adding another pair…

I have some exciting news to share with you my readers; you may have seen on facebook or instagram if you follow along…

We are adding another pair to our collection… We are having a baby!!!

I cant wait to show you maternity wear for the next 21 weeks as the bump grows as well that all comes along with this exciting time.

I hope you have all had wonderful weekends.

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strictly ballroom


Last week I had the privilege of going to see Strictly Ballroom (the musical) in Melbourne at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

It was SENSATIONAL! The colours, the music, the fun. What a brilliant performance and a very clever adaptation from screen to stage by Baz Luhrmann,

Strictly Ballroom has been adapted from the movie made back in 1992 into a stage show retelling the inspiring story of a ballroom dancer who challenges the rules to follow his heart and love for dance.

The shoe followed the loved film closely and used classic Australian humour with a little appropriate pathos in the storyline. Naturally, the dancing is spectacular – as are the costumes. The normally red plush seats of the theatre are now covered with a sea of pink, green, yellow and blue, to get you in the mood, and the stage curtain also shimmers in its red glory.

I highly recommend going and seeing for yourself. It makes you smile and will have you dancing on stage by the end!! It is a limited season so make sure you get there!


Scott and Fran Strictly Ballroom Stage

I wore my new favorite maxi skirt. It’s long so heels are a must and I love the detail on the skirt. Even though this black detail is see through, it makes me love it more! It was a little cool on the evening so I couldn’t get away with just the crop top, lucky I was able to borrow a cropped leather jacket to finish off my outfit.

I was wearing

Bardot Top



Strictly Ballroom

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*images of show taken from Strictly Ballroom website

15 things i love about summer

Love heart

I love summer…

It is my favourite season. I would happily travel the world chasing summer if I could.

I think it helps that I have a birthday in there but I do truly love the heat!

I have put together a list of the 15 things I love about summer  and would love to hear what your favourite things are?!


1. Summer Holidays

I took a month off this year. I love having time off enjoying the sunshine

2. Swimming in the Ocean

I am so very lucky that I live by the beach and I love going for a swim to cool off either from a hot summer day in the sunshine or straight after work after a long day in the office.

Andrew Surfing

3. Beach Hair

That idea of not having to wash it all the time and embracing the curls in my hair. I love it.

Ace of Something

4. Bronzed skin

While I am all about been sun-smart it’s so great having bronzed legs, arms and tummy.I always have sunscreen on but very lucky my skin easily adapts to the sun.

5. Ice Cream

To cool us down on a hot day there is nothing better than a yummy flavoured ice cream or even a good icy pole.


6. Fresh Fruit

I love that so many fruits are in season and there is so much to eat and makes you feel so refreshed.

7. Daylight savings

The days go longer and there is so much more to fit into one day.


8. Outdoor activities

Playing outside enjoying the daylight well into the night, playing backyard cricket or laughing and chatting with friends

9. Balmy summer nights

The warmth in the evening, you can sit outside and enjoy dinner or a drink or two as the sun goes down.

10. Salads for lunch and dinner.

You can create so many different kinds and I love been creative with how I make them

Summer days

11. Sunday sessions

Enjoying a Sunday with mates at a winery or brewery and embracing the beautiful weather.

12. Lazy days

Not doing anything. Just relaxing and re-energizing for the day/week/year ahead. Seminyak Sunsets

13. Wearing bikinis

Each day is a new day to wear a different bikini


14. Summer sales

As a shopaholic I love shopping and summer always have amazing deals. You have boxing day sales and then there are always sales over Australia Day weekend.

15. Australia Day

Enjoying a day to celebrate this amazing country and how lucky we are. Of course filled with a good BBQ, drinks and listening to the Tripe J Hottest 100!

“Happy Australia Day ”

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embracing 30

St Frock Skirt

It’s my birthday and it’s an ‘0’ birthday for me this year! That’s right I leave my 20’s!

I was really apprehensive and worried about turning 30 (Cant believe I said it!!) but I have come to realise that I wouldn’t be me without my 20’s and I am ready to move into the next phase of my life! It’s about embracing 30!

They say 20’s are your selfish years when it’s all about you and you start to learn life’s lesson. You realise friends come and go. Things can go really well and then horribly wrong. Life is precious and we should take every day as a win.

As I think about the last ten years I realise I have achieved  so much in this short time and know there is plenty more to come.

Here is my list of highlights:

  • I learnt to snowboard. I now love the snow and it even made me head overseas for a year!
  • Went to my first music festival when I was 25 and then seemed to go to a few, my music style changed a lot, bye bye Brittany!
  • Became an aunty to four awesome kids who all know I love cuddles! That’s not counting all my friends children who I love as my own and see myself as a fake aunty!!
  • Ran for the first time in my life.. 6km but at least I did it! (Didn’t have sore ankles like back at school days!)
  • I meet the love of my life, Andrew at the beginning of my 20’s, we have had nine awesome years together and grown together which I am very grateful for.
  • I have traveled to around 23 countries. I am a travel junkie, I love it, and know there is still plenty more to see and do, just not sure I can back up the drinking every night!!
  •  I bought a house with Andrew. This is huge and I have loved renovating it and making a real stamp on our home!
  • I started this blog which I am so pleased I did. I wish I had of done it a lot sooner when I first dreamt the idea and thought who wants to listen to me… Then finally took the plunge two years ago!

So come on 30 I’m ready to take you on, let’s see what you bring me and what I have in store…

Bardot Skirt Kirsty Sunshine Bali

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frankie say relax

Frankie say Relax

It’s no secret that I love local and love talking about what we have here in Geelong. I was very excited to see an online business create a shop front on one my favourite Geelong Streets, Pakington Street. Frankie say Relax is a beautiful home wares store with incredible products.

Frankie Say Relax opened last week and I went along to check out the bright yellow store!

The minute you walk in you get a great sense of style and know these ladies know their stuff with incredible pieces staring at you asking to buy them! They have opened up a shipping container and it’s fit out has been done really well done! With great detail to all areas from the AstroTurf as you walk in to the hidden cupboard with the laser cut timber.

My favourite thing in he shop was this incredible print below. I loved the colours as well as the saying! I also loved the Partos and Pike clothing line they have available, The Hello Lover cushion…. ok I wanted the whole store!

What do you think of the store?



Hello Lover

Salad Bowl



Black and white



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all I want for christmas (& my birthday)

I can not believe Christmas is under 4 weeks away. How did that happen?!

That means there is only 3 weeks until my Birthday and I can’t believe that either! I move up a bracket and not coping the best with that!!

I thought I’d put together a wish list for some inspiration and ideas for some great gift for Christmas.  All these products are from local stores in Geelong because I believe in buying local to support the local shops! I have been blown away but what is on offer around Geelong of late and so many great shops are popping up. I got to go check out the newly opened Frankie Say Relax and I cant wait to give you an insight in an upcoming post!

Wish List

1. Beach towel from Frankie Says Relax

2. Skin care products from Natural Supply Co.

3. Rings from Ernest and Joe

4. Skin care from Evergreen Australia

5. Shorts from My Boutique

6. Apple Tea from Oh So Tea

7. Rollies from Goose 

8. Beautiful print from Alma Custom Designs

9. Candles from Frieda and Gus

What have you found that’s on your Christmas wish list?

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This is not a sponsored post. Opinions are my own! 

insta love from queenland

photo (14)

I’ve just spent a week in Queensland which was so relaxing! I have been a little quite on the blog enjoying some R&R. My grandparents live on the border as so we enjoyed family time and trying out some delicious meals!

I have been putting a lot of images up on my insta account so thought I’d share so you could see what I’ve been up to! You can come follow along at this link 





Ace of Something


Geelong Fashionista


Everyday style

Love heart

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once musical

Once Musical

I was lucky enough to head off to see Once Musical opening night over the weekend which has started playing in Melbourne.

I took along Nic and was so excited to see this acclaimed performance especially as two Geelong girls I have the privileged of working with (albeit a long time ago!) in this incredible show.

It only took seconds to see why this musical has won incredible awards and traveled the world. It is running until December here in Melbourne and I really encourage you to go along and check it out. The humor, the music, the performers all blew my mind and captured me into the experience. What made me love the musical even more was that the cast played all the music. Each character had an instrument they played as they danced and sang on stage; proving just how talented these really were.

Once is set in modern-day Dublin and is about a Guy wanting to give up his music when a Girl comes along and inspires him to dream again. Tom Parsons and Madeline Jones played the leads and their voices worked so well together.

As mentioned I have met two of the performers who are originally from Geelong; Amy Lehpamer and Lisa Hanley.  Amy played Reza and did such a wonderful job of having a Czech accent and playing the violin while making the audience laugh. While I didn’t get to see Lisa perform (she is the understudy for Girl) I know she too would be incredible and blow the audience away with her talent!

Once - Guy meets Girl

Once - Performers

As it was opening night I wanted to wear something that was fun and luckily enough the weather was beautiful!

I love this skirt and I think one of my favourite things about it is the pockets!

Bardot Skirt

I am also still loving these mules which are so comfortable! I was happy with how my outfit came together!

Wittner Mules

And thanks to watching a video on Redcliff Style’s blog I was able to get great curls in my hair, which I have tried to do for years now!! ! So thank you Rachel for your wonderful tips!!Geelong Fashionista

Melbourne Lights

Nuffnang Bloggers

What do you think of my outfit?

I was wearing:

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Photos taken by Nicole Bacely and supplied by Once Musical.

Once Sign



Today I had a day off… doing nothing (which hasn’t been done in a long time) and it felt really good.

Sometimes life gets really busy and you just need to stop and look outside and realise how lucky you are. The sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky!

I have a weekend of work ahead but remembering why I do this job and that I get to catch up with friends in Melbourne makes it all worth while.

Someone asked me the other day what do I do to relax, and I turned around and said blog! I love this blog of mine and I love that I have people who follow along with me.
As much as I would love to become “instafamous” I do this for me and the rest is just a bonus.


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july instagram

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