9 of my favourite logie looks

Logies 2016

The annual Australian logies were on last night and I enjoyed watching the red carpet as always!

There were so many stunning dresses and there seemed to be a lot of skin shown! Some I liked, some not so much, and this year there seemed to be a lot of black and white.

The coverage this year seemed to show more outfits this year, rather than just the same ones, however I still believe they need to show even more to the public.

Here are my 9 favourite looks from last night and like last year I seem to have similar favourites again, Bec, Livinia and Carrie all there again.

  1. Bec Judd
    Another stunning J’aton creation! I love my what they create and Bec always looks so radiant. Especially with twin boys on board this year!
  2. Carrie Bickmore
    Carrie again looked divine in this stunning black dress. Showing the right amount of sexy and sophistication!
    Carrie Bickmore
  3.  Jessica Marais
    Jessica wore J’Aton as well and why wouldn’t it be another stunning dress! 
    Jessica Maris
  4. Livina Nixon
    One of my favourite style icons! She dresses so elegantly all the time, always classic with a bit of fun! 
    2016 Logie Awards - Arrivals
  5. Jesinta Campbell
    Although she is showing a lot! I just cant go past this! I love and think the risk paid off! 
  6. Pia Miller
    Again showing off skin, but just the right amount and looking very elegant!
    Pia Miller
  7. Emma Freeman
    Simple in white, but I love the bow.
    Emma Freeman
  8. Leila McKinnon
    White and bright, and simple. I think she looks amazing! 
  9. Melissa Doyle
    I loved the neckline of this dress and Melissa kept it simple making for a beautiful look on her!
    Melissa Doyle

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Photos take from News.com.au

9 top looks from the logies

9 top logie looks

It’s Australia’s night of nights… The annual logies, celebrating Australian television.

I love the fashion and seeing what everyone has on and this year I loved the colours!!

The thing that really annoys me about the coverage of the TV Logies is that out of the 250+  women that attend they seem to always show the same 10 women and not the other 240+ beautifully dressed ladies!! To really see what everyone is wearing you have to hope the websites post other amazing dressed women.

1. Bec Judd

The colour, the style, the material; Bec Judd looked amazing!! I loved this dress and love what amazing creations J’aton create!

Bec Judd

2. Carrie Bickmore

Winner of the Gold Logie (the ultimate prize for those non-Australians) and a winner on the red carpet. I loved the design of Carrie’s dress and the soft blue colour. Who would believe she only gave birth 6 weeks ago!!!

Carrie Bickmore

3. Livina Nixon

I have a real soft spot for Livina. I think she always looks so elegant and sophisticated. The colour of this gown is beautiful and I love the way it sits on her.

Livinia Nixon

4. Jennifer Hawkins

Always stopping a crowd and looking a million dollars Jenn does it again! Simple in black but looks just right!

Jennifer Hawkins

5. Anna Bamford

Anna is a favourite character of mine in an Aussie drama and I loved her gown. Cut outs and sheer in just the right places giving a sexy yet elegant vibe! Simple hair and make up the perfect pair!

Anna Bamford

6. Jacinta Campbell

While I have seen Jacinta in amazing outfits, I still liked this one. I think she could wear a sack and still look good though! Nice to see some colour and stick away from the plunging necklines like the other young ladies.

Jacinta Campbell

7. Melanie Vallejo

I loved the colour of Melanie’s dress. Simple but showed off her amazing figure!

Melanie Vallejo

8. Cheyenne Tozzi

I love a bit of drama to the red carpet and loved the sleeves on Cheyenne’s dress. The back was completely cut away as well which was a great feature. You can tell she is a wonderful model!

Cheyenne Tozzi

9.  Erika Heynatz

This outfit wasn’t shown in many places, (again goes with the rant I had at the beginning) but I like that it is different and not like everyone else! The sequins detail and a different colour are what did it for me.

Ericka Heynatz

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9 top looks from the oscars

9 top looks from the oscars

It’s the night of night… The one were Hollywood shines and we all wait to see who wins those gold statues… Or for some (me) seeing what your favourite star will wear! The Oscars!

I like elegance and sophistication and if you can pull off something different keeping your elegance then it’s a big win for me.

I thought the standard this year was amazing and so many of the actress looked incredible. I did pick 9 of my favourite looks from the oscars but it was very tough just picking 9!

1. Reece Witherspoon 

I love this white gown with black accents! Her simple make-up and hair are perfect with this understated yet elegant gown!

Reece Witherspoon

2. Gwyneth Paltrow

I don’t know if it’s my latest love for pale pink or the stunning silhouette or just Gwyneth;  I adore this look. She looks beautiful.

Gwyneth Paltrow

3. Margot Robbie

I remember Margot from Neighbors and how far has she gone; taking Hollywood by storm! This black dress is stunning and I love her necklace. With bright red lips it’s a wonderful look!

Mragot Robbie

4. Emma Stone

I look at Emma’s dress and think what an incredible job the designers did. They would have beaded for hours!! I was unsure of the colour at first but think Emma looks amazing!

Emma Stone

5. Naomi Watts

I really like the cut and style of Naomi’s dress. Silver and black works so well and I love the tone of her lipstick making it a really stylish fun look!

Naomi Watts

6. Dakota Johnson

I love the colour of Dakota’s dress. The knot is a great detail and I love the shape.

Dakota Johnson

7. Zoe Saldana

Pale pink again… I have an obsession! Although a structured dress, I love that is so different from the others. The ruffle detail is a beautiful detail of on Zoe’s figure.

Zoe Saldana

8. Sienna Miller

Bows, lace, texture… although so many elements I feel they work so well together. Sienna looks rock-star glam in this black gown helped by her smoky eyes and slicked back hair. Sienna Miller

9. Cate Blanchett

I love Cate’s style. I find her so elegant and regal almost! I really like how she has added the colour with her necklace and simple natural looking make-up.

Cate Blanchett

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top 9 looks from the grammy awards

9 top looks from the grammy awards

The Grammy Awards were held on Sunday night (American time) and the fashion for me is the highlight of any awards!

The Grammy’s is all about been edgy and you can take a lot of risks as opposed to the golden globes or Oscars.

Sometimes the risk is to big but I love what these 9 ladies have worn and put together for the red carpet.

1. Taylor Swift

I love what Taylor has worn. A colour you wouldn’t normally see and popped with great purple heels! I love the style and think she looks fantastic. A big stand out on the red carpet!

Taylor Swift

2. Gwen Stefani 

I am in love with this incredible playsuit and think Gwen has nailed it. The detail and style are perfection and she really does rock this look. Her slicked back hair and natural look makeup is exactly all that was needed. This was a big highlight for me!


3. Kim Kardashian  

I think Kim looks amazing in this Gaultier dress. Showing a lot of skin but I think she gets away with it in the stunning gold number.


4. Beyonce

Queen B looked beautiful. While not as risky as normal or quite the statement I think she has gone down the elegant path and shines like the incredible talent she is!


5. Ciara

I love the black ruffles and gold belt in Ciara’s look. Showing off her long legs and stunning figure. I love the simple hair and makeup to combine with such a statement dress!


6. Sia

Sia is all about not showing her face. This is her choice and doesn’t mean I totally agree but I do love how she has pulled this outfit together. In particular her muse is the perfect sidekick! An elegant suit with a great cape and such a fun wig!


7. Haim

So yes this is a group but as sisters and a band I decided I could count as one entry. Their outfits all compliment each other and it’s nice to see black and white worn so well together.


8. Iggy Azalea

I love this colour! Iggy looks great in cobalt blue and the cut outs are in all the right places! Her hair too matches in perfectly with beautiful understated makeup.

Iggy Azalea

9. Anna Kendrick

Anna kicks butt in this suit. Not what I would expect from her nut I think she has nailed edgy!


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top 9 looks from the golden globes

top 9 looks from the golden globes

Yesterday the golden globes were held. I spent the day watching feeds to see what sort of fashion was going down the red carpet. I was actually surprised at how little risks were taken. I see the golden globes as the risk taker rather than the Oscars so was surprised people didn’t try to be different. That didn’t stop some amazing outfits!

Here are my top 9 looks from the golden globes

1. Emma Stone

Emma was my biggest risk taker and I think she looks amazing! I loved her embellished top with incredible pants. She looked fantastic!

Emma Stone

2. Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller I find stunningly beautiful and I loved her outfit.  I think she looked great and love her hair!

Sienna Miller

3. Naomi Watts

Naomi looked beautiful in yellow. I love colour and she sure brought this to the red carpet.

Naomi Watts

4. Julianne Moore

For someone who is 54 I think Julianne looks amazing and dresses so well. I love a good feather and love the detail.

Julianne Moore

5. JLo

Jen looked amazing as ever in a daring outfit. This lady does takes risk and they put her on the best dressed nearly every time!


6.  Allison Williams

There is always a beautiful red dress on the red carpet and this year I think Allison took that title!

Allison Willams

7. Kate Beckinsale

Kate was a shining star in silver! Like Emma Stone, the embellished top worked perfectly with the shiny skirt.

Kate Beckinsale

8. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy dress is very bridal however I still loved the look. Loving lace and just the right amounts of cut outs.

Chrissy Teigen

9. Kate Hudson

Kate was daring with all the cutouts but I think she can be daring and still look incredible!

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

What was your favourite look from the Golden Globes?

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