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I’ve been joining in with Styling You’s everyday style  over January to show what I have been wearing on a day to day basis (on instagram).

I thought I’d also share them here on Geelong Fashionista for you to have a look at some of my looks from the past month and see what you think of my style.

Although it is summer here in Geelong, we haven’t really had the traditional summer heat we normally experience. In fact it’s been a lot more like spring with sunny but mild days and cool nights. Hopefully next month we will see the summer heat as you know from all my other posts I LOVE the heat!!

It seems my sunnies have had a good workout as has my hat which I do love wearing, especially if you are having a bad hair day.

With most of January been holidays for me there is a lot of my casual wardrobe in here although the last few images are my work attire. Hopefully February will have lots of warm days!

St Frock Dress

Elm Knitwear

Casual days

Bardot Jeans

Stables of Como


Sportsgirl Shorts

Bardot top and skirt

Bardpt Skirt

Eds 12

eds 16


eds 18

eds 17

eds 19

Please ask if you would like to know where any of my outfits are from, otherwise they are all linked on instargram.

What look was your favourite?

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monochrome with a pop of pink

Tweed River

This is another shoot I did with Kiah while up in Queensland. We were heading out for dinner and stopped on the way to grab some shots. I seem to be wearing a lot of monochrome of late. I not sure why either as I do love colour!

It’s so funny that my family is so used to me now just stopping when I find a destination to get photos. We were on the way to dinner when I said we have to stop and everyone sat and patiently waited while I get the perfect shot! That could be why I have a smug look on my face in these photos.

I seem to be living in these shoes since the weather has got better. They are really comfy plus they make me feel a little dresser  when wanting to wear flats.

I’ve been unhappy with the singlets I have been buying for a basic look. My friend suggested I look at country road basics as they wear and wash really well! She couldn’t have been more right! This singlet looks great and has washed really well. It goes to show that sometimes you really do need to put in the extra money for the quality.

I know you have seen this bag a lot in other posts but I love what it brings to outfits. It gives a pop of colour plus I get comments every time I seem to take it out, which I love as it’s local Geelong store and I love supporting local!


Senso Flats


Geelong Fashionista

Bardot Skirt

Senso flats

Full length


I was wearing:

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insta love from queenland

photo (14)

I’ve just spent a week in Queensland which was so relaxing! I have been a little quite on the blog enjoying some R&R. My grandparents live on the border as so we enjoyed family time and trying out some delicious meals!

I have been putting a lot of images up on my insta account so thought I’d share so you could see what I’ve been up to! You can come follow along at this link 





Ace of Something


Geelong Fashionista


Everyday style

Love heart

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i’m back…

Well hello there everyone!! Can you below we already half way through the year!!

So sorry for the lack of posts. I have finally moved my blog over to and have been encountering a few problems. Hopefully they nearly all fixed so thank you for your patience.

I am also currently in beautiful Bali! The weather is beautiful and its so nice to escape and enjoy this sunshine in between such a busy time at work!

I’ve been having a lot of fun getting photos over here and I cant wait to share!

This is just a quick peek while I continue on bringing you some wonderful shots with this glorious sunshine!


Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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mustard jacket

Enjoying the snow

Ange and I enjoying the snow at Nozawa

I had to write at least one post about my time in Japan and it actually tied in nicely with one (ok maybe a few) of my new purchases. Back when I lived in Canada I discovered and fell in love with Forever 21. I had been told about it from Superficial Sadie’s creator but it wasn’t until I saw it that I found the appeal. I then introduced Ange to Forever 21 when she moved to Canada and also fell in love with this store.

Long story short, Tokyo had a Forever 21 and much to the horror of poor Andrew, Ange and I ran to the five floors. An hour later and several purchases down, he was able to pull us out of the store, remaining us we were here for snowboarding not shopping!

As I’ve mentioned before I want to grow this blog to include other people and not just myself, so I convinced Ange to have some photos with me while we were sightseeing at the Imperial Palace. It also includes some of our new purchases.

Kirsty with jacketKirsty side view, with jacketKirsty side view, No jacketAnge, no jacket


Ange & I

I was wearing:

  • new mustard jacket from Forever 21
  • new white sequin shoulder jumper, from Forever 21
  • Ange’s skirt (Thanks! 😉 ) also from Forever 21
  • Timberland snow boots (I know there is no snow in Tokyo, but it saved me having to overpack!) 

Ange was wearing:

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Kirsty xx

happy new year

Celebrating in Japan

Celebrating in Japan with Ange

Well I’m back… and it really was tough, to a) come home and b) start back at work!

I thought I’d write my first post by saying Happy New Year and hope that you have all had a wonderful start to 2013. I’m very excited to see new followers and hope you keep enjoying the blog in 2013.

This year I plan on posting not only my own style but that of people I know or people that give me inspiration. As well as friend’s favourite pieces and bargains they find. So please don’t hesitate to send me an email about your style!

My highlight from last year would have to be participating in Black Out, trying out something very different. I intend on many more experiments this year. Thanks Mon from Little Miss Mon Bon for that one!

These photos are a few of my favourites from last year (Even though I only really got into blogging late October!)

Sunny Girl Dress Black is backBlack Out  White peplumBlack Out   Aztec Skirt

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x Kirsty

Hobart happiness

Last weekend I went to Tassie on a holiday with my mum.

It’s such a beautiful place with stunning scenery everywhere you look. My friend Sarah lives in Hobart and as she says, you buy a house knowing it has to have a view.  It’s so true, everywhere you turn amazing mountains and waterways are there to be seen.

 I love going to Hobart, especially Salamanca to enjoy the yummy food!

©KCassidy Photos

©KCassidy Photos     ©KCassidy Photos

©KCassidy Photos

Bali bliss

It has been a while since my last blog, but I decided to have a holiday and replenish.

My friend Beth and I needed to relax and decided a girls trip was in order.  Off we went looking for a cheap option and decided Bali was the place to go.

We booked quickly and got a great deal for seven nights staying in Seminyak.

Although I do love going to new places we decided on Bali for the convenience and knowing it’s good and cheap.

Our sole aim was to do nothing but relax by the pool, which we fulfilled with no hassle! A lovely relax for the two of us ready to take on the remainder of the year. 


Oh Canada….

With the cold weather upon us it makes me think of our time living in Canada. Seven amazing months living in the beautiful snow and magical surrounds. It felt like you were waking up staring at a painting everyday.

We lived in a place called Banff and it was breathe-taking. So incredible and always made you smile, no matter how cold it was… and it did get cold!

When  you’re surrounded by snow though, it’s allowed to be cold, and doesn’t feel like this winter weather we have here in ‘four seasons in a day, Geelong!’

Here are some memories….


Our very first day in beautiful Banff… before the snow started to fall….


This was the view from our front door, living on the ski hill…


Lake Louise in April…water is no longer frozen.


Banff Ave at Night…. this is in spring… so most of the snow has melted.


Walking down Banff Ave in the middle of winter, this is our friend Miranda, affectionately known as Dora!


 Spring riding…. no jackets needed!

I think I need to go back….