what a year

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What a year… To say I had an eventful 2015 is an understatement. It was a huge year! I became pregnant, got engaged (not that anyone knew), had a surprise wedding and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Although Geelong Fashionista did get a little neglected there at the end, however I am looking forward to an exciting 2016 and this wonderful blog of mine to continue to grow!

As 2015 comes to an end I thought I would share with you my favourite 5 posts of 2016.

  1. last weekend – part one
    This post was all about my surprise wedding. What a day it was, I loved it so much and was everything I could have ever hoped for and more.
    Wedding Day
  2. Spring Racing Lookbooks – 1, 2 & 3
    (ok I have included three here but I couldn’t just have one!)
    It was so much fun to get my friends together and create a lookbook for the spring racing carnival. Giving inspiration and having a really good fun day creating some wonderful outfits. I hope they inspired you!
    Paige, Nic and Ami
  3. And then there were three
    My beautiful announcement to the world of the birth of my little girl, Frankie.
    Plus some fun photos of my belly right before she came into the world!
    growing belly
  4. Denim, black and white
    My favourite styling post of the year was this denim, black and white outfit. Such a fun look and trying something different. It was also a lot of fun to shoot!
    There were lots to choose from and I may need to recap. 😉
  5. Dressing for a wedding
    I really enjoyed been pregnant. I know I am very lucky about this as some people hate it. But I loved it and had a lot of fun working out a style and making life comfortable! Kookai was my savior for when I had special occasion and I loved this outfit here. Mim and Bas was my other never-fail with so many pieces that have lasted not only through my pregnancy but while breast feeding too! I think I’ll need a whole post on my pregnancy looks!
    Full length
    I’d love to hear what your favourite post of 2015 was and why you love following along…Thanks for stopping by

October Flashback

November… really? Maybe it doesn’t feel like November as our weather isn’t improving! Fingers crossed the sunshine comes for good this month!

I have been living in a black hole with the internet and it’s driving me mad! I think it’s time for an upgrade!

Here are my October looks…

Which was your favourite?

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september flashback

October is here! The weather is warming up and summer is insight. It also means life starts getting a lot more busier as we enjoy the awesome weather. (Not that its here yet!)

September was a great month, but when you get to go on a holiday to Bali it really does make it so much better!

A big congratulations to the winners of The Body Shop at Home competition: Rosie, Mica, Kerry & Stephanie!!

Which outfit was your favourite for September?

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july flashback

I have had another terrible posting month, and can’t believe July has come and gone… Where is the year going??

Hopefully August will bring many more posts and some great outfits!

Only five outfits to choose from, but which on was your favourite in July? I know mine!!

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june flashback

July… how did you get here so quickly? How has half the year passed already…

Here is a recap of my outfits, although not many due to my schedule!

Which one was your favourite for June?

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may flashback

Well it’s official… winter is here!!

I would like cold weather if we had snow, but instead we have icy wind! Hopefully it wont be too bad, and I’ll just think of the fashion!

Here is a recap of my outfits. Which one was your favourite for May? 


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april flashback

The last month of Autumn… now the cold weather will start here in Geelong!

April was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to a busy May.

Here is a recap of my outfits. Which one was your favourite for April?

march flashback

April… How did you get here so quick?

I guess it really was a busy March.

Here is a recap of my outfits. Which one was your favourite for March?

I’m excited for April as I’ve promised to spend some more TLC on this blog and really develop it. I even have a giveaway coming up!

Have a great week.
x Kirsty