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My cousin Brodie has come down to Geelong for the school holidays and like me, Brodie loves fashion and showing off pretty clothes.

I decided rather than seeing me all the time to take some photos of her. Not only did Brodie enjoy getting her photo taken but it was really nice to be behind the camera. By no means do I want to get into photography as a career but I do enjoy capturing the moment and having fun taking photos to remember time and places. In fact in my younger years I was always known as the one that would have the camera in my hand capturing the memories.

It made me realize how much I want and would love to show more people and their style on my blog. I always created Geelong Fashionista with the intention to show street style and others creative flare but have never gone out and taken photos, although maybe unlike me most of my friends don’t want to be all over the bloggersphere! I am going to find the time to take photos of others and show you how much incredible style is around.

We went down to a spot I always enjoy going to get photos but once there we found we drove around a corner and found a new location I had never seen before; although a truck got in the way, we  turned another corner and found a great spot to take some fun photos. Brodie I think enjoyed showing off these beautiful Elm Knitwear designs and having fun in the beautiful spring sunshine.




Brodie Loves Fashion

Ace of Something


Brodie is wearing:

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when old becomes new

sport luxe

I have had this skirt for 10 years! A long time… I remember buying it to wear to a formal function and have somehow kept hold of it in my wardrobe for the last ten years! It has come back in vogue and I never thought I’d get to the age when I could say “I use to have that”. It’s amazing when old becomes new again.

It’s been happening a lot of late! My cousin pulled out a choker the other day and it reminded me of my spice girl days. A great article about them is by Daring Coco, go check her out!

This skirt makes me want to spin around all day. In fact when I had it on yesterday I found every reason to do a big twirl and dance around in this flowy skirt! The material is so lovely and I just love how comfy it is..  After ten years I do have to admit  the skirt has got tighter as things have got a little bigger ;) but it still works and can make me feel like dancing the night away.

Have you got any items in your wardrobes that you have had for over a decade?



Betts Shoes

10 years

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bright, sunshine, flowers and smiles


Bright, sunshine, flowers and smiles; that  was what my weekend was about! I had such an incredible weekend, and the best part is I had an extra day with taking Monday off work!

On Friday I was spoilt with flowers sent to me at work by my beautiful friend, with the note “fresh flowers to brighten your day!” and that they did! It made the weekend feel like it was going to be wonderful.

I was in such a great mood from my surprise I grabbed Andrew and called my girlfriend and headed off to Union Street Wine Bar for a cheeky red straight after work. It was so nice to just unwind before launching into the weekend.  As we sat enjoying a glass of red I noticed I had an instagram message and I was very excited to see I had won some beautiful flowers from She’s a Wildflower thanks to King of the Castle’s first birthday! Aren’t they amazing?


Saturday saw us head of to watch the AFL prelim final with some mates which was great to catch up and with our team out it didn’t matter who won; although I was going for Port!!  Followed by a yummy dinner in Melbourne.

Sunday the sun was shinning, the Fox in Flats style challenge was bright and it just made it a beautiful day. I headed off to King of the Castle to pick up my beautiful flowers and enjoy  the glorious sunshine and really enjoyed the day!



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Shes a Wildflower

Fresh flowers



lazy chic


When given the prompt ‘lazy chic’ I had a really big think about how I would interrupt the look. The more I thought about it the more I went with my usual Sunday attire… Comfort! I was at home and ready to do the fruit and veggie shopping when I asked Andrew to take a couple of snaps.

This look is something I do wear a lot on weekends and seem to gravitate back to it time and time again. I wanted to think of something really different and fun. However the more I started thinking about my blog and what it stands for, (which is about my style) I decided to stick with something real and what I do wear every day. It’s not about coming up with magic shoots but I genuinely wear every day so stuck with the familiar.

Back to basics, back to what I do know and that’s my own style!


help from my friends

lazy chic

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Geelong Fashionista

september style dare by fox in flats

This month I decided to join in with Fox in Flats September Style Dare to experiment with my wardrobe. I have been putting all the photos up on Instagram so you can come follow along!

Lady Like

We are at day 14 at the moment but it has already made me come out and experiment and try some styles I normally wouldn’t!

Take these pants below for example. They have now been in my wardrobe for 12 months (To anyone else I would have told to remove from wardrobe) however I still have them sitting there just in case. The style challenge for the day was safari and I felt these pants were the perfect option!


I actually can’t believe how many people came out and said they liked these! Maybe I should consider wearing more often!

I’ve been trying to get my shirts out more and  coming up with different looks like this one below. I now want to go out and buy more shirts! Especially a crisp white one!


Even daring to show off my fitness attire, (which I do like making statements with)

Fitness attire

It’s not to late to join in if your keen to give it a go!



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ryder loves miller

We can be heros

Last Tuesday evening I attended the VIP Opening of Ryder Loves Miller, Geelong’s newest boutique. This boutique is a beautiful children’s wear, homewares and furniture store located in East Geelong. With incredible children’s wear , beautiful prints, furniture and fun this store is set to have people flocking to the doors.

Bethany started Ryder love Miller as an online store and has now been successful enough to turn this into a retail store. The name derives from her two handsome boys Ryder and Miller. I loved meeting them on the night and even got a picture of Bethany with her youngest son Miller (see below).

The store is stocking cute Children brands such as Macaroon Kids (seen here), Rock Your Baby, Incy Interiors, Little Quarters (another Geelong brand), Fable Baby and more!

I wish Bethany all the very best and recommend if you live in Geelong to get down to the mum friendly store! You can also follow Ryder loves Miller on Facebook or Instagram.

Bethany and Miller

Trend Setter

boys jeans


girls bed

Growing up is a trap

Cute girls


Ryder love Miller
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colour pop weekend style

Geelong Fashionista

I love colour and this Elm Knitwear jumper is all about colour pop. The beautiful knitted fabric gives warmth while steering clear of the traditional Melbourne black. Although Winter has ended I’m looking forward to wearing this knit with shorts and skirts to still keep warm in the brisk spring evenings and mornings.

I love when winter ends and spring begins. There is excitement in the air that warmer days are coming. The weather was beautiful over the weekend and it really did feel like summer was on its way. People were all over the beach and enjoying living back outdoors which living by the beach does to you. I love walking down here and just staring out to the ocean.

Ocean Grove

Wittner Mules

Elm Knitwear

Bardot Jeans


Ocean Grove Beach

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what am i going to wear

What am I going to wear… The story of my life…

You would think writing a blog, about fashion at that would make it easy  for me to decide what I’m wearing. But no; every night (Yes I need to decide the night before or I would never get to work!!) I stand in front of my big wardrobe and stare and stare until something jumps out at me. I know this sounds bizarre but for some reason I find it difficult. I think I put way to much thought into the process to be honest!

Next week I am off to Fashion Week… the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) not New York Fashion Week also starting next week; and trying to decide on that perfect outfit for my night out!
I am only going to one event at this stage, so want a great outfit on a limited budget… I decided to look back at some beautiful street style shots to get inspired and like always hope something jumps out at me…

Maybe I need to get famous so I have people offering to dress me… that would solve my problem and mean someone just tells me what to wear.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I could wear next week? I need ideas and hope all of you out there and help think of something fun!

pinterest Pinterest5 Gary Pepper

pinterest8 Pinterest7 Pinterest6

pinterest9 pinterest2 pinterest3

Photos taken from Pinterest

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dennys kitchen vip night


Earlier in August I was lucky enough to attend the opening of Dennys Kitchen with some friends.

This new local spot serves authentic Italian cuisine and is located in the National Wool Museum, Geelong. Unlike most Italian restaurants, the name was taken from the founder of the museum, Charles Denny fitting wonderfully into the old building.

Serving beautiful wood oven pizzas and  wonderful Italian primi, Denny’s is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

I’m already looking forward to heading back for dinner!




Coffee cards


Geelong Fashionista


Enjoying dennys

Opening Night

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i’m not a shirt person

Good Morning

I’m not a shirt person (normally!) There is something about collars that annoy me. I don’t know what it is but I prefer either collarless or just skip the shirt altogether. Same goes for turtle necks. I don’t do these at all and don’t own any. They make me feel trapped or something, yet I love a good scarf.

I do own a chambray shirt and on this particular day decided to wear it and try out preppy style. I’ve seen a few people out and about of late with variations of this style and thought I’d put my own stamp and twist on the style, making it more “Kirsty”.

I love the way this outfit worked out and think maybe I should be a shirt person. Perhaps I should consider buying more and working them in with my outfits, this worked well and the collar didn’t feel like it was suffocating me. I even added a scarf for some warmth in the morning.

I had fun taking these photos and started dancing around which Andrew captured well! The sun was rising over beautiful Geelong and makes you smile at how lucky we are to live in this place!

What do you think of my style?



Leopard shoes

Geelong Fashionista

Good Morning


blue scarf



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