5 weeks in


It’s been 5 weeks since an added addition came into my life. I am loving this new adventure but have learnt time does change and things don’t always go according to plan.

I had all these plans for blogging and getting Geelong Fashionista exactly where I wanted it to go but I think I am going to have to give myself some more time. It’s an adjusting process and still trying to get into the groove of life with a beautiful little girl.


I have been staying up to date on instagram and if you don’t already you can come follow along and see what I have been up to at @gfashionista.

I have been playing along with Fox in Flats for her annual #DAREcemeber, a style challenge which is a lot of fun. Each day trying a new style and I personally think is great to help me choose what to wear each day. Speaking of what to wear, now that i have a baby the problem has got worse as I have to now decide what not only I am wearing but what she will wear for the day. She has great clothes as she has been so spoilt and had beautiful hand-me-downs too which are so much fun to get her all dressed up in.

Below are some of the dares we have had this month so far, and it’s not to late to join in!

Style dare – Stripes

Style dare – Buns Hun

Style dare – Tuck ‘n’ Roll
Tuck 'n' Roll
Style dare – Arm Candy
Arm Candy
Style Dare – Brights


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darecember week two

My thoughts and prayers have gone out to Sydney in the last 24 hours. Lets unite and remember the two people who lost their lives. # lovenothate #illridewithyou

I had this post ready to go and decided to post anyway but do make sure you tell the people close how much you love them and think of Sydney today!


DAREcember Week Two

Darecember week two

Fox in Flat style dares known this month as #DAREcember is now halfway. Here is my recap of  week two.

1. Day 8 was in the wild

For this dare I went with combining leopard print in my shoes and bag with a simple outfit. These shoes were the best bargain ever and I get comments all the time; they are from Kmart.
You can get similar here and here 

in the wild

2. Day 9 was all black

I generally like to wear a bit of colour in an outfit but there is something about all black that can look striking! You seem to agree with my Instagram photo getting lots of love!
Skirt from Bardot, jumper from Zara, blazer from Sportsgirl (similar here) and shoes from Wittner (currently on sale!!).

all black

3. Day 10 was pinned on

I found a brooch I brought in Tasmania quite a few years ago now. I added it to my bag as I didn’t want to put a mark in my Mister Zimi dress!
The bag is oldie from Sportsgirl (similar here) and the belt is an old one from Bardot (similar here)

pinned on

4. Day 11 was his

While I didn’t wear anything of Andrew’s I was inspired to wear my big shirt but tied up at the front to give some detail.
Shirt is from Dotti (similar here), skirt witchery and boots from Wittner 


5. Day 12 was brightest

I always feel bright in pink! Love this Country Road top! Similar here and here 


6. Day 13 was killer heels

We had a wedding and it was a beautiful one at that, check out the pics at #jonandfibythesea!
I was always going to wear killer heels and helped I had somewhere to go!
These were actually a vintage pair my friend had in her wardrobe.

killer heels

7. Day 14 was bare back 

After a really big weekend I put on a relaxing top to take a moment to sit down. I then realized it was the perfect top for the my dare. I added the necklace for some detail. Andrew did a great job capturing this photo.

bare back

There is still time to join in for Darecember! Go check it out and please tag me if you decide to join in on the dares!

What is your favourite dare of the past week?

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darecember week one

DAREcember week one

I’m doing it again… the Fox in Flat style dares know this month as #DAREcember. Go check out the official page!

I love getting inspiration for what outfit I will wear and the community that evolves is so welcoming! Everyone supporting what you are wearing and gives great feedback.

The first week has been good fun and I have put a small recap of darecember week one together

1. Day 1 was stacked up

I used this day to wear a stack of bracelets I brought in Bali one year and love the way they look with my Michel Herbelin Watch!

Stacked up

2. Day 2 was braided

While I can’t really braid I had a go. I was actually very surprised at how it looked…


3. Day 3 was too the max

This one is a little cheeky as yes this is a midi skirt BUT I had an important corporate event at work and couldn’t pull off my casual maxi.

Both the skirt and top are from Bardot.  My heels are from Kmart.

Too the max

4. Day 4 was orange kisses

I love this BYS Lip Tar. Orange is a colour I love wearing.

orange kisses

5. Day 5 was double denim

I missed this one… I was away in Sydney and didn’t want to tell lies with what I was wearing!

6. Day 6 was gold

I accessorized my outfit with all gold bling.

The necklace is from Decjuba and ring from Lovisa.


7. Day 7 was beachy

I was dreaming of the beach as the weather was 16 and rain in Geelong. #isn’t it summer?!


There is still plenty of time to join in! So go check it out and please tag me if you decide to join in on the dares!

More to come next week!

What is your favourite dare of the past week?

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