rottnest island

Rottnest Isand

When looking at what to do in Perth, I was overwhelmed with the amount of people who said go to Rottnest Island.

We stayed with friends while in Perth and they too hadn’t made the trek across the water to check out the island.

We saw showers were forecast for the morning, but thought we’d still take the ferry ride. Note to self: always check the island’s weather forecast! It poured rain for pretty much the entire day!

We had hired bikes to explore the islands and figured we would still keep up the plan. Brooke and I went and found some rain ponchos and decided to give it a go and still ride around and embrace the rain as there was no sign of the rain easing. Through the rain it was still beautiful and I can see what everyone raves about this tourist attraction.

With the sun shining briefly we did get to stop and take a few shots and capture the island.

My hair was drenched, make-up washed away but it was a great day all the same. Might have to come back in the summertime.

Rottnest Island

Baby bump






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stripes, stripes stripes

baby bump

I’ve reached the point where I need a few more maternity clothes. I can no longer wear the few things in my wardrobe that are starting to feel like a uniform! (I like options!)

So today I went for a quick browse in my lunch break to see what was at the local shops and anything that seemed appealing (stretchy). It was all stripes… Stripe tops, stripe dresses, stripes stripes stripes. Have I missed a memo or is this the only stretchy fabric around? I was on the hunt for some cute dresses and I am happy to wear stripes but I guess I just needed some more options… 

I went into about 5 different shops (I shopped quickly too) but everything that could work to grow with the bump was stripes and I started to think people would question me if I continued to only wear them. I swear my office must currently think I only own five outfits, however not everything I own is stripes…yet! I do love a strip and I’m not unhappy about it, but couldn’t believe what I found… I actually have an amazing purple stripe dress I cant wait to show you on my next post. I decided to show you some of the options I found below. 

I also wanted to ask you all a question… Where have people bought their maternity clothes? Without spending a lot of money (I’m all for a few pieces that are expensive but I’m currently looking for basics..)

Have you too noticed all the stripes around??

SupreCotton On - Lexisupre - maxi

Supre / Cotton On / Supre

ASOS.1  Forever New

Asos/ Forever New



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pink jeans with leopard print and a hat

 Zu Shoes

 This is what I wore for casual Friday, after reading Rachel’s Lookbook the other day about jeans on to work, I decided jeans were fine to wear to work! I had to pair the look with my black hat as I’m in love with it at the moment, and I finally get to wear it in this weather!

I wanted to put fun socks in the gaps of my boots for something different. I think the sparkles worked with the sparkles in my jumper.

sparkle socks

As much as I love the colour of these jeans they aren’t the best quality. They stretch really quickly and look baggy, and you can really tell in these photos. Don’t you hate when a pair of jeans stretch way to much as soon as you put them on? 

Witchery Hat

Mink Pink jumper

Superficial Sadie

Cotton On Jeans

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Coloured Jeans

 I’ve been hunting for a good white tee of late and finally found what I was after, (also a great price) at Sportsgirl during the week. I decided it would be the perfect casual Friday outfit with my coloured jeans. I had a meeting during the day, so decided my white blazer would be the perfect match to dress me up a little. I also had to do a tour so flat shoes were a must.

I really want to tell you about my necklace though. It’s from Superficial Sadie, I recommend you all go and check out her stuff. I have the privilege of working with Darcie and getting to see all her creations first hand. You can find Superficial Sadie on Etsy, Facebook, or those that are in Geelong; she will be at the next Piccadilly Market on Sunday. Her jewellery is so bright and fun and really makes an outfit. I have several of her pieces and always giving them to people for their birthdays. I’m sure you’ll see lots more Superficial Sadie on future blogs.

Hope everyone had a terrific weekend.

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