5 weeks in


It’s been 5 weeks since an added addition came into my life. I am loving this new adventure but have learnt time does change and things don’t always go according to plan.

I had all these plans for blogging and getting Geelong Fashionista exactly where I wanted it to go but I think I am going to have to give myself some more time. It’s an adjusting process and still trying to get into the groove of life with a beautiful little girl.


I have been staying up to date on instagram and if you don’t already you can come follow along and see what I have been up to at @gfashionista.

I have been playing along with Fox in Flats for her annual #DAREcemeber, a style challenge which is a lot of fun. Each day trying a new style and I personally think is great to help me choose what to wear each day. Speaking of what to wear, now that i have a baby the problem has got worse as I have to now decide what not only I am wearing but what she will wear for the day. She has great clothes as she has been so spoilt and had beautiful hand-me-downs too which are so much fun to get her all dressed up in.

Below are some of the dares we have had this month so far, and it’s not to late to join in!

Style dare – Stripes

Style dare – Buns Hun

Style dare – Tuck ‘n’ Roll
Tuck 'n' Roll
Style dare – Arm Candy
Arm Candy
Style Dare – Brights


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