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This week has been jammed packed and for once it’s been all about Geelong Fashionista which is really exciting. On Tuesday last week I went to a Problogger conference day which was great and I learnt a lot. Especially some great skills in using my camera!

On Friday evening I headed to the advanced screening of Dior and I at Moonlight Cinema’s at the Royal Botanic Gardens. A wonderful eye-opening look into the world of couture; looking at a huge fashion house with Christian Dior still looking over the stunning designs.

Saturday morning saw Natalie from Interlaced Media, organise a brunch with a group of 25 bloggers It was wonderful to network and talk to similar minded people. We talked and of course the cameras were out snapping the details of the morning finishing with a massive photo session with cars stopping and people looking as we tried to get the best shots.

Of course the fashion was wonderful with everyone bringing their style to brunch and making some really fun statements. I was sure to snap away and show their everyday style. It was wonderful to meet so many people I have been following and admiring on their journey’s. It’s so reassuring to know everyone is so down to earth! It was also nice to meet people I’d never meet before and discover their blogs!

Bianca Melbourne and IMati, Tapi, RehanRaquel and RaffThe 3000 ChapterLeila Bianca and Linaripped jeans and bootsFashion SocietyNat, this kind heart, Leila and Tanaka

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5 favourite fashion blogger looks #1

I read a lot of blogs. I read them because I enjoy them and they give me inspiration. I don’t like to copy but I love to see what is out there so I too take risks and get inspired by pieces here or there.

I thought a great idea for Geelong Fashionista would be to do a recap of styles I have found from other fashion bloggers and show you my audience my favourite looks. Either to introduce you to these amazing bloggers or give inspiration to outfits for your everyday needs!

Today I bring you my 5 favourite looks from the year so far… For more go check out these ladies blogs.

1. Friend in Fashion

Jasmin rocks this white lace dress over her one piece. Perfect for a summer day.

Friend in Fashion

2. Tuula Vintage

Jessica looks perfect for a summer day in this stunning striped dress. Plus with my obsession for hats I couldn’t go past her boater hat! I think it’s the next must on my hat list!


3. Hello Fashion

Although we are in the heart of summer (not that you would think so today!) I still love seeing what the other side of the world is doing and get inspired for the colder months ahead. Christine looks amazing this long cardigan and of course a hat; perfect in any season!

Hello Fashion

4. Oracle Fox 

Amanda has summer styling to perfection in this black dress. Although not something I would wear to the beach I love her images and she rocks the minimal style!

Oracle Fox

5. Sincerely Jules 

Jules has her casual wardrobe down to an art. A big cardi, a big scarf and a big bag, perfect for a day of winter shopping.  So simple yet looks so great!

Sincerely Jules

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All these images taken from the bloggers sites as per links above. 

when old becomes new

sport luxe

I have had this skirt for 10 years! A long time… I remember buying it to wear to a formal function and have somehow kept hold of it in my wardrobe for the last ten years! It has come back in vogue and I never thought I’d get to the age when I could say “I use to have that”. It’s amazing when old becomes new again.

It’s been happening a lot of late! My cousin pulled out a choker the other day and it reminded me of my spice girl days. A great article about them is by Daring Coco, go check her out!

This skirt makes me want to spin around all day. In fact when I had it on yesterday I found every reason to do a big twirl and dance around in this flowy skirt! The material is so lovely and I just love how comfy it is..  After ten years I do have to admit  the skirt has got tighter as things have got a little bigger 😉 but it still works and can make me feel like dancing the night away.

Have you got any items in your wardrobes that you have had for over a decade?



Betts Shoes

10 years

I was wearing:

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