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The weather has been pretty good the last few weekends. I’ve been heading out for beautiful beach walks admiring how lucky I am to live where I do and stomping to the beat of the waves.

In doing this it helps if you happy with what your walking in! I’m all for looking good while exercising!  I have had a real thing for pink at the moment! In fact since I was a little girl it has rarely gone away. (There was that quick phase in year 7 when I tried to only wear dark colours! It lasted 6 weeks; not long at all!) There is something about the colour and the way it makes me feel! I would have thought the opposite would be true as I hear the only colour I wore for the first two years of my life was pink, so I wouldn’t get mistaken for a little boy!

When walking along the beach it is so nice to see so many people out and about enjoying the great outdoors as well as the beautiful weather. There is something about living by the coast and been active. I find it almost a must, if you live by the coast you must love walking and viewing the ocean!

I’d be keen to know if you agree? Do you live by the coast?

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– tank and shorts thanks to Stomp Apparel 

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stomp apparel

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I love staying fit and healthy and I try to live an active life. As a result I like to have good active wear to ensure I can be comfortable while exercising, whether that be doing Pilates or yoga, boxing, or going for walks; especially along the beach as I am lucky enough to live so close.

We all know how much I love local and believe in supporting local businesses; I was so excited to discover a range of incredible active wear created here in Geelong, Stomp Apparel.

Stomp was created by a family motivated by a healthy lifestyle wanting affordable, fun and comfortable active wear; to not only sell to others but they too wanted to wear.

I was lucky enough to try out some of their products and I couldn’t be happier. It suits exactly what I am after as well as been comfortable, bright (as I like to stand out when I’m working out!) and really practically made with purpose in mind, (for example the leggings have a pocket at the back to place your key!)

I cant wait to show you more of the active wear in coming weeks!

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