i’m not a shirt person

Good Morning

I’m not a shirt person (normally!) There is something about collars that annoy me. I don’t know what it is but I prefer either collarless or just skip the shirt altogether. Same goes for turtle necks. I don’t do these at all and don’t own any. They make me feel trapped or something, yet I love a good scarf.

I do own a chambray shirt and on this particular day decided to wear it and try out preppy style. I’ve seen a few people out and about of late with variations of this style and thought I’d put my own stamp and twist on the style, making it more “Kirsty”.

I love the way this outfit worked out and think maybe I should be a shirt person. Perhaps I should consider buying more and working them in with my outfits, this worked well and the collar didn’t feel like it was suffocating me. I even added a scarf for some warmth in the morning.

I had fun taking these photos and started dancing around which Andrew captured well! The sun was rising over beautiful Geelong and makes you smile at how lucky we are to live in this place!

What do you think of my style?



Leopard shoes

Geelong Fashionista

Good Morning


blue scarf



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chambray shirt, leather and a bodycon skirt

Witchery skirt

Spring is coming and it is so exciting to not have to rug up so much!

This was a work outfit which I wore this week embracing the warmer weather, it was a beautiful sunrise too!

I hope everyone is excited for Spring?

Dotti shirt

chambray shirt


Kmart heels

I was wearing

  • chambray shirt from Dotti
  • black bodycon skirt from Witchery
  • black kitten heels from Kmart

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denim and (p)leather

Kirsty full length

This outfit was put together after seeing a girl on TV. I loved her look and wanted to create something similar, not the same by any means but something with my own style. 

I have also noticed quite a few fellow bloggers with similar looks as well. Chambray shirts, leather (ok it’s pleather) 🙂 skirt, neon colours and studs on shoes! That’s a whole lot of trends right there!

What do you think?

Colette Necklace

Back view

Dotti heels

Colette arm candy

Valley Girl skirt

I was wearing:

  • Dotti chambray shirt (similar here)
  • Black pleather skirt from Valley Girl
  • Black studded heels from Dotti
  • Neon necklace, earrings and bracelets from Colette
  • Wristbands & watch from Sportsgirl

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x Kirsty