mobile  garland
Mobile2  tee pee
2. What made you begin Peachy Parade? 
I’ve been crafty ever since I can remember and I’m the type of person that if I can’t find what I’m looking for, I’ll have a go at making it. When I had my kids Archie and Ellie, I would often make things for them and my friends would always say that I should start a business and sell my creations. Then one day, about 10 months ago, my husband came home with a flyer for an upcoming school market and said to me, it’s now or never! I had 3 weeks to come up with a business name, logo, business cards and make all of my products. It was a busy time but it was so much fun actually doing what I’d talked about for years!
3.How can people buy your creations? Do you ship nationally and internationally?
You can purchase through my website or head into the amazing local kids store called Ryder Loves Miller, located at 263 Myers Street, East Geelong 3219.
I ship anywhere within Australia through my website and I can also ship Internationally however please send me an email to for an International shipping quote.
4. What designers inspire you and who influences your style?
It’s hard to only name a few! I get inspiration everyday from the Instagram community and I absolutely love following mum’s working hard to build up very successful businesses through social media.
 Peachy parade
5. As one of the creative minds behind this incredible raffle, what made you want to help the Geelong community and how can people get involved?
When Emma and I met for the first time a few months ago we started talking about how many talented businesses Geelong has to offer and we talked about trying to find a way to showcase them to a wider community. We also both knew about Geelong Mums and the amazing contribution they make to the Geelong Community. So from that one conversation, Insta Love was born. A way to showcase our local talent to the world and at the same time, raise much needed funds for a wonderful organisation.
For more details on how you can enter this amazing competition go to Alma Design’s instagram account.
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9 top looks from the logies

9 top logie looks

It’s Australia’s night of nights… The annual logies, celebrating Australian television.

I love the fashion and seeing what everyone has on and this year I loved the colours!!

The thing that really annoys me about the coverage of the TV Logies is that out of the 250+  women that attend they seem to always show the same 10 women and not the other 240+ beautifully dressed ladies!! To really see what everyone is wearing you have to hope the websites post other amazing dressed women.

1. Bec Judd

The colour, the style, the material; Bec Judd looked amazing!! I loved this dress and love what amazing creations J’aton create!

Bec Judd

2. Carrie Bickmore

Winner of the Gold Logie (the ultimate prize for those non-Australians) and a winner on the red carpet. I loved the design of Carrie’s dress and the soft blue colour. Who would believe she only gave birth 6 weeks ago!!!

Carrie Bickmore

3. Livina Nixon

I have a real soft spot for Livina. I think she always looks so elegant and sophisticated. The colour of this gown is beautiful and I love the way it sits on her.

Livinia Nixon

4. Jennifer Hawkins

Always stopping a crowd and looking a million dollars Jenn does it again! Simple in black but looks just right!

Jennifer Hawkins

5. Anna Bamford

Anna is a favourite character of mine in an Aussie drama and I loved her gown. Cut outs and sheer in just the right places giving a sexy yet elegant vibe! Simple hair and make up the perfect pair!

Anna Bamford

6. Jacinta Campbell

While I have seen Jacinta in amazing outfits, I still liked this one. I think she could wear a sack and still look good though! Nice to see some colour and stick away from the plunging necklines like the other young ladies.

Jacinta Campbell

7. Melanie Vallejo

I loved the colour of Melanie’s dress. Simple but showed off her amazing figure!

Melanie Vallejo

8. Cheyenne Tozzi

I love a bit of drama to the red carpet and loved the sleeves on Cheyenne’s dress. The back was completely cut away as well which was a great feature. You can tell she is a wonderful model!

Cheyenne Tozzi

9.  Erika Heynatz

This outfit wasn’t shown in many places, (again goes with the rant I had at the beginning) but I like that it is different and not like everyone else! The sequins detail and a different colour are what did it for me.

Ericka Heynatz

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navy, grey and stripes

Park Shot

I have two days to go until I can wear tights. No one would notice if I gave in early but I said I wouldn’t wear them until May and I’m sticking to it! Winter has come from no where and it has been pretty damn cold here in Geelong! I can’t believe it as I really love the warm weather and in no way am I ready for winter!

I thought the challenge I gave to myself would be easy until I realized how many skirts I own and how much I don’t like wearing pants. Don’t get me wrong I love my jeans but tailored pants I just don’t seem to own or wear and not wearing tights has limited my choice of daily outfit!

Someone said to me, “Aren’t you excited about scarves, coast and layering?” Well that answer is no! As much as I do love the looks and what is around I am not looking forward to the cold weather. I love summer!

What I am excited about is navy and grey. Stripes too. I think they will be a staple for me over the next six months. Although I still love these colours in summer I think they will be a good winter base for me as well.


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mothers day community

Insta love

I love what the Instagram community has developed into and the way in which people have come together for the greater good. Here in Geelong is no exception with 67 stores coming together to support an amazing organisation Geelong Mums helping new mothers in need, especially as we approach mothers day.

I am in full support of what they are trying to achieve and as someone who loves supporting local I thought I would showcase some of the incredible businesses involved.

I contacted Emma from Alma Custom Designs who together with Peachy Parade came up with this incredible raffle to support Geelong Mums.

Alma logo

1. Tell me about Alma Custom Designs; what do you sell?
We love creating items for the home – one of a kind tram scrolls, gorgeous prints (large and small) for young and old, invitations, anniversary gifts, vouchers and so much more.
IG_Cute_Love (2) wedding print 3 (2) IG_I Heart You (2) me and you
2. What made you begin Alma designs? 
About 5 years ago I wanted to get a custom-made tram scroll made for my husband but didn’t want to spend the $800 it was going to cost me. When complaining about this to Alison she looked at me and asked me why I hadn’t asked her to design it for me? Alison is a graphic designer. So she designed it and we got it printed. It is amazing and still hangs on our wall. I told her she should start selling them but she said she didn’t want to start another business on the side, she already had two others on the go at this stage and worked full-time. But she did say that if I wanted to create the business in partnership with her and I dealt with customers, etc and she did the designing that maybe we could sort something out. Last year it finally came true and “Alma” was born. Al = Alison Ma = Emma. So Alma started off selling custom-made tram scrolls and very quickly branched off into prints. We LOVE making custom-made items for people and especially love seeing them in their homes.
Em and Ali
3.How can people buy your creations? Do you ship nationally and internationally?
You can purchase through our website
You can also pick up some of our prints through:
Weddings at Tiffany’s – Maleny, QLD
Ripe Homewares – Mudgee and Dubbo, NSW
Just Because – Highton, Victoria
Holiday Robe – Robe, S.A
We have free delivery Australia wide and are happy to ship internationally but need to be emailed for a quote first.
4. What designers inspire you and who influences your style?
The whole IG community inspires us all the time in so many ways.
5. As the creative minds behind this incredible raffle, what made you want to help the Geelong community?
I had met with @peachyparade and we had wanted to support Geelong Mums in any way that we could. We both know what a great deal they do for Geelong families but were aware they were in need of some much more to help the ever-growing need in our local community.
We spent a long time trying to figure out how we could support Geelong Mums using our IG accounts and without it just being a basic loop and win giveaway. When we started thinking about it we realised we knew a heap of Geelong based IG stores and when we started a list we were blown away with how many we came up with.
When we approached the stores on our list everyone was so eager to be a part of our raffle and not only said yes straight away but was so generous in the items they were offering.
I am loving how 67 Geelong based IG stores have come together to support Geelong Mums and have shown so much passion in supporting their local community.
For more details on how you can enter this amazing competition go to Alma Design’s instagram account.
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its getting cold outside


It’s started to get cold outside! Summer has left us and winter is coming quickly.

Time to layer, with the sun still trying to shine in the afternoons.

I’m still on my no tights until May with just over a week to go! But it is a struggle as the cold weather sets in.

I do love some of the amazing winter pieces around but I do hope it’s not a really cold winter…  7 months until summer!

I love navy and grey and I think I will be in these colours a lot of he next few months! Still bringing white and pink in for some pops.

look!blue scarfTuulaCountry RoadZanitaStyling My LifeSincerely JulesWinter-Fashion-Street-Style-TipsloveKirsty

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 images taken from Tuula , Sincerely Jules, Fashiion Gone Rouge and my own 

lime ricki


Although winter is on the horizon and I think summer has left us for a few months I still like keeping up with swimwear and seeing what is about as I do love a summer holiday in the middle of winter!

I have not worn a once piece cozi in a long time and have wanted to try one for a while! That is when I came across this navy, ruffle one piece from Lime Ricki and I thought I would give it a go.

Now I have to admit, this post was tough for me and I did struggle with picking photos, not because I have doubt in my appearance but there is something about bather shots that I am not such a fan of! However I do think it shows off how practical and perfect for hanging on the beach this one suit it. I often go to the beach with my friends kids and I find my bikini just doesn’t do the trick.

Some great news to you all is that Lime Ricki are going to offer Geelong Fashionista readers 15% their purchases by adding the discount code: GEELONG. A great way to get ready for those beach holidays!

Lime RickiSwimwearBeach Walkingbathers

I was wearing:

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denim, black and white

Geelong Fashionista

I’ve just had an impromptu social media vacation. It wasn’t intended nor was it because I was over it, it just sort of happened and it felt good.

I’m back now though! I cant wait to get stuck back into everything with lots of fun and exciting posts coming your way. It was nice to step away and relax and realise that life does go on without checking Instagram fifty times a day!

Back to fashion…

I love trying to adapt the clothes I have in my wardrobe. This way I get lots of wear out of  my clothes and change their style. This black top is one of those pieces I wanted to get more wear out of. Being a crop it’s not so easy to wear as the weather starts cooling down and not quite practical enough for work either. A simple white tee with some ripped jeans were the best pairing to try out the look I had in mind.

It was so fun to put this together and I’m really happy with the look, a casual yet fun style with heels to dress it up a little more ready for a dinner out.

Plus the industrial background made for some great images and was a fun shoot.

denim, white and blackBardot jeansRusticKirsty

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maxi and me

Tee and Me

Maxi dresses and I have not always been friends. It comes from the fact I am short and they seem to always be too long. Therefore they are rarely seen in my wardrobe!

However every blue moon one pops up that does want to be my friend and actually works on my small statue. This is so with this beautiful peach lace maxi dress. With an asymmetric hem line, coming up at the front, and adjustable straps the length is perfect on me. Although I have heels on for these images, it does also fit well with cute flat sandals as well. Don’t you just love those finds!

I came across Tee and Me on facebook and loved their story. A mum and daughter started out selling printed maxi and sundresses on the Sydney market circuit and have built their brand from there, and they have an eye for beautiful pieces. This dress been the perfect example!

Now my clutch i get here is going to have it’s very own post I think as it is incredible in itself. My brother introduced me to Design A Space and I was amazed at incredible pieces they stock from up and coming designers. This cork clutch the perfect example of amazing talent. But like I said, I think it needs its own story!

KOTCPeach loveKirsty

I was wearing:

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stomping to the beat

Pink tank

The weather has been pretty good the last few weekends. I’ve been heading out for beautiful beach walks admiring how lucky I am to live where I do and stomping to the beat of the waves.

In doing this it helps if you happy with what your walking in! I’m all for looking good while exercising!  I have had a real thing for pink at the moment! In fact since I was a little girl it has rarely gone away. (There was that quick phase in year 7 when I tried to only wear dark colours! It lasted 6 weeks; not long at all!) There is something about the colour and the way it makes me feel! I would have thought the opposite would be true as I hear the only colour I wore for the first two years of my life was pink, so I wouldn’t get mistaken for a little boy!

When walking along the beach it is so nice to see so many people out and about enjoying the great outdoors as well as the beautiful weather. There is something about living by the coast and been active. I find it almost a must, if you live by the coast you must love walking and viewing the ocean!

I’d be keen to know if you agree? Do you live by the coast?

Kirstybeach walksStomp ApparelPink Tank

I was wearing:

– tank and shorts thanks to Stomp Apparel 

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