mustard legs

Zu boots

I wore this outfit over the weekend, and felt like wearing something I wouldn’t normally.
Not sure if it worked but I felt good and it was fun to wear something a bit different.
What do you think of my mustard legs?

Forever 21 beanie


Sussan tights


I was wearing


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Dotti chambray shirt

may flashback

Well it’s official… winter is here!!

I would like cold weather if we had snow, but instead we have icy wind! Hopefully it wont be too bad, and I’ll just think of the fashion!

Here is a recap of my outfits. Which one was your favourite for May? 


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Superficial Sadie Necklace

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march flashback

April… How did you get here so quick?

I guess it really was a busy March.

Here is a recap of my outfits. Which one was your favourite for March?

I’m excited for April as I’ve promised to spend some more TLC on this blog and really develop it. I even have a giveaway coming up!

Have a great week.
x Kirsty


floral… again

Floral Dress

Warning!! This is a repeat outfit, I did only recently post this dress. 🙂

What’s a girl to do though..?! I’m not rich and famous enough yet (ha ha) to stop the repeat wardrobe, and I felt good and changed a few things about the outfit, and decided it was ok for me to post new photos.

I was off to a first birthday party and felt this covered style and practical all into one.

I’ve finally had a hair cut too which is great and have my fringe back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

back of the dress

Kirsty standing


floral dress

close up

looking down

I was wearing:

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gold sparkle dress

gold sparkle dress

For my birthday back in December Andrew bought me tickets to the Red Bull Flying Bach. It was in Melbourne at the Arts Centre and I was blown away! It was amazing and I loved every bit. The dancing was sensational and left me wanting more.

I felt like dressing up for the occasion and finally wore my gold sparkle dress that had been in the wardrobe for way to long!

Although I didn’t take many photos I loved wearing my dress! What do you think?

Kirsty in Carlton

Princess Polly dress

At the Arts Centre

I was wearing:

Gold Sparkle

feather singlet

bright sunshine

We are having a long weekend at the moment so it’s great knowing there is no work Monday. I’ve spent the last couple of days working on the house as well as going for swims at the beach as we are having a heat wave. We are up to 9 days of temperatures over 30! Loving every bit of the beautiful weather though!

I was wondering whether or not to post this outfit as it was one I was just wearing around the house on a Sunday afternoon. But I figure it was worth a quick post as it is about the outfit I have on.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Kirsty possing

feather singlet

Kirsty standing

feather top

I was wearing

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floral skirt and a white tee

floral skirt

It was another beautiful morning today, with the sky looked magic; not that my photos have done it any justice! I think it’s time to invest in a good SLR camera. (that and more time to take pictures!)

This outfit needed to cater for work (it is casual Friday today) and drinks after work; so I wanted to feel more dressy for that but still work appropriate. I’m now debating whether I stick to these red kitten heel shoes or change to heels for later…

Do you think it works?!

  Floral Skirt

Looking at Sunrise

White tee and red necklace

Red Shoes

Dotti peplum skirt

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I know I will as we have a long one here in Victoria! Although I do have a big event next week, so hopefully I can enjoy it!

I was wearing:

  • Sportsgirl white tee
  • Floral peplum skirt from Dottired kitten heel shoes from Wittner (they are quite old)
  • Red necklace, an oldie from Diva
  • Brown bag from Sportsgirl

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x Kirsty

Floral skirt

black and mint

black dress 2

We are having the most amazing start to March weather-wise. It’s going to be over 30 for 9 days straight! What a brilliant way to welcome Autumn!

We went via the beach this morning on the way to work, and I decided it was a great chance to grab some photos. Not only of me but the beautiful place we live in, Ocean Grove!

For those Australians out there too, Geelong has been named more livable than Melbourne, according to the news last night! Just proof why I love it! (Knowing Melbourne is only 60 minutes up the highway!)

I’ve added some more shoes to the shoe page too, so make sure you check them out! I’m slowly unpacking all of them now as we have our wardrobes finished! It’s amazing how quickly you forget some of the shoes you own (for me anyway!). What I do love about them is that every shoe I own has a story and how they came to be apart of my collection!

Mint small heeled Tony Bianco ‘Pazz’ Shoes – I had been eyeing off for ages, then all of a sudden they went on sale and I decided that was a sign! It was around my birthday last year so figured they were a birthday present to myself.  

Kirsty Sitting

Superficial Sadie Necklace

black dress

mint heels from Tony Bianco

Looking out to sea

I was wearing:

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The view

february flashback

February has been a busy month! Not only with work (my first event  is now done!), but with life in general. It also means summer has ended. 🙁 I hope the good weather will still stick around for another couple of weeks though, and then I’ll welcome winter clothes!

We have had so much on over the weekends, and working away with the house. I’m surprised I didn’t take more outfit photos.

I still want to include shots of others on here too, but I guess once March is over I’ll put some more TLC into this blog.

Which outfit was your favourite in February?

floral blazer

floral jacket

Last night was my first major event of the year, The Gordon Awards for Excellence, and it was a fantastic evening!

Everything ran smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves, so as the event manager I was extremely happy.

I like to look and feel great at these events, so I even went and got my hair done!

I borrowed my mum’s jacket which I love and paired it with a LBD. I wanted to pop, so paired it with my orange heels.
The photos aren’t ideal, but I got Gemma to take a quick few snaps as I ran around making sure everything was as it should be.
In the image below, you can’t really see me but the venue view is so beautiful I wanted to show the background,!

The view at The Pier

floral jacket

floral jacket

Floral jacket


I was wearing:

Nitch Photography Photo