i forgot i had that….

grey vest

I love it when you find a look on  Instagram or Pinterest and think, ‘I could do something similar, I forgot I had that!’

Or more to the point I forgot I bought that last season (when I had a big baby belly! 😉 ) let’s get it back out of the wardrobe.

That is exactly how this outfit happened! I saw a picture on Instagram last week of a lady in a long grey vest with black jeans and remembered I too had a long grey vest that I could wear! (It’s like shopping without spending money, I tell you!!) It was time to whip it out and experiment with a look.

Luckily the autumn weather has been not to cold yet so I was able to try something I wouldn’t normally. (Like I have said before, my style has changed since becoming a mum!)

A Saturday staple for me has always been jeans and a white tee (I always think of the Lana Del Ray song Blue Jeans when I say that) sorry back on track… I grabbed my new favourite colour grey vest and added it to my jeans and tee and was pretty happy with how the look turned out! I was then able to enjoy the beautiful sunny autumn day.

Ocean Grove
grey vest
Geelong Fashionista

I was wearing:

  • vest last season from Forever New
  • tshirt from Country Road
  • jeans from Bardot
  • necklace from Emisa Collection 
  • sunnies from Rockmans
  • shoes from Joanne Mercer

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10 thoughts on “i forgot i had that….

    • I love heat Mica, wish it was hot here! Although probably not when I’m in the last trimester of pregnancy! ;P
      hope you coping ok! xx

  1. So true ……. I can”t tell you how many times I see a photo of myself, only to wonder where the hell is that top or skirt !!!! Most would say we have too many clothes if this is the case lol 🙂 xx

    • Thank you Stephanie. I loved the necklace when I got it too. How fun are everyday outfits! xx

    • Thats just it isn’t it! Why get rid of something when it’s in such good condition! and fashion turns around these days!!!
      Thank you. xx

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