happy new year

Celebrating in Japan

Celebrating in Japan with Ange

Well I’m back… and it really was tough, to a) come home and b) start back at work!

I thought I’d write my first post by saying Happy New Year and hope that you have all had a wonderful start to 2013. I’m very excited to see new followers and hope you keep enjoying the blog in 2013.

This year I plan on posting not only my own style but that of people I know or people that give me inspiration. As well as friend’s favourite pieces and bargains they find. So please don’t hesitate to send me an email about your style!

My highlight from last year would have to be participating in Black Out, trying out something very different. I intend on many more experiments this year. Thanks Mon from Little Miss Mon Bon for that one!

These photos are a few of my favourites from last year (Even though I only really got into blogging late October!)

Sunny Girl Dress Black is backBlack Out  White peplumBlack Out   Aztec Skirt

Thanks for stopping by!

x Kirsty

black out ~ what a week

Black Out

What a week it has been! I’ve really enjoyed banning black from my wardrobe and watching all the other bloggers take on the challenge. Mon from Mon Aime has set the ultimate challenge and what an experiment it was! A big thank you for letting me be apart of the social experiment.

The biggest thing I learnt from this challenge was how much I rely on black and use it as a staple in my wardrobe. I now need not be afraid of colour and embrace the fun of no black. Colour makes you so much happier and is a lot of fun!! The added bonus of this challenge is that it got us ready for summer!

Here is my final outfit I wore yesterday as well as a quick recap of the last seven days.

Black Out

I was wearing:

  • Mink Pink Mint Jumper
  • Bird & Bough Necklace
  • Pants (The only pair of work pants I own and have had for 7 years!)
  • Kmart fun flats (seen here)
  • Sportsgirl earrings
  • Brown Belt (had for years)

I think day one was my most daring outfit, What do you think?!

Thanks for stopping by.

xx Kirst

yellow skirt ~ black out

Black Out

I can’t believe its December. Where has this year gone?! I do love December as it’s my birthday month and even more so this year as we are heading to Japan to go snowboarding over Christmas & New Year!!

I had my first Chrissy catch up yesterday, with three of the girls I’ve grown up with. As well as Black Out I felt like being colourful and put on my yellow skirt which I just love. It’s so flowy and I feel  little “boho” in it.

Black Out

Black Out

Black Out

Black Out

My friends Court & Nat (and special mention to photographer Katie!)

My friends Court & Nat (and special mention to photographer Katie!)

I was wearing:

I have also added some photos below of my weekend outfit with no black, in case you checking! 🙂

Black OutBlack Out

maxi skirt ~ black out

Black Out

I spent far too long last night staring at my wardrobe trying to figure out what I would wear today. (As said before) it’s not through lack of having clothes but ensuring there is no black, nor feeling way out there. In the end I was very happy with what I chose to wear.

I love the skirt I am wearing today, (yes a story is coming!) I found this skirt while shopping with my mum (I’m a bit nasty and don’t let her buy clothes without my approval! Cheeky I know.) It was on sale which is always a plus and was a maxi which I was hanging for.

Now when I say maxi, it is supposed to be a 3/4 length skirt but coz I am short I can pull it off as a maxi! It’s so comfy and I love colours of brown and navy.

Black Out

Black Out

Black Out

I was wearing:

  • Sportsgirl T-shirt (Yes I own three now! Love them to death!!)
  • Vintage Belt (Also seen here)
  • Sussan Brown and Navy Skirt
  • Dotti Wedges
  • Colette Ring
  • Sportsgirl Watch
  • All other jewellery pieces; I’ve had for years

Black Out

grey is not black?! ~ black out

We are expecting 38 degrees today in Geelong (That’s hot!!) so my outfit was based on wanting to feel cool for the day.

We quickly stopped at the beach this morning (2 minutes from our house) as it was the perfect backdrop for today’s outfit. I’ll be heading back there after work for a swim.

Grey was a tough choice for me, but I stand by it. I figure it still passes for Black Out (although a fine line) and I paired it with my Witchery skirt which is super comfy and adds more colour.

I also decided it was time for lipstick and so happy with the way it’s finished the outfit off!

I was wearing:

pastel colours ~ black out

I’ve gone for a much more subtle look today with pink, white and a touch of blue.

I realise I’m missing lipstick! I really need to start wearing it more and give my outfit that extra kick. I guess it’s because Andrew isn’t a huge fan of it, but I think this outfit would have looked much better with a pink lipstick.

I’m even more excited about seeing what the girls at work are wearing today. I’ve inspired them to go brighter, although they agree its difficult to leave black alone!

Check out the other bloggers on Mon’s Blog here to see the other great outfits.

I was wearing:

orange ~ blackout challenge


Last night I was all excited about Black Out, I got to my wardrobe to work out my outfits and then gasped. I didn’t realise how much I relied on black! Seriously, little things I didn’t think of; my tights, leggings, work handbag!

I thought I should dress up a little this morning as I had a corporate breakfast to attend.   I came up with a very bright outfit and felt very good (I even stood out in the crowd!)

It’s pouring rain here in Geelong and so please excuse the poor quality photos, we had to take them inside and very early this morning! Possibly I could have stood outside under an umbrella, I still could I guess, and you’ll be happy to know it’s not black!


I was wearing:

  • Watermelon Decjuba Dress
  • Orange Target Blazer
  • Orange Diva Necklace (I think its quite old!)
  • Wedges (I actually cant remember where they are from but they’ll be going to heaven as I fell in the rain on the way to work after the breakfast 🙁
  • Forever 21 Ring
  • The usual Bali bracelets

black out

Image from Mon Amie Blog

I’m sorry for posting twice in one day but I thought I’d send a post out to tell you about Black Out!

Monique from Mon Amie has set the challenge to a group of bloggers to not wear black for one week.

Mon says on her blog  “Black Out” will be occurring from the 26th November through to the 3rd of December. For one whole week I have challenged a group of bloggers to ban black and embrace the beauty of colour.”

I have accepted the challenge and will be posting photos on the blog as well as through facebook, instagram and twitter.  Check out the hash tags #blackout, #anythingbutblack and #banningblack. Check out her blog to see who else is involved!

So here I go and cant wait to see what everyone comes up with. I’ve even recruited Superficial Sadie’s creator Darcie to join in.