Flying Brick


Over the weekend we headed to Flying Brick Cider House for our friends birthday. I love how close it is to our house and how it showcases the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula.

Flying Brick opened recently, in November last year, and it is housed in such a beautiful building and set up. The design is so well delivered and it is a great place to be in with a wonderful vibe. With all the open windows and beautiful grass lawn it is a great way to enjoy a Saturday Afternoon.

We in fact headed to Flying Brick back in December last year for Andrew’s Christmas Party and the meals were delicious. If you do head down this way I highly recommend going to have a cider!

We are finally seeing the summer weather that I love and I thought I would take full advantage and wear a fun dress and of course my favourite sandals. We were sitting outside so I wanted to be sun smart with my hat (yes that I always wear!!) and really liked the black and white vibe I went with.

Flying Brick

Ace of Something


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Have you been to Flying Brick Cider House? Or have you even tried the cider? 

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stripes and sunshine


I have a current obsession for stripes. I seem to be drawn to them and pulling them off the rack every shop I enter.

This dress is no exception with stripes. I was looking for a dress that could work for both casual and to dress it up a little. Maybe even try to wear it as corporate attire. (That look I’ll have to try another day!) Over the weekend I added my old faithful hat along with my new favourite heels and some simple jewels for a day to beach look. I think it works, and was easily adapted to head to the beach, once I swapped heels for thongs! It then easily worked again to go to a friend’s house for a bbq by swapping the hat for a denim jacket for when it cooled down.

I headed up to the Ocean Grove lookout before we headed to the beach and what a view it was! I think it was rad place for photos and I love what Andrew has captured here. It was windy, possibly due to how high we were but once down on the beach it was beautiful day. It was actually hard to cut down the photos to put into the post. Normally I am so critical of what I use but I loved what was captured here.

There is something to be said about simplicity and I think that is the style I am moving more and more to. Not trying to over think an outfit but just go with simple cuts, lines and style.

Senso Heels

Summer Days

Stripes and Sunshine

AOS Fedora


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Happy New Year everyone! I hope your 2015 has started well!

For 2015 rather than making a list of resolutions I decided to sum it up in a sentence. Although 2014 was a great year and I did enjoy lots of up and downs I felt I wasn’t in the moment all the time. So for 2015 my mantra is: “Live the adventure”  This means that I will take everyday as it comes and enjoy the moment and see where the adventure takes me.

I decided to take a week away from the blog as we went on an impromptu trip to Newcastle after a visit to the countryside. We couldn’t decide what to do for new years eve and at the last minute decided we’d go visit friends and check out what Newcastle had to offer. What a beautiful place it was and so nice to spend a few days by the beach. It was so nice to take a look around and see the beautiful beaches, natural baths and places to eat.

Before we headed off to Newcastle we headed up to the country to visit family. I loved getting photos in the beautiful surrounds. Andrew’s sister lives on a dairy farm and it was nice to leave the hustle and bustle and just listen to the birds chirp, and cows moo. There is something wonderful about all the open space and the beautiful fresh air, although it was quite hot it was fun to look around the farm.

What is your resolution summed up in a sentence? I’d love to hear them….

Geelong Fashionista

Ace of Something Fedora

Jo Mercer

Mink Pink dress

The Horse watch


Happy New Year

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I am in love with my new camera I got for my birthday and so happy with the pictures it takes! Andrew did a wonderful job of capturing these images!

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brodie loves fashion


My cousin Brodie has come down to Geelong for the school holidays and like me, Brodie loves fashion and showing off pretty clothes.

I decided rather than seeing me all the time to take some photos of her. Not only did Brodie enjoy getting her photo taken but it was really nice to be behind the camera. By no means do I want to get into photography as a career but I do enjoy capturing the moment and having fun taking photos to remember time and places. In fact in my younger years I was always known as the one that would have the camera in my hand capturing the memories.

It made me realize how much I want and would love to show more people and their style on my blog. I always created Geelong Fashionista with the intention to show street style and others creative flare but have never gone out and taken photos, although maybe unlike me most of my friends don’t want to be all over the bloggersphere! I am going to find the time to take photos of others and show you how much incredible style is around.

We went down to a spot I always enjoy going to get photos but once there we found we drove around a corner and found a new location I had never seen before; although a truck got in the way, we  turned another corner and found a great spot to take some fun photos. Brodie I think enjoyed showing off these beautiful Elm Knitwear designs and having fun in the beautiful spring sunshine.




Brodie Loves Fashion

Ace of Something


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colour pop weekend style

Geelong Fashionista

I love colour and this Elm Knitwear jumper is all about colour pop. The beautiful knitted fabric gives warmth while steering clear of the traditional Melbourne black. Although Winter has ended I’m looking forward to wearing this knit with shorts and skirts to still keep warm in the brisk spring evenings and mornings.

I love when winter ends and spring begins. There is excitement in the air that warmer days are coming. The weather was beautiful over the weekend and it really did feel like summer was on its way. People were all over the beach and enjoying living back outdoors which living by the beach does to you. I love walking down here and just staring out to the ocean.

Ocean Grove

Wittner Mules

Elm Knitwear

Bardot Jeans


Ocean Grove Beach

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simple winter days

Country road jumper

A simple chic outfit is all you need on a wintery long weekend!

I went shopping in my wardrobe and rediscovered my mega high boots making a simple jumper and pants into a much more chic look.

I am in total love with my neon pink clutch, and so it seems everyone else! I keep getting the most wonderful comments from everyone! The thing I like even more about it; a fellow Geelong designer is the mastermind behind these! I highly recommend checking out My Boutique!

What is your favourite winter look?


Tony Bianco Boots



Geelong Fashionista

AoS Fedora

close up

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i love hats

H&M Jumper

I love hats!!! So it’s no surprise that I keep adding to my collection.

When I came across Ace of Something I got quite excited as they are a local Melbourne designer. This gave me more reason to buy one from them!

I couldn’t decide between colours but ended up going with dove grey. I figured at this stage it will go with more of my outfits. However I am still dreaming about the pink one too!

I added my hat to my simple weekend outfit as I had to try it out; I cant help myself when I get something new! I’m sure you’ll see it lots more in posts to come!

Ace of Something




lipstik shoes

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