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Life seems to fly by quicker and quicker each day. We are already in November in 2014 and it feels like we were about to start the year.

I have a special birthday coming up and as it approaches (quicker and quicker) I realise how fast this thing we call life goes. I have no regrets and only excitement for what the coming years will bring but still can’t believe how quick this last decade has gone!

As I appreciate and try to embrace this birthday I realise maybe we are all here for different reasons with different purposes. This blog has been by release and has meant more to me than I thought over the last two years I have written it. Geelong Fashionista found its voice this time two years ago and what a journey it has been. I cant wait to continue to grow and hopefully maintain you as wonderful readers to follow my journey into the next tick box of my life!

Happy blogaversay to this blog, Geelong Fashionista of mine and I hope you continue to follow along too.

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From my first post!! Nov 2012

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Photos were sourced from Fashiion Gone Rouge, and my own

8 thoughts on “life

  1. Well a huge happy blogaversary and birthday! I love your blog and I love that I’ve been on this journey with you (or most of it I believe!)

    • You really have been Caroline! I love that you’re apart of SBB too! Not quite my birthday yet…but it is getting close. Thank you for been such an incredible follower and know how much it means to me! xxx

  2. Congrats Kirsty on 2 years! I’m approaching the same anniversary in December. Blogging is an incredible journey. Love the connection made through SBB and look forward to reading more of your beautiful blog. Chantal, Seek Dare Love

    • Thank you so much Chantal! I too love the connections made. It’s such a great community!
      I love Seek Dare Love so very exciting you too are approaching a milestone! Thank you for following! xxx

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