the geelong cup

St Frock Skirt

At the last-minute I decided to attend the 2014 Geelong Cup. It is our big local race event but it wasn’t until I got offered a ticket did I think I would go. ;)

Then came the challenge, trying to put together an outfit and of course I needed a matching fascinator to go with the look! I had brought this beautiful skirt from St Frock not that long ago (I feel in love when I saw it) and thought this was the perfect event to debut the stunning skirt. I decided I needed a headpiece needed to match and that’s when the fun began. With one full day before the cup to go I messaged a local Geelong milliner, Lalka who I come across through Instagram. I wrote a plea saying sorry it was last-minute but did she have anything in blue to match my beautiful skirt. Not only did Lisa say she would help, she custom-made me a design one day before the event! And I loved it!! I couldn’t have asked for a more stunning fascinator and I highly recommend having a look at her pieces especially if you are needing something for the big Melbourne events. Find her Facebook page here 

I even had to go buy my top on the day! I have already had several comments on my cami and I knew exactly what I wanted as I already have one in black! It’s from Bardot and is a great shape and fit. Perfect for any age!

The main reason I wanted to go along to the Geelong Cup was to see the fashion. As my local town I wanted to show of some of the incredible pieces to you my readers! I took photos of some of the inspiring outfits on the day, and you’ll find them below.

Lalka Fascinator



Geelong Fashionista

I was wearing:

Fashions on the Field

The Moore Sisters

These four sisters were so lovely and I loved their outfits. Their head wear is what caught my attention and I asked where they found such incredible pieces. Turns our their mum is an incredible Geelong milliner and made them all. Find Moore Millinery Designs on facebook here. Bronwyn, Andrea, Courtney and Shandell all look amazing! Two of them (Andrea and Courtney ) won places (1st and 3rd) in Fashions on the Field.

Moore Sisters

Moore Millinery

Bree Laughlin

Bree was from Country Racing and was doing  fashion blogger commentary for Country Racing Fashion Blogger. Her dress is from Cue, shoes from Witchery and her headwear which caught my attention was Jack and Jill Millinery.

Bree Laughlin

Dearne Bell

Dearne was in the marquee that I was in and what caught my attention was her incredible fascniator made from feathers. I should have taken the photo outside the marquee to capture the real beauty of the feathers but she looked fantastic! I asked her about her outfit and she was a great example of finding great products at chain stores and putting them all together to look fab!

Dearne Bell

Karen Mason

Karen is from BayFM (Geelong Local Radio) and was dressed by one of the fashion students from The Gordon. She looked wonderful and again made it to the final of Fashions on the Field in this beautiful dress. Karen and Hayden both looked great. Hayden too made it through to the men’s final of fashions on the field!

Karen M

Karen and Hayden

Kimberley Riddett

It was Kimberley’s fascinator that caught my attention. A beautiful piece with great colours and so well constructed!

Kimberley Riddett

Jessie McInnes 

I had meet Jessie before as she has just finished as a fashion student at The Gordon. She designed and created her outfit and even made it through to the final in Fashions on the Field!

Jessie McInnes

Although only a few beautiful ladies above there was some class this year about the races which is great to see as Geelong can cop a lot of slack about our fashion!

I am really looking forward to bringing you more of what Geelong is all about in upcoming posts!

Geelong Addy

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white out

bring on summer

As the weather warms I love seeing all the white around… I think I’ll be wearing a lot this summer as it’s so fresh and fun!

From wearing as the statement piece to making other pieces pop, it’s the perfect neutral. Not only for personal style but it works so well in the home as well. I use a lot of white as a base colour.

I’m still am looking for the perfect white shirt (I’m so fussy!) but have realise I do have a lot of white pieces to get me through the spring/summer season. I also debating a pair of cons after seeing this top image, and how cute my cousin looked when we did our fun shoot. (here)

Although white can be a colour that gets dirty so very easily its one look I think makes everyone look fresh and fun ready for the sunshine; especially with a tan! ;)

Top perfection

Betts Shoes

white jeans; denim shirt

white everything!

white shirt

blogger life

bday ideas

Bardot Skirt


white shirt AO




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Photos sourced from Fashiion Gone Rouge and my own

racing season

Racing Season

Racing season is here! I love this time of year as there are so many incredible beautiful dresses, skirts and tops around.

Racing Victoria has just come out and said they will be strict this year on their dress-code. This means no midriffs, no playsuits/jumpsuits and especially no denim. As much as I love the midriff look I think it’s good they have come out and said ‘NO’ they wont be allowing guests (especially in the birdcage, nursery and members sections) entry if they disobey dress regulations.  This applies to males as well; no crazy colour suits and again no denim. You can read more about the regulations here if you want detail.

While every designer around is probably pulling their hair out having to adjust cut out dresses and no more midriff tops I think it will bring racing season back to the elegance and sophistication it has held in the past.

Caulfield Cup is this Saturday and here in Geelong we have Geelong Cup on Wednesday. It is a public holiday here in Geelong instead of getting Melbourne Cup; for most Geelong businesses. My work gets Melbourne Cup which means I may not be able to get to the Geelong Cup again this year. :( I’ll see how I go, it could be last minute!

I had  look back at some of the beautiful outfits Melbourne Bloggers have worn and thought I would share some favourites. I love these Melbourne Bloggers (only a few of my favs, I do have a lot!) hopefully giving some inspiration to you.

I am hoping to get to Derby Day this year. It’s all about Black and white so looking forward to monochrome!!

Winston and Willow

Lady Melbourne

Lady Melb

What would Karl do2

What would Karl do

Are you heading to the races this season? What’s your take on the dress regulations been enforced?

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 Photos sourced from Winston and Willow, Lady Melbourne and What Would Karl Do (Some of my favourite Melbourne Bloggers!!!)

denim love

denim style

On my latest lust list is a denim skirt or shorts (Haven’t decided what I want yet… )

As we get warmer days and I look into my wardrobe I realise having a denim skirt or shorts will be a staple. The pair of shorts I currently have are getting quite old-looking and need updating.
Maybe not high on the “need” list but certainly high on the “want” list!

I’m still deciding between rips or no rips and have been looking at all my different options. I know rips look great but do I want them? Could I wear them to work on casual Friday?

More often I see rips been worn on any occasion which makes me think if it was just one rip you could wear to work on Friday. At least it gets me thinking… I don’t want to be like everyone else but I want to have some fun with whatever I buy.

I decided Monday needed some inspiration so put together images of looks I am loving.

shoes and jeans

denim shorts



denim duo

denim cape


lace and denim

fresh flowers


white jeans; denim shirt

jeans pockets


denim skirt

I’d love to hear from you about your thoughts; are you for or against rips?

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Photos sourced from Fashiion Gone Rouge

once musical

Once Musical

I was lucky enough to head off to see Once Musical opening night over the weekend which has started playing in Melbourne.

I took along Nic and was so excited to see this acclaimed performance especially as two Geelong girls I have the privileged of working with (albeit a long time ago!) in this incredible show.

It only took seconds to see why this musical has won incredible awards and traveled the world. It is running until December here in Melbourne and I really encourage you to go along and check it out. The humor, the music, the performers all blew my mind and captured me into the experience. What made me love the musical even more was that the cast played all the music. Each character had an instrument they played as they danced and sang on stage; proving just how talented these really were.

Once is set in modern-day Dublin and is about a Guy wanting to give up his music when a Girl comes along and inspires him to dream again. Tom Parsons and Madeline Jones played the leads and their voices worked so well together.

As mentioned I have met two of the performers who are originally from Geelong; Amy Lehpamer and Lisa Hanley.  Amy played Reza and did such a wonderful job of having a Czech accent and playing the violin while making the audience laugh. While I didn’t get to see Lisa perform (she is the understudy for Girl) I know she too would be incredible and blow the audience away with her talent!

Once - Guy meets Girl

Once - Performers

As it was opening night I wanted to wear something that was fun and luckily enough the weather was beautiful!

I love this skirt and I think one of my favourite things about it is the pockets!

Bardot Skirt

I am also still loving these mules which are so comfortable! I was happy with how my outfit came together!

Wittner Mules

And thanks to watching a video on Redcliff Style’s blog I was able to get great curls in my hair, which I have tried to do for years now!! ! So thank you Rachel for your wonderful tips!!Geelong Fashionista

Melbourne Lights

Nuffnang Bloggers

What do you think of my outfit?

I was wearing:

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Photos taken by Nicole Bacely and supplied by Once Musical.

Once Sign

06 10 14 inspiration



cape love


leather shirt

all black me

fresh flowers


skirt love


Happy Monday everyone! Some inspiration for us all to get us through the day!

Hope you all have lovely weeks and lots fun coming your way.

I cant wait to share with you my post of Once Musical I went to over the weekend! It was amazing and the talent was incredible!

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Photos sourced from Fashiion Gone Rouge and my own!

brodie loves fashion


My cousin Brodie has come down to Geelong for the school holidays and like me, Brodie loves fashion and showing off pretty clothes.

I decided rather than seeing me all the time to take some photos of her. Not only did Brodie enjoy getting her photo taken but it was really nice to be behind the camera. By no means do I want to get into photography as a career but I do enjoy capturing the moment and having fun taking photos to remember time and places. In fact in my younger years I was always known as the one that would have the camera in my hand capturing the memories.

It made me realize how much I want and would love to show more people and their style on my blog. I always created Geelong Fashionista with the intention to show street style and others creative flare but have never gone out and taken photos, although maybe unlike me most of my friends don’t want to be all over the bloggersphere! I am going to find the time to take photos of others and show you how much incredible style is around.

We went down to a spot I always enjoy going to get photos but once there we found we drove around a corner and found a new location I had never seen before; although a truck got in the way, we  turned another corner and found a great spot to take some fun photos. Brodie I think enjoyed showing off these beautiful Elm Knitwear designs and having fun in the beautiful spring sunshine.




Brodie Loves Fashion

Ace of Something


Brodie is wearing:

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when old becomes new

sport luxe

I have had this skirt for 10 years! A long time… I remember buying it to wear to a formal function and have somehow kept hold of it in my wardrobe for the last ten years! It has come back in vogue and I never thought I’d get to the age when I could say “I use to have that”. It’s amazing when old becomes new again.

It’s been happening a lot of late! My cousin pulled out a choker the other day and it reminded me of my spice girl days. A great article about them is by Daring Coco, go check her out!

This skirt makes me want to spin around all day. In fact when I had it on yesterday I found every reason to do a big twirl and dance around in this flowy skirt! The material is so lovely and I just love how comfy it is..  After ten years I do have to admit  the skirt has got tighter as things have got a little bigger ;) but it still works and can make me feel like dancing the night away.

Have you got any items in your wardrobes that you have had for over a decade?



Betts Shoes

10 years

I was wearing:

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bright, sunshine, flowers and smiles


Bright, sunshine, flowers and smiles; that  was what my weekend was about! I had such an incredible weekend, and the best part is I had an extra day with taking Monday off work!

On Friday I was spoilt with flowers sent to me at work by my beautiful friend, with the note “fresh flowers to brighten your day!” and that they did! It made the weekend feel like it was going to be wonderful.

I was in such a great mood from my surprise I grabbed Andrew and called my girlfriend and headed off to Union Street Wine Bar for a cheeky red straight after work. It was so nice to just unwind before launching into the weekend.  As we sat enjoying a glass of red I noticed I had an instagram message and I was very excited to see I had won some beautiful flowers from She’s a Wildflower thanks to King of the Castle’s first birthday! Aren’t they amazing?


Saturday saw us head of to watch the AFL prelim final with some mates which was great to catch up and with our team out it didn’t matter who won; although I was going for Port!!  Followed by a yummy dinner in Melbourne.

Sunday the sun was shinning, the Fox in Flats style challenge was bright and it just made it a beautiful day. I headed off to King of the Castle to pick up my beautiful flowers and enjoy  the glorious sunshine and really enjoyed the day!



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Shes a Wildflower

Fresh flowers



lazy chic


When given the prompt ‘lazy chic’ I had a really big think about how I would interrupt the look. The more I thought about it the more I went with my usual Sunday attire… Comfort! I was at home and ready to do the fruit and veggie shopping when I asked Andrew to take a couple of snaps.

This look is something I do wear a lot on weekends and seem to gravitate back to it time and time again. I wanted to think of something really different and fun. However the more I started thinking about my blog and what it stands for, (which is about my style) I decided to stick with something real and what I do wear every day. It’s not about coming up with magic shoots but I genuinely wear every day so stuck with the familiar.

Back to basics, back to what I do know and that’s my own style!


help from my friends

lazy chic

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