9 of my favourite logie looks

Logies 2016

The annual Australian logies were on last night and I enjoyed watching the red carpet as always!

There were so many stunning dresses and there seemed to be a lot of skin shown! Some I liked, some not so much, and this year there seemed to be a lot of black and white.

The coverage this year seemed to show more outfits this year, rather than just the same ones, however I still believe they need to show even more to the public.

Here are my 9 favourite looks from last night and like last year I seem to have similar favourites again, Bec, Livinia and Carrie all there again.

  1. Bec Judd
    Another stunning J’aton creation! I love my what they create and Bec always looks so radiant. Especially with twin boys on board this year!
  2. Carrie Bickmore
    Carrie again looked divine in this stunning black dress. Showing the right amount of sexy and sophistication!
    Carrie Bickmore
  3.  Jessica Marais
    Jessica wore J’Aton as well and why wouldn’t it be another stunning dress! 
    Jessica Maris
  4. Livina Nixon
    One of my favourite style icons! She dresses so elegantly all the time, always classic with a bit of fun! 
    2016 Logie Awards - Arrivals
  5. Jesinta Campbell
    Although she is showing a lot! I just cant go past this! I love and think the risk paid off! 
  6. Pia Miller
    Again showing off skin, but just the right amount and looking very elegant!
    Pia Miller
  7. Emma Freeman
    Simple in white, but I love the bow.
    Emma Freeman
  8. Leila McKinnon
    White and bright, and simple. I think she looks amazing! 
  9. Melissa Doyle
    I loved the neckline of this dress and Melissa kept it simple making for a beautiful look on her!
    Melissa Doyle

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Photos take from News.com.au

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