welcome 2017

2017 is here… Can you believe it?!
I certainly can not but am so excited for what the year will hold.

I have many adventures planned and fun things to see and do, which I hope to continue to tell you all about it! Hopefully a little more regularly than of late! I have been slack but it has busy busy busy around here! Sorry for not popping up on your screens a little more, I’ll do better I hope!
I love writing and telling my thoughts on Geelong Fashionista, but time has been running away of late and I’m left wondering, “how did that happen!”

One of my goals for 2017 is to really work on finding the time to write. I want to sharing my thoughts on fashion and style as well as tell you about incredible Geelong events, places and things to do. Especially with a little one, things change and to be able to share with people my thoughts and what I found is something I really want to do.

My biggest goal for 2017 is to work out my beauty regime. To look after my skin and get it to that glowing state where I feel good all the time!
That started with the wonderful present I received for Christmas, Zoe Foster (Blake)’s Amazinger Face
I’m already in love with what it says and only a quarter of the way through!

My style is still evolving and I think will continue to do so this year as I work out my perfect look and really work on my capsule wardrobe.
I spoke to an incredible group of women late last year about returning to the workforce and it really helped me to see what I am so passionate about and sharing my styling tips. Now to share those with you too!

To kick-start 2017 I thought I would look back at some of my favourite looks from 2016 and get inspired to start exciting posts for 2017!

What are you goals for 2017? I’d love to hear them….

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10 best posts of 2014

I cannot believe we are at the end of 2014. How time flies when you’re having fun!

I am really looking forward to 2015 and all the new adventures that will come. That’s not without looking back at the year it has been in 2014 and all the wonderful things that have happened. I’m very lucky to have this blog that I can look back and see some of the wonderful captured moments. I can’t wait to capture more in 2015. I thought I would look back at the year and at my 10 best posts.

  1. The Geelong Cup

I loved this post as not only did I get photos of my outfit but I also took some of the people of Geelong. It has really made me want to go out and photograph the people of Geelong.


  1. Geelong’s Own Macaroon Kids

Taking pictures of my friends children was so much fun. Seeing them be themselves in cute clothes in a fun environment.

Harry & Max

  1. Simple Winters day

Andrew really started to enjoy taking pictures this year and we took much more effort in creating images that were interesting to see.

Country Road

  1. Exploring Bali

Our trip to Bali was fun and relaxing. We explored a lot this trip and got some great imagery to use.


  1. VAMFF Opening Night

I loved going to opening night of VAMFF this year and I even got to talk to some of my fav bloggers which is always a great inspiration!


  1. all I want for Christmas

I love local and really do think it’s important to recognise and support our local talent and shops. I put together a lot of my favourite things and it worked really well. Something I will do  more of in 2015.

PicMonkey Collage

  1. leopard fun in the sun

My holiday to Queensland was so wonderful to see m grandparents and was even better that my talented friend Kiah was able to take photographs and they came up so well!


  1. The most wonderful cape

I was gifted the most incredible cape from Elm Knitwear. It was perfect for summer weather and i got introduced to such an incredible brand!

Elm Knitwear

  1. Once Musical

Getting to go to the opening night of Once Musical was such an incredible opportunity. I love the performance and there is still time if you want to go check it out!

Once Musical

  1. Back to work in monochrome

We had an extreme heat wave in Geelong, I loved it as I love the heat can’t talk for everyone else though! It was fun to work out outfits based on the heat and heading back to work.

BAck to work in Monochrome

Have an amazing 2015 everyone. I’m really looking forward to bringing you lots more on Geelong Fashionista.

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