15 things i love about summer

Love heart

I love summer…

It is my favourite season. I would happily travel the world chasing summer if I could.

I think it helps that I have a birthday in there but I do truly love the heat!

I have put together a list of the 15 things I love about summer  and would love to hear what your favourite things are?!


1. Summer Holidays

I took a month off this year. I love having time off enjoying the sunshine

2. Swimming in the Ocean

I am so very lucky that I live by the beach and I love going for a swim to cool off either from a hot summer day in the sunshine or straight after work after a long day in the office.

Andrew Surfing

3. Beach Hair

That idea of not having to wash it all the time and embracing the curls in my hair. I love it.

Ace of Something

4. Bronzed skin

While I am all about been sun-smart it’s so great having bronzed legs, arms and tummy.I always have sunscreen on but very lucky my skin easily adapts to the sun.

5. Ice Cream

To cool us down on a hot day there is nothing better than a yummy flavoured ice cream or even a good icy pole.


6. Fresh Fruit

I love that so many fruits are in season and there is so much to eat and makes you feel so refreshed.

7. Daylight savings

The days go longer and there is so much more to fit into one day.


8. Outdoor activities

Playing outside enjoying the daylight well into the night, playing backyard cricket or laughing and chatting with friends

9. Balmy summer nights

The warmth in the evening, you can sit outside and enjoy dinner or a drink or two as the sun goes down.

10. Salads for lunch and dinner.

You can create so many different kinds and I love been creative with how I make them

Summer days

11. Sunday sessions

Enjoying a Sunday with mates at a winery or brewery and embracing the beautiful weather.

12. Lazy days

Not doing anything. Just relaxing and re-energizing for the day/week/year ahead. Seminyak Sunsets

13. Wearing bikinis

Each day is a new day to wear a different bikini


14. Summer sales

As a shopaholic I love shopping and summer always have amazing deals. You have boxing day sales and then there are always sales over Australia Day weekend.

15. Australia Day

Enjoying a day to celebrate this amazing country and how lucky we are. Of course filled with a good BBQ, drinks and listening to the Tripe J Hottest 100!

“Happy Australia Day ”

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discover melbourne


I love how close Melbourne is from Geelong. It only takes a quick hour up the road to get to one of the best cities in the world where there is so much to discover. Don’t get me wrong I love Geelong and everything it has to offer, that’s why I live here in Ocean Grove but it’s so handy having Melbourne not so far away!

On the weekend I headed up to Melbourne to hang with my brother. We made no plans but decided to see where the day would take us. I did have a voucher I was wanting to use so we headed to Chaddy (Chadstone Shopping Centre) for a look around. Matt suggested I try the Oriental Tea House for lunch and I am so pleased he did. What amazing food they had and the tea was delicious. I highly recommend it and there are a few around!

We then decided to head to South Yarra to catch up with some more friends and ended up at Stables of Como! What an amazing place with so much to do in one spot. We wanted coffee and afternoon tea but once we had we went exploring and it was so nice to see incredible gardens. I then found out from our friends you are able to get picnic baskets with the delicious food they sell and go and enjoy in the amazing surrounds. Something I really want to go back and try!

These were a quick few shots I got my brother to take as we explored the grounds.

Have you discovered any good spots of late? In Geelong or Melbourne?

Stables of Como

Michael Kors 

I was wearing:

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crafty bundle

When I came across Crafty Bundle I loved the concept and idea. You can order yourself a limited edition box of stunning jewellery delivered to your door, which includes pieces from local talented designers and sure to make any outfit pop!

The first and current bundle is called ‘Citrus Spring’ and inside you’ll find a bright pair of stud earrings, a wooden pendant and an embroidered brooch. Not only is this a great idea to spoil yourself, they are also an excellent gift idea! Plus if you see below a great offer to Geelong Fashionista readers!!

Crafty Bundle

I was fascinated by the idea so asked Claire the creator of Crafty Bundle a few questions to find out more…

What was the motivation for starting Crafty Bundle?
I love local designers, with a special soft-spot for handmade jewellery, accessories and wearables.
I always wanted to open a little shop, but in this day-and-age I think we can go beyond that. My husband (who is a web developer) and I came up with the idea of the Crafty Bundle – a limited edition “showbag” of sorts that promotes independent artists.
If the current bundle isn’t your style – then maybe the next one will be. Or you have a friend who you never know what to buy, then the Crafty Bundle is perfect!

I love that you have local designers as part of the collection. How do you find these designers?
There are so many talented designers around, especially producing handmade products it’s very inspiring. I wanted this first bundle to represent Melbourne and the suburbs surrounding me.
I already knew Victoria Mason, and loved her Polkadot earrings, and really wanted them in this first bundle, and kind of shaped the rest around them. We decided the first bundle would be called “Citrus Spring” – and showcase bright colourful pieces for the season it was to be released. I created a list of local Melbourne artists and looked at their products to see what would suit this bundle. I approached  Esther from Togetherness and Joe from Treehorn and after a few meetings we agreed on the pieces and colours they would bring to this bundle – inspired by “Citrus Spring”.


When it comes to fashion what is your style?
At the moment I’m really into skinny jeans, a plain white or dark t-shirt, a blazer and a statement piece of jewellery like a necklace, brooch or a large pair of earrings. I also can’t live without my pair of wooden clogs, I live in them throughout Summer.

What is your go-to, fail-safe piece of jewellery?
I can’t go past a bright feature necklace, they go with everything. Some of my favourite labels at the moment are:
Emily from Mornington Peninsula based label Emeldo creates really fun, bright necklaces. They are rope based with added bursts of colour. I have one and people comment on it whenever I wear it.
Courtney from Things of Thread Etal or TOTE has a very keen eye for colour and her pebble necklaces are ace. She knows exactly which colours work well together.
I have just discovered this lovely local Melbourne jeweller Samah Designs and her Zanzibar Sun Necklace is on my wish list. Samantha makes unique handmade laser cut pieces inspired by global cultures.


You love jewellery and have a key eye for great designs; what is your current favourite piece?
I would have to say my Pencil Sharpening necklace by Victoria Mason, it’s so unique, special and goes with everything. I always feel very happy wearing this one.

Who are your style influences and why?
I’m a big fan of English actress Carey Mulligan’s fashion sense. Whether dressed up for an event or casual she always looks effortless, but cool and chic. And I do love her great short hair do!


You must have been excited to be in Frankie magazine! What are your future plans and goals for Crafty Bundle?
Excited is an understatement, being featured in Frankie was amazing. It’s such a fabulous magazine and website, and perfect for the Crafty Bundle. Future plans are more bundles, a whole new set of Australian designers and different themes. I’m really looking forward to finding and promoting awesome local designers and what they create.

Now for some VERY exciting news… Claire has kindly given all of Geelong Fashionista readers 10% their first bundle! Simply enter GEELONGFASHION10 in step two at the checkout!


Crafty Bundle can be found at this link, or go to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

What are you waiting for… go and get your hands on a bundle!

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skort in bali


I love Bali! The people, the sun, the shopping and the relaxing. What’s most exciting is wearing all my summer clothes after a cold winter! In fact I hear its raining back home!

I picked up my white skort some time ago but weather has not been in my favour to wear so very exciting I got to wear it out for dinner.

A big thank you to my sister-in-law Carly for taking my snaps for me! We are having an extremely relaxing time.








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silver, blue and a touch of black

asos dress

Life has been crazy of late! I have really missed this blog but sometimes you need to make sacrifices and in this case it was Geelong Fashionista!

I have just started a new position at work which I am really happy about, however it has meant I have got a lot busier! I have even been away on business, so photos haven’t happened much! This is when I need an assistant! ha ha

I have found an addiction of late and that addiction is ASOS. I am loving what I am finding. It started with the a bodycon dress (which I still have not worn) and now I have bought a couple more pieces… This dress I am quite happy with for work. It’s warm and can be dressed up or down, so I’m very happy with the result.

What do you think?

forever new black bow bag

witchery blazer

sussan scarf

I was wearing:

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my new shoes…. not what you’d expect

It goes without saying… I’m not a huge fan of exercise. Before a week ago, the extent of my exercise regime confined itself to the enjoyment of dancing and doing Pilates.

My friend Kirsty had suggested I give Run Geelong a go and join her. At first I laughed out loud and told her she was dreaming. I didn’t even own a pair of runners and the last pair I owned were bought well over 8 years ago!  I was then out for tea with another friend Rhiannon and we discussed how we couldn’t think of anything worse than running… that’s when we somehow decided that we would take up the challenge and begin training to do Run Geelong!

So home we went, got on our computers and signed ourselves up.

The next challenge for me was to buy a pair of runners. I can’t recommend highly enough the Running Company in Geelong. Julian who served me was a great help and didn’t laugh too much about the fact I’d never run and was here to buy a pair of runners. I must admit I NEVER thought I would spend the same amount on runners as I would a pair of beautiful stilettos!

At least they’re pretty!


Rhiannon and I started training last week. We are doing the couch to 6km program to build up our beginner running technique hoping for the best.  Tonight will be our first major challenge, having to run a whole 1KM (to a beginner this is ALOT! :p) without stopping.

Wish us luck!

Hello world!

I’ve started following blogs and love hearing about the amazing fashion that’s about, especially shoes. I’m enjoying seeing funky furniture and home accessories as well as hearing about the amazing things to see and do in Geelong.

So the story, in short; I’ve got a massive passion for shoes. In fact I love them so much I took a year off work and travelled overseas just so I could  fulfill my dream of owning a pair of Manolo Blahniks, from New York. That then feeds into my love for travelling and seeing amazing places around the world. This brings me back to my love for Geelong and why I love living here and finding amazing fun things to do around the region. And lastly, I have finally bought a house with my partner, Andrew and we are renovating it and exploring all the amazing things you can do in your home.

As a result I have decided to write a blog to explore all the things I love in life and share it with the world… So enjoy!