summer days

Summer Days

I love summer! Everything about it. The warm hot days, the warm nights, the outfits! I just love it!

It has been a little different this one as I look after a baby and can’t venture in the sunshine as much as I would normally but I still love it. Even if it means sitting inside feeding looking out at the bright blue skies.

I personally think summer is easier to style. While winter fashion is fun, summer kicks its butt in my book. For starters I love hats and find they change an outfit so easily. You can wear any sort of shoes without worrying about your toes getting cold. You don’t need to wear layer on layer and can show off a little skin, (not that my midriff coming out this summer!) skirts, shorts and flowy pants can all be dressed up from a casual day look to a fun night-time outfit. It makes life simple.

The lighting is great in the afternoon, and daylight savings is the best! I love long summer evenings and able to do much more with your days, like been able to still take photos while baby is sleeping!! 😉

What is your favourite season?

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15 things i love about summer

Love heart

I love summer…

It is my favourite season. I would happily travel the world chasing summer if I could.

I think it helps that I have a birthday in there but I do truly love the heat!

I have put together a list of the 15 things I love about summer  and would love to hear what your favourite things are?!


1. Summer Holidays

I took a month off this year. I love having time off enjoying the sunshine

2. Swimming in the Ocean

I am so very lucky that I live by the beach and I love going for a swim to cool off either from a hot summer day in the sunshine or straight after work after a long day in the office.

Andrew Surfing

3. Beach Hair

That idea of not having to wash it all the time and embracing the curls in my hair. I love it.

Ace of Something

4. Bronzed skin

While I am all about been sun-smart it’s so great having bronzed legs, arms and tummy.I always have sunscreen on but very lucky my skin easily adapts to the sun.

5. Ice Cream

To cool us down on a hot day there is nothing better than a yummy flavoured ice cream or even a good icy pole.


6. Fresh Fruit

I love that so many fruits are in season and there is so much to eat and makes you feel so refreshed.

7. Daylight savings

The days go longer and there is so much more to fit into one day.


8. Outdoor activities

Playing outside enjoying the daylight well into the night, playing backyard cricket or laughing and chatting with friends

9. Balmy summer nights

The warmth in the evening, you can sit outside and enjoy dinner or a drink or two as the sun goes down.

10. Salads for lunch and dinner.

You can create so many different kinds and I love been creative with how I make them

Summer days

11. Sunday sessions

Enjoying a Sunday with mates at a winery or brewery and embracing the beautiful weather.

12. Lazy days

Not doing anything. Just relaxing and re-energizing for the day/week/year ahead. Seminyak Sunsets

13. Wearing bikinis

Each day is a new day to wear a different bikini


14. Summer sales

As a shopaholic I love shopping and summer always have amazing deals. You have boxing day sales and then there are always sales over Australia Day weekend.

15. Australia Day

Enjoying a day to celebrate this amazing country and how lucky we are. Of course filled with a good BBQ, drinks and listening to the Tripe J Hottest 100!

“Happy Australia Day ”

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heels or flats

GeelongTony Bianco

I wore this outfit last weekend, to do a few bits and pieces; a coffee date, shopping and staying cool!
I felt like playing around with the look when I got Andrew to take a few snaps, and couldn’t decide on which shoes worked better.
The hair had gone curly from the beach, but I love the feeling of salty hair and enjoying sunshine! I really am a summer baby!

Heels or flats? What is your preference?



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Bardot hat

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summer lovin’


I love summer… even in the crazy heat I still love it.

There is just something about it, and possibly why I live by the beach!

Monday was no exception. It was 38 degrees and this was a simple cool outfit that I decided to wear.

What do you think of the summer weather?

Tigerlilly Hat

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Country Road sandals


Bali dress


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back in black


Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful week. It’s a long weekend here in Australia this weekend and I have tomorrow off too so a four day weekend is exciting! 🙂

This is an outift I wore to work this week. I read a blog (Spakles and Shoes) and was inspired to try wearing all black to see if I could pull it off. With my own twist I think it works…

What do you think?

Bardot Top


Betts Shoes

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back to work in monochrome

Witchery Skirt

Last Thursday I started back at work. It was a great time to start as I only had to work for two days before the weekend and was one way to deal with the heat wave we were having. We had four days over 40 degrees with lows of around 28 at nights; hot!! But I love the heat so it wasn’t to bad for me!

I love simple outfits for work especially when you are just sitting at a desk all day and this is exactly what I was going for here. Heels would have looked even better but flats were a must in the heat.




Geelong Waterfront


I hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!

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sparkles at a wedding

Princess Polly

Last Saturday I went to Wedding of two of our friends. The weather was beautiful and I wanted to wear something quite fun!

I’ve had this sparkle dress in my wardrobe for sometime now but never really worn it anywhere and decided the wedding was the perfect occasion.

I loved the hair style my very talented hairdresser Rhiannon created. Something fun and different highlighting the ombre look I have. These shoes are also the most comfy pair and such a great investment!


Wittner heels



What do you think?

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orange in the summertime


Summer has hit in a big way here in Geelong. But I’m not complaining as I love the hot weather. Going to the beach and wearing fun outfits its a great time of year, especially when your still on holidays!

This top is so comfy and I love the colour. When I came across Elm Knitwear it was one of the first pieces that caught my eye. Who can go wrong with orange; its the new black!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends!

Elm Knitwear

Ocean Grove

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