skinny dippers

I love Geelong and exploring everything we have on offer in this great town, so I thought I would start to again talk about the wonderful places we have on offer in this town!

On Saturday, three of my beautiful friends and I tried out Skinny Dippers in Newtown, for a breakfast date. I think it’s important for me to say who I went with as that can alter the experience of the cafe.. (No kids means more relaxing for example!)

When we first walked in we felt over dressed… Everyone was in their active wear! We realised Geelong Crossfit was next door as well as the cafe been known as a great spot for the health conscious, providing clean healthy foods. It was great to know so many people were out and about on a beautiful Saturday morning after doing some exercise!

We ordered a coffee then sat and decided what we wanted for breaky, while making the comment we would have to come back and try one of their “bowls” for lunch!

the menu

When looking at the menu you wont find any naughty treats. As mentioned before it is for the health conscious and allows you to make great choices in what you are after. They do have raw treats as well as muffins, however they are made with activated coconut, so good sugars! Anyone that likes a healthy treat it’s worth a look.

Chelsea and I ordered the “smash brothers” which was poached eggs with smashed avocado and goats curd. My only suggestion would be to make the avo a little more chunky but maybe I too picky!

Nicole and Carol ordered “Bob the builder” where you were able to create your own breaky choice. A great option if you feel like bits from different menu options.


It was great to enjoy some adult time, but the venue was a great space and was very kid friendly.
They offer a kids menu as well as lots of high chairs available! You can most certainly take the kids and be sure you giving them great treats.

Skinny Dippers Cafe
2 Lambert Ave,
VIC 3220

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