Navy and tan

navy and tan

What is it about navy and tan that gets me so excited?! I love the combination of the two colours together especially as we come out of winter.

All of a sudden life has got really busy with so many things on. I’m not complaining they are all very exciting but it’s as if something goes winter is over lets move onto busy warmer months!

It also makes me see that I really need to find a solution to me time. Some time to be alone and really work out exactly what I want and how I’m going to achieve it. Here I was thinking I had so much help and support to get this off the ground and don’t get me wrong I do but what I would give for 3-4 hours of uninterrupted me time would be incredible. I’m my own worst enemy though as I can’t bear to spend much time away from the cute thing that we created and she makes me laugh so much and fills my heart with so much joy. I’m really struggling with this back to work thing I think and need to remember that money is a must!  Someone has to help my shopping addiction!

Fashion is going to get me through the transition! Outfit planning on a budget and wearing fun exciting pieces; maybe even a heel every now and then! What I am looking forward to, is getting back into more of a routine and been really organised . I love having structure and I think it will help me to find the time to sit at the computer and write. This will lead to the dream of one day becoming a professional blogger!!

I ask this question to fellow mums… Do you get enough “me” time?

Navy and Brown
Geelong Fashionista
Navy Dress

I was wearing:

  • navy dress thanks to Surafina
  • boots from Wittner
  • bag from Michael Kors (best sister-in-law ever!)

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14 thoughts on “Navy and tan

  1. That is a lovely wrap dress and I always like navy and tan together 🙂

    Me time is hard to get with a little one, definitely! At the moment nap time is my “me time” which doesn’t always mean I get a lot, haha! I know it will get easier as the baby gets bigger and I can stay up longer at night when he goes to sleep.

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    • Thanks Mica!
      That is me time too. While she is napping and it I find 90 minutes isn’t quite long enough! ha ha

  2. What a gorgeous dress Kirsty, gotta love navy and tan combo!! ‘Me time’ is essential as a mumma for your sanity I think and it can be really hard to find a balance. Take pleasure in the little moments lovely x

    • Thank you Steph! I love my moments with little miss. I know in a few years time I’ll get to go to the toilet alone or even shower again! ha ha

  3. I am a recent convert to navy and tan (since I found the right boots) and I intend to wear it through summer too! I love this combo on you. In answer to your question, I am getting more me time now that my daughter is older and I appreciate every second of it!!

    • It really is about the right boots!!
      Good to know Beth. I dont want to rush time at all but good to know it will come!

  4. Love you outfit and those boots are fabulous! I’m not sure how old your daughter is but me time came after my kiddo got a bit older. It’s just the way things worked for me. Once my babies got around 3-6 months I felt more comfortable leaving them for a few hours. Now that they are 5 and 2 I get time on the weekend to get out and do whatever I want for a couple hours!

    • Thank you Ruth!
      I am happy to leave little miss it’s just finding someone to help out. ha ha but I do crave her as soon as I leave!
      Thank you for your comments and advice xx

  5. There is never enough ‘me time’. I found when I was working it was even harder to come by. Be gentle on yourself and maybe think about getting a cleaner or help around the house to take the pressure off. On the fashion side the best thing about work is that you have somewhere to show off all your outfits!!!

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