floral in spring… ground breaking

Florals in Spring…. ground breaking 
Floral Lami Saru

This is the week… The week I head back to work. I can not believe how quickly that has gone and how much I have gone on about it. (Sorry everyone)

On the positive side of things I’m looking forward to the adult conversations, wearing more of my wardrobe and getting into more of a routine.
I have so many clothes for work and it seems like such a shame not to wear, so I am pleased I get to wear them more.

Speaking of beautiful things to wear, how amazing is this floral dress. A beautiful floral number with pink undertones. I wanted to pick up on this and match the bright pink headpiece with pink pumps .

Add the Ocean Grove Main Street background and it makes for a great photo.

Every time I wear floral I think of Miranda Priestly from The Devil wears Prada; “floral in spring… groundbreaking”. It works for as such a beautiful spring look.

This particular outfit would be perfect for Oaks Day. Beautiful tones, shape and so feminine. Plus felt so good to wear.

Close Up
Floral Dress
Ocean Grove

I was wearing:

  • dress borrowed from Lami Saru – this is Cooper St
  • headpiece borrowed from Lami Saru – this is Olga Berg
  • shoes are from Wittner

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you can leave your hat on

You can leave your hat on
 Fate Dress

Sometimes simple is all that is required. A straw hat, a pretty dress and some black heels.

I saw this dress, thought it was very pretty; and the moment I put it on I feel in love. I loved the way it felt on me and how incredible the cut and design was. Not to mention the colour.
I paired it with a simple boater hat, some black heels and the  look was complete.

This is the look I would like to wear to The Geelong Cup (our own race day; generally with a good insight into the winner of the Melbourne Cup!).
The look is simple yet elegant. I love a boater hat and it still works so well for spring racing as well as everyday wear.
The colour is so pretty and really works for this time of year.

There is usually a lot of press around the Geelong Cup in terms of the type of people who head to “country racing”.  I feel the people who dress well and behave well are overlooked and therefore get missed when a recap is done.
We have incredible boutiques that stock beautiful clothes and they need to be seen, in particular on days like this when we showcase off our beautiful city.

My only catch to attending the Geelong Cup will be that I would have only been back at work for a week… Is it a bit cheeky to ask for the day off? Some businesses get the day off work, but my workplace elects Melbourne Cup instead.  How I would love to show you images of the people who attend and some of the beautiful outfits.

Fate Dress
dress love

I was wearing

  • dress borrowed from Lami Saru boutique
  • hat from Feather and Noise
  • shoes are oldies but goodies!

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october… spring racing is here

Butterfly Fascinator

I can not believe October is here! How did that happen? One minute ago I had a new-born baby next minute she is almost one!!
It means going back to work is nearing.. 11 days!! Plus to be honest Christmas is just around the corner! How did that happen??

I do love this time of year, with October bringing so much fun!
Daylight savings begins; (love me some extra daylight)
The weather starts to warm up (here hoping it does soon anyway);
Lots of fun events arise;
But most of all Spring Racing starts!

Spring racing brings many beautiful dresses, stylish yet comfortable shoes and the most incredible head wear. I LOVE hats, fascinators and anything that makes an outfit pop.
Discovering local incredible Geelong talent is a big love of mine, and I loved it when I stumbled upon Meg Fay Makes.
Together with amazing dresses from my local boutique Lami Saru in Ocean Grove, I have put together some really fun spring racing looks.

I didn’t go to spring racing last year as I was heavily pregnant and felt it would all be a bit much, I did some fun photos with my friends though, which you can go back and check!  This year it’s fun that I can get back into dresses and really play around with looks.

My first look worked better than I had hoped. I loved the beautiful floral dress and to complement it with the incredible butterfly headpiece worked a treat for me. It screamed spring and with the beautiful color palette of pink, white and mint I loved how this look came together.  I’m all for comfort on your feet as well (can’t be taking shoes off) and these pink pumps are like slippers!

Meg Fay Makes
Mint and Blue
Ocean Grove

I was wearing:

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derby day 2015


I couldn’t get to Derby Day this year but I did have my friends go as well as watched on TV to see the fashions that were about!

There is something about black and white that I love and the way people interpret their designs on the day. Its classic, sophisticated and elegant and I think that is what was seen yesterday track-side. I loved so much and was blown away by all the different looks.

Hopefully next year I’ll get there and will take my own images of the styles I love but for now here are some of my favourites as well as my friends that I have come across or been sent. (credits below!) Beside the images I have  below; I love the recap Jess from What would Karl Do writes each year with amazing images by Karen Woo and I highly recommend going and having a look at her posts!

Ashley Hart
Kate Waterhouse
Lindy Klim
Jen Hawkins
Kate Richie Emma Freeman Kate Peck Rachel FinchThe girls

I loved that the winner of Fashions on the Field was from Geelong! Her mum is an incredible milliner (Moore Millinery Designs)  and I was lucky enough to see Courtney and her sisters at the Geelong Cup last year and capture some images. It was only a matter of time before these ladies would take out the ultimate prize and I do love the use of material that has been used.

Courtney Moore

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Images taken from Honey, The Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald  and What would Karl Do 2014

spring racing lookbook #3

Paige, Nic and Ami

This is my last post giving inspiration for the spring racing carnival this season. It really was so much fun putting together outfits and getting the girls to try some different styles.

Stakes day to me is the racing day in which you can take risks and be a bit different in your looks! With culottes been a huge trend, clashing prints and colours and trying something different is what inspired these outfits .

I love showing people something different and to have a rethink about what they have in their wardrobes! Again I’m all about buying the odd thing here or there but great if you can use outfits you already own in different ways, then reuse and save for other fun purchases! I also believe you don’t have to spend a fortune on looks that you can mix cheaper things with more expensive or make sure again you have the confidence to pull off the outfit you have on.

Nicole is a great example of pulling off this fun look. We experimented a lot with the outfit and I love how it all came together. Not something I would think normally but it worked and I must say it’s one of my favourites throughout these  spring racing looks.

Fun outfits
Paige wore:

Ami wore:

Nicole wore:

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spring racing lookbook #2

Bright and Colourful

I love seeing lots of bright colours at Melbourne Cup and throughout the spring racing carnival (beside Derby Day of course!)

While taking photos the other day I got my beautiful models to wear bright colourful outfits that would work perfectly for Melbourne Cup; even some of the other days as well! I am a big believer in length and sophistication at the races while also bringing fun and great outfits. Meaning if you wear something short than it’s modest up top, or if a little revealing up top then longer in length, showing class and elegance. I love big hats and really fun head wear and been very traditional, while having your own spin on your style of course!

I love the use of pattern and clashing prints, but the biggest thing is feeling good in what you are wearing and confident in what you have on.
That would be my biggest advice as we approach the major races days; make sure you feel good in what you have on and the rest will come together.

What do you think works best for the Melbourne Cup? Are you someone who loves colour and making a splash?

Melbourne Cup
Walking Girls

Nicole wore:

Paige wore:

Ami wore:

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spring racing lookbook #1

Derby Day

Spring Racing is upon us and I love this time of year to see all the amazing outfits that are put together.

With the Caulfield Cup just gone on Saturday and the Geelong Cup (for us locals! 😉 ) on this Wednesday I called upon three of my girlfriends to help me put together some great ideas for what you could wear to the spring races this season.

I love the races and putting together outfits. I think a big part of that is the fact I enjoy wearing hats and facinators and playing with fun looks, trying something different. This year at 37 weeks pregnant it’s not going to happen so thought I would give you my ideas of what you could wear instead of me showing “what I wore”

These looks are all inspired by Derby Day and looking at the traditional black and white trend. I’m a big believer in sticking to race dress codes and Derby day is the day you wear black and white and so stay true to the day for these looks.
Derby Day Inspo
Black and White

Ami wore:

Nicole wore:

Paige wore:

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Country Road


fashioin gone rouge



St Frock Skirt



sport luxe




bring on summer



help from my friends



black and white

Bardot Skirt

Fashion gone rouge2



Melissa and Nicole


Life seems to fly by quicker and quicker each day. We are already in November in 2014 and it feels like we were about to start the year.

I have a special birthday coming up and as it approaches (quicker and quicker) I realise how fast this thing we call life goes. I have no regrets and only excitement for what the coming years will bring but still can’t believe how quick this last decade has gone!

As I appreciate and try to embrace this birthday I realise maybe we are all here for different reasons with different purposes. This blog has been by release and has meant more to me than I thought over the last two years I have written it. Geelong Fashionista found its voice this time two years ago and what a journey it has been. I cant wait to continue to grow and hopefully maintain you as wonderful readers to follow my journey into the next tick box of my life!

Happy blogaversay to this blog, Geelong Fashionista of mine and I hope you continue to follow along too.

Aztec Skirt

From my first post!! Nov 2012

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Photos were sourced from Fashiion Gone Rouge, and my own

the geelong cup

St Frock Skirt

At the last-minute I decided to attend the 2014 Geelong Cup. It is our big local race event but it wasn’t until I got offered a ticket did I think I would go. 😉

Then came the challenge, trying to put together an outfit and of course I needed a matching fascinator to go with the look! I had brought this beautiful skirt from St Frock not that long ago (I feel in love when I saw it) and thought this was the perfect event to debut the stunning skirt. I decided I needed a headpiece needed to match and that’s when the fun began. With one full day before the cup to go I messaged a local Geelong milliner, Lalka who I come across through Instagram. I wrote a plea saying sorry it was last-minute but did she have anything in blue to match my beautiful skirt. Not only did Lisa say she would help, she custom-made me a design one day before the event! And I loved it!! I couldn’t have asked for a more stunning fascinator and I highly recommend having a look at her pieces especially if you are needing something for the big Melbourne events. Find her Facebook page here 

I even had to go buy my top on the day! I have already had several comments on my cami and I knew exactly what I wanted as I already have one in black! It’s from Bardot and is a great shape and fit. Perfect for any age!

The main reason I wanted to go along to the Geelong Cup was to see the fashion. As my local town I wanted to show of some of the incredible pieces to you my readers! I took photos of some of the inspiring outfits on the day, and you’ll find them below.

Lalka Fascinator



Geelong Fashionista

I was wearing:

Fashions on the Field

The Moore Sisters

These four sisters were so lovely and I loved their outfits. Their head wear is what caught my attention and I asked where they found such incredible pieces. Turns our their mum is an incredible Geelong milliner and made them all. Find Moore Millinery Designs on facebook here. Bronwyn, Andrea, Courtney and Shandell all look amazing! Two of them (Andrea and Courtney ) won places (1st and 3rd) in Fashions on the Field.

Moore Sisters

Moore Millinery

Bree Laughlin

Bree was from Country Racing and was doing  fashion blogger commentary for Country Racing Fashion Blogger. Her dress is from Cue, shoes from Witchery and her headwear which caught my attention was Jack and Jill Millinery.

Bree Laughlin

Dearne Bell

Dearne was in the marquee that I was in and what caught my attention was her incredible fascniator made from feathers. I should have taken the photo outside the marquee to capture the real beauty of the feathers but she looked fantastic! I asked her about her outfit and she was a great example of finding great products at chain stores and putting them all together to look fab!

Dearne Bell

Karen Mason

Karen is from BayFM (Geelong Local Radio) and was dressed by one of the fashion students from The Gordon. She looked wonderful and again made it to the final of Fashions on the Field in this beautiful dress. Karen and Hayden both looked great. Hayden too made it through to the men’s final of fashions on the field!

Karen M

Karen and Hayden

Kimberley Riddett

It was Kimberley’s fascinator that caught my attention. A beautiful piece with great colours and so well constructed!

Kimberley Riddett

Jessie McInnes 

I had meet Jessie before as she has just finished as a fashion student at The Gordon. She designed and created her outfit and even made it through to the final in Fashions on the Field!

Jessie McInnes

Although only a few beautiful ladies above there was some class this year about the races which is great to see as Geelong can cop a lot of slack about our fashion!

I am really looking forward to bringing you more of what Geelong is all about in upcoming posts!

Geelong Addy

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warm up winter with magic metallics and vibrant pieces by rebecca thompson!

For this amazing post about local Melbourne designer Rebecca Thompson I got help from the beautiful Emmaleine Savio. Check out her Instagram!

Make sure you check out the competition below too!

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Attention to all fashionistas, Rebecca Thompson’s Autumn/Winter 2014 Journey collection is HERE!

We are just in LOVE with RT’s style this Winter. Looking at her latest catalogue, it’s all about the luscious fabrics, delicate hand embroidery and vibrant colours.

Royale Keyhole Dress (1)

Since launching in June 2000, Rebecca Thompson has become one of Australia’s premier luxury fashion labels with an eccentric cultural twist.

“The Journey collection is inspired by the artisans in India, where I make all of my garments with my Indian family.”

Pulkari Jacket

RT combines emerging trends with objects or emotions that are truly inspiring. Simple things like gift-wrapping and fabric swatches, even her Nanna’s box of old-school wallpapers have focused as a central point of her eclectic pattern work and design.

Oh My longer Length Dress

RT’s new e-boutique offers a gorgeous mix of signature relaxed separates and unique dresses for every season. The Journey collection sets the trend with a variety of garments that are complementary to your figure, not bulky and hard to wear during the colder season.

Georgette Jaquard Top

So ladies, it’s time to liven up what we would traditionally call a ‘hibernation’ period – the first step is to ditch those stereotypically boring, dull and dreary winter shades and head online or into your nearest Rebecca Thompson store!

So Much Embroidery Dress

All styles featured within this article can be found at – https://www.rebeccathompson.com.au/

Everyone loves to win prizes right?
For your chance to go into the draw to win this beautiful Rebecca Thompson ombre scarf (valued at $110), simply follow @gfashionista @rtfrocks on instagram, and tag a photo of your favorite winter look! Competition closes at 5pm on Friday 13 June 2014! Gotta be in it to win it!


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