embracing 30

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It’s my birthday and it’s an ‘0’ birthday for me this year! That’s right I leave my 20’s!

I was really apprehensive and worried about turning 30 (Cant believe I said it!!) but I have come to realise that I wouldn’t be me without my 20’s and I am ready to move into the next phase of my life! It’s about embracing 30!

They say 20’s are your selfish years when it’s all about you and you start to learn life’s lesson. You realise friends come and go. Things can go really well and then horribly wrong. Life is precious and we should take every day as a win.

As I think about the last ten years I realise I have achieved  so much in this short time and know there is plenty more to come.

Here is my list of highlights:

  • I learnt to snowboard. I now love the snow and it even made me head overseas for a year!
  • Went to my first music festival when I was 25 and then seemed to go to a few, my music style changed a lot, bye bye Brittany!
  • Became an aunty to four awesome kids who all know I love cuddles! That’s not counting all my friends children who I love as my own and see myself as a fake aunty!!
  • Ran for the first time in my life.. 6km but at least I did it! (Didn’t have sore ankles like back at school days!)
  • I meet the love of my life, Andrew at the beginning of my 20’s, we have had nine awesome years together and grown together which I am very grateful for.
  • I have traveled to around 23 countries. I am a travel junkie, I love it, and know there is still plenty more to see and do, just not sure I can back up the drinking every night!!
  •  I bought a house with Andrew. This is huge and I have loved renovating it and making a real stamp on our home!
  • I started this blog which I am so pleased I did. I wish I had of done it a lot sooner when I first dreamt the idea and thought who wants to listen to me… Then finally took the plunge two years ago!

So come on 30 I’m ready to take you on, let’s see what you bring me and what I have in store…

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all I want for christmas (& my birthday)

I can not believe Christmas is under 4 weeks away. How did that happen?!

That means there is only 3 weeks until my Birthday and I can’t believe that either! I move up a bracket and not coping the best with that!!

I thought I’d put together a wish list for some inspiration and ideas for some great gift for Christmas.  All these products are from local stores in Geelong because I believe in buying local to support the local shops! I have been blown away but what is on offer around Geelong of late and so many great shops are popping up. I got to go check out the newly opened Frankie Say Relax and I cant wait to give you an insight in an upcoming post!

Wish List

1. Beach towel from Frankie Says Relax

2. Skin care products from Natural Supply Co.

3. Rings from Ernest and Joe

4. Skin care from Evergreen Australia

5. Shorts from My Boutique

6. Apple Tea from Oh So Tea

7. Rollies from Goose 

8. Beautiful print from Alma Custom Designs

9. Candles from Frieda and Gus

What have you found that’s on your Christmas wish list?

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