leather jacket with a pop of pink

Geelong Fashionisat

A few weeks ago I went shopping for some new jumpers… Lo and behold guess what happened? I bought a jacket instead.

Not just any jacket, but I finally have my own leather jacket. One I have been looking for a long time. Bonus it was on SALE!  I’m always happy when I find something I love and want, then to have that feeling when you see it is also on sale is the best. A win win for all involved! (yes that may just be me! )

Leather is so fun to play with as its so versatile. Can easily be dressed up and worn with a dress for going out, also easily adapted for casual, like I have done here for a family day of exploring the neighborhood.

It’s so much fun exploring my own town and finding hidden gems. Something I love getting out of the house and doing especially when the winter sun comes out. I grabbed Andrew and little Miss in the pram and off we went to have a look around and get some photos while we were at it.

Once again I wore my blue flats which I’m starting to think are the only pair in my wardrobe! I really need to make sure I not neglecting others!! It is so easy to put these on due to comfort. They look good and work with everything! Anyone would think I’m getting paid to wear them! (I’m not, I bought them and getting my wear!)

What is your current favourite piece?

Ocean Grove
pop of pink
Leather jacket

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tight leather skirt

Project Soco

That feeling when you fit back into your tight leather skirt after having a baby!

I was so excited when I tried this on the other day and it fits again! Don’t get me wrong, I still am not back to where I was and don’t expect to yet either (I only gave birth 9 weeks ago!) But it was a great feeling to know I could put it back on!

I haven’t been doing much exercise at this point; other than walking, since little miss came along but I am starting to get the urge to get out there and get back into it. It got me thinking, what do I want to start doing in terms of exercise… how will it all work in with little miss?

I loved Pilates and yoga in the lead up to her birth as well as boxing before I got to big with her. So what am I going to start doing now?

I’d love to hear you suggestions…

grey tee

Meanwhile I am in LOVE with this tee. The grey colour is so different and really works for dressing up a simple tee and turning it into something to wear out for dinner! Another great one from Project Soco so ethically made and goes with everything!

Geelong Fashionista
Ocean Grove

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casual wear

 Casual Friday

This outfit is one I wore a few days ago.  The look I was going for was casual yet dressy enough for work.
I love these black jeans but for some reason every time I put them on I don’t feel like it’s ‘work’ enough, so the heels were a must!

I am loving my jacket, even though I have seen far too many people with the same. Hopefully I can keep it different with my style and looks.
The only bad thing about wearing this jacket is that I have to come to the realisation that the weather is changing and getting cooler, especially at night and in the morning. I guess its time to embrace Autumn!

How do you feel in jeans?

Bow necklace

Mavi Jeans

White jumper

Dotti Jacket

Michael Kors pumps

I was wearing:


eyes closed

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