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I love how close Melbourne is from Geelong. It only takes a quick hour up the road to get to one of the best cities in the world where there is so much to discover. Don’t get me wrong I love Geelong and everything it has to offer, that’s why I live here in Ocean Grove but it’s so handy having Melbourne not so far away!

On the weekend I headed up to Melbourne to hang with my brother. We made no plans but decided to see where the day would take us. I did have a voucher I was wanting to use so we headed to Chaddy (Chadstone Shopping Centre) for a look around. Matt suggested I try the Oriental Tea House for lunch and I am so pleased he did. What amazing food they had and the tea was delicious. I highly recommend it and there are a few around!

We then decided to head to South Yarra to catch up with some more friends and ended up at Stables of Como! What an amazing place with so much to do in one spot. We wanted coffee and afternoon tea but once we had we went exploring and it was so nice to see incredible gardens. I then found out from our friends you are able to get picnic baskets with the delicious food they sell and go and enjoy in the amazing surrounds. Something I really want to go back and try!

These were a quick few shots I got my brother to take as we explored the grounds.

Have you discovered any good spots of late? In Geelong or Melbourne?

Stables of Como

Michael Kors 

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Happy New Year everyone! I hope your 2015 has started well!

For 2015 rather than making a list of resolutions I decided to sum it up in a sentence. Although 2014 was a great year and I did enjoy lots of up and downs I felt I wasn’t in the moment all the time. So for 2015 my mantra is: “Live the adventure”  This means that I will take everyday as it comes and enjoy the moment and see where the adventure takes me.

I decided to take a week away from the blog as we went on an impromptu trip to Newcastle after a visit to the countryside. We couldn’t decide what to do for new years eve and at the last minute decided we’d go visit friends and check out what Newcastle had to offer. What a beautiful place it was and so nice to spend a few days by the beach. It was so nice to take a look around and see the beautiful beaches, natural baths and places to eat.

Before we headed off to Newcastle we headed up to the country to visit family. I loved getting photos in the beautiful surrounds. Andrew’s sister lives on a dairy farm and it was nice to leave the hustle and bustle and just listen to the birds chirp, and cows moo. There is something wonderful about all the open space and the beautiful fresh air, although it was quite hot it was fun to look around the farm.

What is your resolution summed up in a sentence? I’d love to hear them….

Geelong Fashionista

Ace of Something Fedora

Jo Mercer

Mink Pink dress

The Horse watch


Happy New Year

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I am in love with my new camera I got for my birthday and so happy with the pictures it takes! Andrew did a wonderful job of capturing these images!

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Navy and white

This skirt caught my attention when I first saw it, especially because of the unusual hemline and the way it sat and looked on the model.

It was the first time I had looked at The Iconic and I discover two skirts that I really liked and put them into my shopping cart. Although I got these a while ago I haven’t had them on the blog yet! I really need to get more photos!! I haven’t really had any reason to look at the iconic and have realized there is so much on there on offer and perhaps somewhere I should be checking often for good finds. Plus the mixture of brands is quite good and you can find a really good wide price range. Both skirts I brought were great value and I’m really happy with them.

This skirt is comfy and sits really well and I’ve found by wearing a slip underneath I relax a lot more about the split and it really doesn’t move around that much anyway. It really does show every curve, but as I said to Andrew I’m embracing my inner JLO; booty is in!

These photos were fun to take with the brick wall as the background, making for quite an interesting contrast. I actually took them near work and it was quite funny with the early morning workers walking past having a chuckle as they saw me posing getting the right snap. They started posing back at me and pulling the teapot at me as I like to call it!


Brick Walls

Jo Mercer Sandals



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