in the navy…


Navy and grey have been big favourites of mine of late. I seem to be drawn toward them and building up a collection of clothes in those tones.

When thinking of what to wear, I thought what better autumn look than putting an all navy look together. Plus when you add tan tones how can you go wrong!

I like experimenting with ,my outfits and this one paid off. My favourite quilted skirt (I seem to be living in!); my last season long cardi (love wardrobe shopping, plus it was perfect for winter last season) and my navy singlet (I can’t seem to get off); all combined to create this tonal, monochrome look.  Add in my new Wittner boots (I really shouldn’t have bought but it’s very hard when you get a $30 voucher plus 30% off!) with this beautiful Michael Kors bag (my sister-in-law gave me as a beautiful gift for helping with her wedding; I know spoilt right!) and it all seemed to work really well!

Bare legs may not happen for much longer as the weather really does seem to have turned colder as we approach winter but I’ll be trying as hard as I can until June is here!

Again I was lucky to work with the talented Christina (SkinnyGirlsJeans) who did such a great job at capturing some stunning images! She knows how to capture the moments and really does have an eye for fashion photography. You only have to see her Instagram page to see her talent. My favourite image is the autumn leaves on the white house! Really captures the season and is such a strong photograph!


I was wearing:

  • cardigan, skirt and top all from Country Road (Yes I may have a problem)
  • boots from Wittner
  • sunglasses and necklace from Decjuba

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king of the castle


When I go out to a cafe or restaurant I look for three things:

  • Food selection
  • Coffee (yes now that I drink it!)
  • Is it pram friendly?

Now yes this third point isn’t something I have always looked for, it has become a new one on my list. However I have discovered that I like to know if a place is designed to take the pram, can kids go or should I be leaving little miss at home and going with grown ups?

As I have wanted to for a while now I am going to tell you each week about places to go and try around Geelong, Bellarine and the Surf Coast.

To start off I thought I would choose one on my favourite places in Geelong; on Pakington Street;  King of the Castle (KOTC)

I’ve got to know Robbie the owner and I am always so impressed with what he puts into the place and his great ideas! Always helping charity and helping other Geelong businesses it’s so impressive!

the menu

Although the menu is fairly new (they change seasonal) I have been working my way through and trying lots of the delicious food.
There are simple items as well as yum treats, plus great vegetarian options which is always very welcomed by me.

Whether a sweet tooth or after something savoury there are so many choices.

Some of my current favs are the Chill Beans; Black Rice Pudding and the simple Avo on toast!
If you have a sweet tooth the waffles are a must!



I only started drinking coffee 12 months ago when it became my pregnancy craving. Weird right?!

It’s good coffee and they do pretty much anything that’s in vogue (I say this as I call my brother a Melbourne coffee snob and he now drinks “Magics” and they make them! )

I am partial to a Mocha but my favourite from here is the Affogatos!! You can choose any flavour gelato (Which are all yum on their own) with a shot of coffee!! Amazing!!



KOTC is pram friendly and they are very accommodating to helping us mums in and out of the venue if the door is down on a cold day!

That is not to say you can’t enjoy a coffee with just grown ups but it’s great to know anyone can go along!


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 *this is not a sponsored post and are my own thoughts. 
All pics are my own except the last picture is taken from KOTC Instagram account

autumn is upon us

Geelong FAshionista

Autumn is upon us, summer has passed for another few months and boy am I going to miss it!
Hopefully the weather still stays alright for a little while so I can still head out for walks with little miss. But the cold is now in the air.
Days usually can stay ok but nights are chilly and noticing even more having to get up to feed!

Two of my favourite colours right now are  grey and white. It feels so fresh and takes away from a gloomy days, (I hate saying bye to summer so this keeps me happy with cold weather looming.)
I am loving putting together basics for my mummy days, especially when I’m not sure what I’m doing and that is exactly what this look was about. Comfortable pants and a warm jumper that can be dressed up if needed, or just simple for a quick coffee too.

The jumper was a great find from Witchery. It’s warm, perfect for winter and has the fun pirate detail at the front. I loved the colour and know it’s going to become a staple in my wardrobe!

Mummy style
Pirate top
Witchery Jumper
Weekend Attire
White pants

I was wearing:

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all happening in gtown


Of late, I’ve been asked a lot about my blog and what makes me different from other blogs.
Yes, it started as a fashion blog, but I also want to reflect on the goings on in my often underrated home town of Geelong (also known as Gtown!)

I get asked a lot about where to shop or where is good to eat, and I really want to include a lot more of this in my day-to-day posts. I also love talking about events that are happening or people who may visit my town.

Last Friday Ash Pollard from MKR came to visit with the Heinz Beanz Creation Food Truck. I went along to meet Ash and try some of the tasty samples on offer!

Ash was lovely!! We talked about Geelong and all there was to do, as well as Fashion Week as Ash had attended a few shows.
Plus I got to try her creation once I’d donated to the Jan Juc surf club! A great support initiative  by Heinz, where a $5 donation provided a tasty lunch!

I cant wait to share more fun around Gtown with you all!

Ash Pollard
Heinz Beanz
Outfit of the Day

You can tell this hairstyle is my go to of late! Quick and easy plus I love showing off my length. My fringe had got to long hence it parts; lucky I got it cut that night ready for Fashion Week! That post coming soon.

What would you like to hear more about on Geelong Fashionista? Would you be keen to hear about Gtown?

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windy days


What a beautiful weekend we had, however we still haven’t quite skipped the cold days of winter!
The forecast is saying very cold the next couple days, but lets hope that’s the end as I heading toward maternity leave and would love spring weather!

I took these photos on a sunny but windy day in Melbourne. I saw the lamp post and knew it was the place to stop and get a few images.
Andrew whipped out the camera and captured this amazing spot with such a great lamp post and the plain white wall. Really making my outfit pop! I love exploring Melbourne and love that there is something amazing around every corner. Great places for photos every where I look.

I have been trying to wear some colour and this woolen dress has been a great addition to my baby bump wardrobe.
It’s warm and give the right amount of colour, even if I have paired it with everything black!

Are you someone who likes to inject colour?

Lamp post
Bright red
Bardot cardi
close upKirsty

I was wearing:

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last weekend – part one

Wedding Day

What did you do last weekend?

I got married!! That’s right after a decade Andrew and I decided to tie the knot in an intimate and low-key affair.

It all started four months ago when I went to my wardrobe and found a foreign shoe box.
At closer inspection I discovered it was a Manolo Blahnik box.

To give you some background, 5 years ago when on our big year-long adventure and in New York, I lived one of my life long dreams and got to buy a pair of Manolo Blahniks.
While in the store for well over and hour (Andrew was thrilled 😉 ) I pointed to a pair of Yellow Satin Hangisi Pumps and said to him ” You don’t have to buy me a diamond ring, just buy me a pair of those!!”

Andrew had walked into our room and I had begun to cry, as I start to realise what was happening. I opened the box and lifted the shoes out of their bags and there they were; the yellow satin Hangisi pumps! As I continued to cry, Andrew told me I better try them on and of course they are the perfect fit and I felt like Cinderella!

Manolo Blahniks

As we had just announced to family and friends that we were pregnant we decided to keep this to ourselves and wanted to do something very low-key. So planning began to tie into our 10 year anniversary.

Only eight weeks ago did we tell our parents and siblings as we needed them to get a day off work and told them what we were doing.

On Friday last week in front of our parents and brothers and sisters we got married and became husband and wife.
It was perfect and one of the best days of my life!
The Melbourne Treasury Building (Registry Office) was a wonderful venue and my dad still got his dream of walking his little girl down the aisle.

We followed up Friday with a dinner on the Saturday evening with our very close family and friends, where we announced to them that we had got married.
More to come on that in part two!

Mr and Mrs

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I was wearing:

Andrew was wearing:

love local – peachy parade

Insta love

With my love for buying local, today I bring you the other creative mind of the awesome Mothers Day Raffle that was created supporting Geelong Mums.

Jess from Peachy Parade worked with Emma and Ali from Alma Designs to come up with the fantastic opportunity to win so many amazing Instagram business prizes, with the fundraising going to the amazing Geelong Mums.


1. Tell me about Peachy Parade; what do you sell?
My main focus is making unique and beautiful baby mobiles that will last well past the baby years. Many mobiles are quite baby-ish and get packed up when the cot is packed away but my mobiles are not only beautiful in a baby’s nursery but look amazing in big kids rooms. I also make other paper products such as garlands and wall hangings and I can customise colours to suit any room.
Some other products that I hand make are mini calico teepees which are a perfect way to spark a child’s imagination and linen black board bags for entertainment on the go.
mobile  garland
Mobile2  tee pee
2. What made you begin Peachy Parade? 
I’ve been crafty ever since I can remember and I’m the type of person that if I can’t find what I’m looking for, I’ll have a go at making it. When I had my kids Archie and Ellie, I would often make things for them and my friends would always say that I should start a business and sell my creations. Then one day, about 10 months ago, my husband came home with a flyer for an upcoming school market and said to me, it’s now or never! I had 3 weeks to come up with a business name, logo, business cards and make all of my products. It was a busy time but it was so much fun actually doing what I’d talked about for years!
3.How can people buy your creations? Do you ship nationally and internationally?
You can purchase through my website or head into the amazing local kids store called Ryder Loves Miller, located at 263 Myers Street, East Geelong 3219.
I ship anywhere within Australia through my website and I can also ship Internationally however please send me an email to for an International shipping quote.
4. What designers inspire you and who influences your style?
It’s hard to only name a few! I get inspiration everyday from the Instagram community and I absolutely love following mum’s working hard to build up very successful businesses through social media.
 Peachy parade
5. As one of the creative minds behind this incredible raffle, what made you want to help the Geelong community and how can people get involved?
When Emma and I met for the first time a few months ago we started talking about how many talented businesses Geelong has to offer and we talked about trying to find a way to showcase them to a wider community. We also both knew about Geelong Mums and the amazing contribution they make to the Geelong Community. So from that one conversation, Insta Love was born. A way to showcase our local talent to the world and at the same time, raise much needed funds for a wonderful organisation.
For more details on how you can enter this amazing competition go to Alma Design’s instagram account.
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mothers day community

Insta love

I love what the Instagram community has developed into and the way in which people have come together for the greater good. Here in Geelong is no exception with 67 stores coming together to support an amazing organisation Geelong Mums helping new mothers in need, especially as we approach mothers day.

I am in full support of what they are trying to achieve and as someone who loves supporting local I thought I would showcase some of the incredible businesses involved.

I contacted Emma from Alma Custom Designs who together with Peachy Parade came up with this incredible raffle to support Geelong Mums.

Alma logo

1. Tell me about Alma Custom Designs; what do you sell?
We love creating items for the home – one of a kind tram scrolls, gorgeous prints (large and small) for young and old, invitations, anniversary gifts, vouchers and so much more.
IG_Cute_Love (2) wedding print 3 (2) IG_I Heart You (2) me and you
2. What made you begin Alma designs? 
About 5 years ago I wanted to get a custom-made tram scroll made for my husband but didn’t want to spend the $800 it was going to cost me. When complaining about this to Alison she looked at me and asked me why I hadn’t asked her to design it for me? Alison is a graphic designer. So she designed it and we got it printed. It is amazing and still hangs on our wall. I told her she should start selling them but she said she didn’t want to start another business on the side, she already had two others on the go at this stage and worked full-time. But she did say that if I wanted to create the business in partnership with her and I dealt with customers, etc and she did the designing that maybe we could sort something out. Last year it finally came true and “Alma” was born. Al = Alison Ma = Emma. So Alma started off selling custom-made tram scrolls and very quickly branched off into prints. We LOVE making custom-made items for people and especially love seeing them in their homes.
Em and Ali
3.How can people buy your creations? Do you ship nationally and internationally?
You can purchase through our website
You can also pick up some of our prints through:
Weddings at Tiffany’s – Maleny, QLD
Ripe Homewares – Mudgee and Dubbo, NSW
Just Because – Highton, Victoria
Holiday Robe – Robe, S.A
We have free delivery Australia wide and are happy to ship internationally but need to be emailed for a quote first.
4. What designers inspire you and who influences your style?
The whole IG community inspires us all the time in so many ways.
5. As the creative minds behind this incredible raffle, what made you want to help the Geelong community?
I had met with @peachyparade and we had wanted to support Geelong Mums in any way that we could. We both know what a great deal they do for Geelong families but were aware they were in need of some much more to help the ever-growing need in our local community.
We spent a long time trying to figure out how we could support Geelong Mums using our IG accounts and without it just being a basic loop and win giveaway. When we started thinking about it we realised we knew a heap of Geelong based IG stores and when we started a list we were blown away with how many we came up with.
When we approached the stores on our list everyone was so eager to be a part of our raffle and not only said yes straight away but was so generous in the items they were offering.
I am loving how 67 Geelong based IG stores have come together to support Geelong Mums and have shown so much passion in supporting their local community.
For more details on how you can enter this amazing competition go to Alma Design’s instagram account.
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terindah estate


A few weekends ago now we headed to Terindah Estate, a beautiful winery on the Bellarine Peninsula.

We went for breakfast on an amazing morning with the sun shining and great company. I had the breakfast trifle which was delicious and the best part was it did not include sultanas!! I really can’t stand those things, and usually don’t get to enjoy a yummy muesli or granola as they seem to always include the little brown things! This one had yoghurt and berries and just made the morning even better.

Andrew and I went exploring the grounds and snapped a few photos as we looked around. It’s incredible looking over the ocean and seeing the vineyards. We both commented it would be an incredible wedding destination as view is amazing plus the buildings have the perfect vibe.

I went with comfort on this particular day due to the heat. I felt summer colours would be fun (plus I had forgotten I had this top!!). I have lived in my Senso sandals this summer, as they really are so comfortable plus look awesome! I look back at photos and they seem to be in so many of them but I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Have you been to Terindah Estate? What did you think?

VenueSkortTerrindahGeelong FashionistaBreakfast

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*this post is my own opinion and I was not approached by Terindah. 

stomp apparel

Kirsty dips

I love staying fit and healthy and I try to live an active life. As a result I like to have good active wear to ensure I can be comfortable while exercising, whether that be doing Pilates or yoga, boxing, or going for walks; especially along the beach as I am lucky enough to live so close.

We all know how much I love local and believe in supporting local businesses; I was so excited to discover a range of incredible active wear created here in Geelong, Stomp Apparel.

Stomp was created by a family motivated by a healthy lifestyle wanting affordable, fun and comfortable active wear; to not only sell to others but they too wanted to wear.

I was lucky enough to try out some of their products and I couldn’t be happier. It suits exactly what I am after as well as been comfortable, bright (as I like to stand out when I’m working out!) and really practically made with purpose in mind, (for example the leggings have a pocket at the back to place your key!)

I cant wait to show you more of the active wear in coming weeks!

yogaBoxingback yoga

Stomp apparelStretchTree pose

I was wearing:

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