i forgot i had that….

grey vest

I love it when you find a look on  Instagram or Pinterest and think, ‘I could do something similar, I forgot I had that!’

Or more to the point I forgot I bought that last season (when I had a big baby belly! 😉 ) let’s get it back out of the wardrobe.

That is exactly how this outfit happened! I saw a picture on Instagram last week of a lady in a long grey vest with black jeans and remembered I too had a long grey vest that I could wear! (It’s like shopping without spending money, I tell you!!) It was time to whip it out and experiment with a look.

Luckily the autumn weather has been not to cold yet so I was able to try something I wouldn’t normally. (Like I have said before, my style has changed since becoming a mum!)

A Saturday staple for me has always been jeans and a white tee (I always think of the Lana Del Ray song Blue Jeans when I say that) sorry back on track… I grabbed my new favourite colour grey vest and added it to my jeans and tee and was pretty happy with how the look turned out! I was then able to enjoy the beautiful sunny autumn day.

Ocean Grove
grey vest
Geelong Fashionista

I was wearing:

  • vest last season from Forever New
  • tshirt from Country Road
  • jeans from Bardot
  • necklace from Emisa Collection 
  • sunnies from Rockmans
  • shoes from Joanne Mercer

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stripes, stripes stripes

baby bump

I’ve reached the point where I need a few more maternity clothes. I can no longer wear the few things in my wardrobe that are starting to feel like a uniform! (I like options!)

So today I went for a quick browse in my lunch break to see what was at the local shops and anything that seemed appealing (stretchy). It was all stripes… Stripe tops, stripe dresses, stripes stripes stripes. Have I missed a memo or is this the only stretchy fabric around? I was on the hunt for some cute dresses and I am happy to wear stripes but I guess I just needed some more options… 

I went into about 5 different shops (I shopped quickly too) but everything that could work to grow with the bump was stripes and I started to think people would question me if I continued to only wear them. I swear my office must currently think I only own five outfits, however not everything I own is stripes…yet! I do love a strip and I’m not unhappy about it, but couldn’t believe what I found… I actually have an amazing purple stripe dress I cant wait to show you on my next post. I decided to show you some of the options I found below. 

I also wanted to ask you all a question… Where have people bought their maternity clothes? Without spending a lot of money (I’m all for a few pieces that are expensive but I’m currently looking for basics..)

Have you too noticed all the stripes around??

SupreCotton On - Lexisupre - maxi

Supre / Cotton On / Supre

ASOS.1  Forever New

Asos/ Forever New



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navy, grey and stripes

Park Shot

I have two days to go until I can wear tights. No one would notice if I gave in early but I said I wouldn’t wear them until May and I’m sticking to it! Winter has come from no where and it has been pretty damn cold here in Geelong! I can’t believe it as I really love the warm weather and in no way am I ready for winter!

I thought the challenge I gave to myself would be easy until I realized how many skirts I own and how much I don’t like wearing pants. Don’t get me wrong I love my jeans but tailored pants I just don’t seem to own or wear and not wearing tights has limited my choice of daily outfit!

Someone said to me, “Aren’t you excited about scarves, coast and layering?” Well that answer is no! As much as I do love the looks and what is around I am not looking forward to the cold weather. I love summer!

What I am excited about is navy and grey. Stripes too. I think they will be a staple for me over the next six months. Although I still love these colours in summer I think they will be a good winter base for me as well.


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black and green

Zu Boots

Today was such a beautiful day, and summer looks like it may be coming (Well it is next week!)

Christmas parties have started and tonight I attended my first one. I was hoping to wear heels but did a killer workout last night and heels were not an option! ha ha

What do you think?

Forever New skirt


Unique on pakington blouse


I was wearing:

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white, green and black

Kmart skirt

The rain is back in Geelong. For the last week it’s been raining a fair bit; but on the upside you can feel the temperature is rising! Hopefully the good spring/summer weather is not too far off.

These photos were on the way to work the other morning; quickly getting a few snaps in between the rain! I don’t mind too much about the rain as I heading to Bali next week! Yay!!!! I don’t know what is more exciting, actually going to Bali or just not been at work after a crazy few months!

I love Bali for the pure reason of doing nothing, after several visits I don’t need to see anything! Just lying beside the pool reading magazines and enjoying the weather! Hopefully I’ll be able to blog a little while I’m away as well!

It’s Bright Pink Lipstick Day tomorrow, so make sure wear your brightest pink lippy or donate!

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Witchery necklace

Forever New handbag

I was wearing:

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silver, blue and a touch of black

asos dress

Life has been crazy of late! I have really missed this blog but sometimes you need to make sacrifices and in this case it was Geelong Fashionista!

I have just started a new position at work which I am really happy about, however it has meant I have got a lot busier! I have even been away on business, so photos haven’t happened much! This is when I need an assistant! ha ha

I have found an addiction of late and that addiction is ASOS. I am loving what I am finding. It started with the a bodycon dress (which I still have not worn) and now I have bought a couple more pieces… This dress I am quite happy with for work. It’s warm and can be dressed up or down, so I’m very happy with the result.

What do you think?

forever new black bow bag

witchery blazer

sussan scarf

I was wearing:

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superficial sadie necklace

 Witchery jacket

TGIF! I love getting to a Friday knowing the weekend is almost here! It is the last day of Autumn and I dont know how I feel about winter tomorrow…

Today I wanted to show off this beautiful Superficial Sadie Necklace and decided black and white (with a bit of silver) was the way to do it!

Superficial Sadie Necklace

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I have had my very taleneted friend Georgie create a header and logo for my page and I couldn’t be happier! She is so clever and I am thrilled with how they have come out.
A big thank you to Gemma for taking these photos!

Princess Polly top

GiveawayMavi Jeans

Forever New bow bag

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

I was wearing:

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grey and black with a yellow jacket

Forever 21 jacket

It’s that time of year where I never know exactly which way to dress. Do I go all out winter or do I try and hold on to some elements of autumn. I guess it’s only a couple days until we offically call it Winter!

I went to Queensland over the weekend, and I learnt that Dad’s do not take photos! As much as I enjoyed the holiday with my dad visiting my grandparents, none of them would take a picture for me, hence no post on Monday.

I love wearing yellow when it is cold for a pop of sunshine and paired it with my otherwise dull coloured outfit. I am loving that this dress is turning out to be so transeasonal!
Do you like wearing colour to make you feel better?

Tony bianco heels

Kmart dress

Forever New bag

Sussan Scarf

I was wearing:

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green, white and sparkles

Paris Jacket

I am currently on a mini holiday in “sunny” Queensland. I say “sunny” as today it has rained all day! That hasn’t stopped me enjoying my time with my grandparents and a day off work!

These photos were taken Wednesday morning and the sunrise was magic! It was such a beautiful morning that I had to include photos of Geelong and the sun rising over the waterfront, which is beautiful!

Sunrise in Geelong

This jacket I have had for several years now, yet I still love it to bits, especially since I brought it in Paris! (one of my favourite cities)


I love wearing sparkles and love that this jumper is just the right amount fro work!

sequins on jumper

Forever New skirt

brown boots

Forever 21 jumper

Geelong view

I hope you all have wonderful weekends!

I was wearing:

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full shot

black and white pants with a hint of magenta

Cold weather

Yay for the weekend!

This is a quick Friday post. In stark contrast to my last post; I am well and truly rugged up for the cold weather here!

I wanted to pair the black and white with a bit of colour, so added my magenta beads and colourful scarf to the black and white.

All of the photos you’ll notice that I’m looking to the side…. it was the only way to stop the wind making my hair go crazy!

Hope you all too are looking forward to the weekend!

Glassons Pants

Forever New bag

Tony Bianco Heels

I was wearing:

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