wardrobe rut

In the past week I have gone to my wardrobe and decided I don’t like 75% of it anymore….

Leather jacket

Have I changed my tastes?
Is it because I’m sick of everything?
Could it be that I’m back at work?
Could it be this awful weather we having that hasn’t allowed me to get into my favourite season dressing (I LOVE summer!)?
Or if I think about it I haven’t bought much and worn the same things over and over> First pregnant, then breastfeeding and home with baby girl.

I’m in a wardrobe rut!

How do I get out…
I don’t have money to be buying a whole new wardrobe! Plus I hate getting rid of mine when I know there are some great pieces in there that still could get lots of wear.. but I’ve just had enough of it all.

No wonder so many people have giant wardrobes! I would love to keep everything but I don’t have the space either.
Plus I try to live within my means, not buying excessive and you do need somewhere to put it all!

I’m back at work, working part-time; this means I get a part-time wage (gasp!) plus I need to clothe my little girl too! Which again means I can’t just go spend all my money!

Over the past 12 months I have done a really good job of only buying pieces that work with a large percentage of my wardrobe.  I’ve also culled soooo much of it and have sitting in bags… I think someone would still get so much wear out of what I have… I really need to get them moving!

A big part of it has to do with the weather too. It has been awful! This time last year spring was here and we were having beautiful days. This year I can’t seem to put winter away and I don’t think that helping my issues either!

So the question is how do I get out of this wardrobe rut?
How do I breathe life back into what I have as really there are some amazing pieces in there that are still perfect for day-to-day living!

grey tee
Winter Sun
Close Up
Luullah Belle
Project Soco

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king of the castle


When I go out to a cafe or restaurant I look for three things:

  • Food selection
  • Coffee (yes now that I drink it!)
  • Is it pram friendly?

Now yes this third point isn’t something I have always looked for, it has become a new one on my list. However I have discovered that I like to know if a place is designed to take the pram, can kids go or should I be leaving little miss at home and going with grown ups?

As I have wanted to for a while now I am going to tell you each week about places to go and try around Geelong, Bellarine and the Surf Coast.

To start off I thought I would choose one on my favourite places in Geelong; on Pakington Street;  King of the Castle (KOTC)

I’ve got to know Robbie the owner and I am always so impressed with what he puts into the place and his great ideas! Always helping charity and helping other Geelong businesses it’s so impressive!

the menu

Although the menu is fairly new (they change seasonal) I have been working my way through and trying lots of the delicious food.
There are simple items as well as yum treats, plus great vegetarian options which is always very welcomed by me.

Whether a sweet tooth or after something savoury there are so many choices.

Some of my current favs are the Chill Beans; Black Rice Pudding and the simple Avo on toast!
If you have a sweet tooth the waffles are a must!



I only started drinking coffee 12 months ago when it became my pregnancy craving. Weird right?!

It’s good coffee and they do pretty much anything that’s in vogue (I say this as I call my brother a Melbourne coffee snob and he now drinks “Magics” and they make them! )

I am partial to a Mocha but my favourite from here is the Affogatos!! You can choose any flavour gelato (Which are all yum on their own) with a shot of coffee!! Amazing!!



KOTC is pram friendly and they are very accommodating to helping us mums in and out of the venue if the door is down on a cold day!

That is not to say you can’t enjoy a coffee with just grown ups but it’s great to know anyone can go along!


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 *this is not a sponsored post and are my own thoughts. 
All pics are my own except the last picture is taken from KOTC Instagram account

geelong’s own macaroon kids

Harry & Max

There is no secret that I love buying local and finding local amazing products, Macaroon Kids is no exception.

A local Geelong designer Amanda stated Macaroon Kids in 2011. As taken from the Macaroon Kids website; “Each handmade gift is designed and handcrafted by Amanda.  Production is low, ensuring every single Macaroon Kids item is unique, special, beautiful and memorable.  A wonderful one-of-a-kind gift that is rare to find.”

I was lucky enough to borrow some beautiful models to capture the magic of these incredible pieces. The backdrop of King of the Castle café in Pakington Street turned out to be a great venue.

I love that it wasn’t a staged photo shoot but more capturing the kids while they played outside in the winter sunshine. It also helped to have a delicious chai while taking these images.

You can buy these incredible piece from the Macaroon website or on etsy. Amanda also holds stalls at local Geelong markets, such as the Little Creatures Sunday market.

How cute are these images?




King of the Castle



Mila and Max

Bacley love

Mila, Harry and Max wearing designs thanks to Macaroon Kids.

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keepin’ it simple

Bardot Hat

I say it all the time, but on weekends when I dont have much on I like to keep things simple!

Last weekend was no exception and on my way to buy some fresh flowers I got some snaps taken, to show my everyday casual look.

What is your casual weekend look?

 Ocean Grove


I was wearing:

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on the phone

world’s longest lunch attire

Michael Kors

On Friday I was lucky enough to go to the Geelong World’s Longest Lunch. It was held at Eastern Beach Reserve on a spectacular day; the view was amazing! Of course I didn’t bring my camera and the iPhone just didn’t do it justice. Andrew was kind enough to take these afterwards.
At the luncheon I was talking to someone who had just moved to Geelong and as they couldn’t believe what a beautiful place we live in! This makes me so happy and something I really want to explore more with Geelong Fashionista, to show everyone why Geelong is so special!  

The dress code for the lunch was daytime elegance and as I had to work before hand I decided my LBD was the perfect outfit for the day. It was a delicious lunch with Geelong’s Finest preparing the food and great local beverages!

What do you think of my daytime elegance?


Wittner heels

Sportsgirl dress


Kirsty close up

I was wearing;

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a simple yet chic tee

Elm Knitwear Tee

When you don’t know what the day is going to bring you need to wear something that will do for any occasion.  I love throwing on a tee with a pretty skirt so I’m ready to handle whatever I need to when plans are up in the air.

That’s how this day went when I decided to put on my new Elm Knitwear tee. It is so comfortable and turns a simple outfit into chic. With the right skirt and accessories I was ready to tackle the day.

It turned out to be a great decision, as we went to a 1st birthday party, tried out a new restaurant, Zigfrids and then onto the movies to finally see ‘Wolf of Wall Street’.

Elm Knitwear is such a fun brand and their clothing is made from the best quality of fabrics. This t-shirt is no exception; silk on the front and cotton at the back. Perfect for a 30 degree day!

What is your simple go to outfit to tackle the day?

 Elm Knitwear


Country Road flats


Witchery sunnies

I was wearing:

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summer lovin’


I love summer… even in the crazy heat I still love it.

There is just something about it, and possibly why I live by the beach!

Monday was no exception. It was 38 degrees and this was a simple cool outfit that I decided to wear.

What do you think of the summer weather?

Tigerlilly Hat

Ocean Grove

Country Road sandals


Bali dress


I was wearing:

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Ocean Grove Beach

back in black


Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful week. It’s a long weekend here in Australia this weekend and I have tomorrow off too so a four day weekend is exciting! 🙂

This is an outift I wore to work this week. I read a blog (Spakles and Shoes) and was inspired to try wearing all black to see if I could pull it off. With my own twist I think it works…

What do you think?

Bardot Top


Betts Shoes

Ocean Grove

I was wearing:

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