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Emma and Roe tme 

How is it nearly Christmas?! It only feels like it was July a second ago… This year is flying by!

I’m normally the type of person who is organised for Christmas by the time December comes around. We not only have Christmas, but half our family celebrate birthdays in November and December. This makes for a very busy (and costly) time of year. This year I still have one last present to get.

My birthday is the week before Christmas; (yes another year older this week); I need to look for myself too!

I have been looking for a new watch since my last one battery died. Yes probably any normal person would replace the battery but I decided I wanted a new one.

I had been investigating options when I was contacted by Emma and Roe! When I looked at their range, not only did I fall in love with all their pieces but I discovered their beautiful watch range. I’ve been right into rose gold of late. I’ve been a gold girl since I was born but I love having something a little different. Add the grey band and it was the perfect watch. They have an incredible watch collection and I recommend you taking a look!

Emma and Roe have incredible pieces and I already have my eyes focused on a stacker ring! Might have to wait until next year!

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This watch was gifted, however all opinions are my own.
You can find the link to my new watch here

my boutique meets footique

Last Wednesday evening I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of My Boutique (currently an online store) being stocked at the very popular shoe store in Pakington Street, Footique.

I love supporting local businesses and have been following My Boutique for a while so I was thrilled to be invited.

Dani and Bridget were super lovely and it was a really fun night filled with champagne, cupcakes, shoes and shopping! What more could a girl want!!

Go check them out, both are online stores as well!

My Boutique


My Boutique


Dani and I

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crafty bundle

When I came across Crafty Bundle I loved the concept and idea. You can order yourself a limited edition box of stunning jewellery delivered to your door, which includes pieces from local talented designers and sure to make any outfit pop!

The first and current bundle is called ‘Citrus Spring’ and inside you’ll find a bright pair of stud earrings, a wooden pendant and an embroidered brooch. Not only is this a great idea to spoil yourself, they are also an excellent gift idea! Plus if you see below a great offer to Geelong Fashionista readers!!

Crafty Bundle

I was fascinated by the idea so asked Claire the creator of Crafty Bundle a few questions to find out more…

What was the motivation for starting Crafty Bundle?
I love local designers, with a special soft-spot for handmade jewellery, accessories and wearables.
I always wanted to open a little shop, but in this day-and-age I think we can go beyond that. My husband (who is a web developer) and I came up with the idea of the Crafty Bundle – a limited edition “showbag” of sorts that promotes independent artists.
If the current bundle isn’t your style – then maybe the next one will be. Or you have a friend who you never know what to buy, then the Crafty Bundle is perfect!

I love that you have local designers as part of the collection. How do you find these designers?
There are so many talented designers around, especially producing handmade products it’s very inspiring. I wanted this first bundle to represent Melbourne and the suburbs surrounding me.
I already knew Victoria Mason, and loved her Polkadot earrings, and really wanted them in this first bundle, and kind of shaped the rest around them. We decided the first bundle would be called “Citrus Spring” – and showcase bright colourful pieces for the season it was to be released. I created a list of local Melbourne artists and looked at their products to see what would suit this bundle. I approached  Esther from Togetherness and Joe from Treehorn and after a few meetings we agreed on the pieces and colours they would bring to this bundle – inspired by “Citrus Spring”.


When it comes to fashion what is your style?
At the moment I’m really into skinny jeans, a plain white or dark t-shirt, a blazer and a statement piece of jewellery like a necklace, brooch or a large pair of earrings. I also can’t live without my pair of wooden clogs, I live in them throughout Summer.

What is your go-to, fail-safe piece of jewellery?
I can’t go past a bright feature necklace, they go with everything. Some of my favourite labels at the moment are:
Emily from Mornington Peninsula based label Emeldo creates really fun, bright necklaces. They are rope based with added bursts of colour. I have one and people comment on it whenever I wear it.
Courtney from Things of Thread Etal or TOTE has a very keen eye for colour and her pebble necklaces are ace. She knows exactly which colours work well together.
I have just discovered this lovely local Melbourne jeweller Samah Designs and her Zanzibar Sun Necklace is on my wish list. Samantha makes unique handmade laser cut pieces inspired by global cultures.


You love jewellery and have a key eye for great designs; what is your current favourite piece?
I would have to say my Pencil Sharpening necklace by Victoria Mason, it’s so unique, special and goes with everything. I always feel very happy wearing this one.

Who are your style influences and why?
I’m a big fan of English actress Carey Mulligan’s fashion sense. Whether dressed up for an event or casual she always looks effortless, but cool and chic. And I do love her great short hair do!


You must have been excited to be in Frankie magazine! What are your future plans and goals for Crafty Bundle?
Excited is an understatement, being featured in Frankie was amazing. It’s such a fabulous magazine and website, and perfect for the Crafty Bundle. Future plans are more bundles, a whole new set of Australian designers and different themes. I’m really looking forward to finding and promoting awesome local designers and what they create.

Now for some VERY exciting news… Claire has kindly given all of Geelong Fashionista readers 10% their first bundle! Simply enter GEELONGFASHION10 in step two at the checkout!


Crafty Bundle can be found at this link, or go to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

What are you waiting for… go and get your hands on a bundle!

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