darecember week one

DAREcember week one

I’m doing it again… the Fox in Flat style dares know this month as #DAREcember. Go check out the official page!

I love getting inspiration for what outfit I will wear and the community that evolves is so welcoming! Everyone supporting what you are wearing and gives great feedback.

The first week has been good fun and I have put a small recap of darecember week one together

1. Day 1 was stacked up

I used this day to wear a stack of bracelets I brought in Bali one year and love the way they look with my Michel Herbelin Watch!

Stacked up

2. Day 2 was braided

While I can’t really braid I had a go. I was actually very surprised at how it looked…


3. Day 3 was too the max

This one is a little cheeky as yes this is a midi skirt BUT I had an important corporate event at work and couldn’t pull off my casual maxi.

Both the skirt and top are from Bardot.  My heels are from Kmart.

Too the max

4. Day 4 was orange kisses

I love this BYS Lip Tar. Orange is a colour I love wearing.

orange kisses

5. Day 5 was double denim

I missed this one… I was away in Sydney and didn’t want to tell lies with what I was wearing!

6. Day 6 was gold

I accessorized my outfit with all gold bling.

The necklace is from Decjuba and ring from Lovisa.


7. Day 7 was beachy

I was dreaming of the beach as the weather was 16 and rain in Geelong. #isn’t it summer?!


There is still plenty of time to join in! So go check it out and please tag me if you decide to join in on the dares!

More to come next week!

What is your favourite dare of the past week?

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when old becomes new

sport luxe

I have had this skirt for 10 years! A long time… I remember buying it to wear to a formal function and have somehow kept hold of it in my wardrobe for the last ten years! It has come back in vogue and I never thought I’d get to the age when I could say “I use to have that”. It’s amazing when old becomes new again.

It’s been happening a lot of late! My cousin pulled out a choker the other day and it reminded me of my spice girl days. A great article about them is by Daring Coco, go check her out!

This skirt makes me want to spin around all day. In fact when I had it on yesterday I found every reason to do a big twirl and dance around in this flowy skirt! The material is so lovely and I just love how comfy it is..  After ten years I do have to admit  the skirt has got tighter as things have got a little bigger 😉 but it still works and can make me feel like dancing the night away.

Have you got any items in your wardrobes that you have had for over a decade?



Betts Shoes

10 years

I was wearing:

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bright, sunshine, flowers and smiles


Bright, sunshine, flowers and smiles; that  was what my weekend was about! I had such an incredible weekend, and the best part is I had an extra day with taking Monday off work!

On Friday I was spoilt with flowers sent to me at work by my beautiful friend, with the note “fresh flowers to brighten your day!” and that they did! It made the weekend feel like it was going to be wonderful.

I was in such a great mood from my surprise I grabbed Andrew and called my girlfriend and headed off to Union Street Wine Bar for a cheeky red straight after work. It was so nice to just unwind before launching into the weekend.  As we sat enjoying a glass of red I noticed I had an instagram message and I was very excited to see I had won some beautiful flowers from She’s a Wildflower thanks to King of the Castle’s first birthday! Aren’t they amazing?


Saturday saw us head of to watch the AFL prelim final with some mates which was great to catch up and with our team out it didn’t matter who won; although I was going for Port!!  Followed by a yummy dinner in Melbourne.

Sunday the sun was shinning, the Fox in Flats style challenge was bright and it just made it a beautiful day. I headed off to King of the Castle to pick up my beautiful flowers and enjoy  the glorious sunshine and really enjoyed the day!



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Shes a Wildflower

Fresh flowers



lazy chic


When given the prompt ‘lazy chic’ I had a really big think about how I would interrupt the look. The more I thought about it the more I went with my usual Sunday attire… Comfort! I was at home and ready to do the fruit and veggie shopping when I asked Andrew to take a couple of snaps.

This look is something I do wear a lot on weekends and seem to gravitate back to it time and time again. I wanted to think of something really different and fun. However the more I started thinking about my blog and what it stands for, (which is about my style) I decided to stick with something real and what I do wear every day. It’s not about coming up with magic shoots but I genuinely wear every day so stuck with the familiar.

Back to basics, back to what I do know and that’s my own style!


help from my friends

lazy chic

I was wearing:

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Geelong Fashionista

september style dare by fox in flats

This month I decided to join in with Fox in Flats September Style Dare to experiment with my wardrobe. I have been putting all the photos up on Instagram so you can come follow along!

Lady Like

We are at day 14 at the moment but it has already made me come out and experiment and try some styles I normally wouldn’t!

Take these pants below for example. They have now been in my wardrobe for 12 months (To anyone else I would have told to remove from wardrobe) however I still have them sitting there just in case. The style challenge for the day was safari and I felt these pants were the perfect option!


I actually can’t believe how many people came out and said they liked these! Maybe I should consider wearing more often!

I’ve been trying to get my shirts out more and  coming up with different looks like this one below. I now want to go out and buy more shirts! Especially a crisp white one!


Even daring to show off my fitness attire, (which I do like making statements with)

Fitness attire

It’s not to late to join in if your keen to give it a go!



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