darecember week one

DAREcember week one

I’m doing it again… the Fox in Flat style dares know this month as #DAREcember. Go check out the official page!

I love getting inspiration for what outfit I will wear and the community that evolves is so welcoming! Everyone supporting what you are wearing and gives great feedback.

The first week has been good fun and I have put a small recap of darecember week one together

1. Day 1 was stacked up

I used this day to wear a stack of bracelets I brought in Bali one year and love the way they look with my Michel Herbelin Watch!

Stacked up

2. Day 2 was braided

While I can’t really braid I had a go. I was actually very surprised at how it looked…


3. Day 3 was too the max

This one is a little cheeky as yes this is a midi skirt BUT I had an important corporate event at work and couldn’t pull off my casual maxi.

Both the skirt and top are from Bardot.  My heels are from Kmart.

Too the max

4. Day 4 was orange kisses

I love this BYS Lip Tar. Orange is a colour I love wearing.

orange kisses

5. Day 5 was double denim

I missed this one… I was away in Sydney and didn’t want to tell lies with what I was wearing!

6. Day 6 was gold

I accessorized my outfit with all gold bling.

The necklace is from Decjuba and ring from Lovisa.


7. Day 7 was beachy

I was dreaming of the beach as the weather was 16 and rain in Geelong. #isn’t it summer?!


There is still plenty of time to join in! So go check it out and please tag me if you decide to join in on the dares!

More to come next week!

What is your favourite dare of the past week?

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Country Road


fashioin gone rouge



St Frock Skirt



sport luxe




bring on summer



help from my friends



black and white

Bardot Skirt

Fashion gone rouge2



Melissa and Nicole


Life seems to fly by quicker and quicker each day. We are already in November in 2014 and it feels like we were about to start the year.

I have a special birthday coming up and as it approaches (quicker and quicker) I realise how fast this thing we call life goes. I have no regrets and only excitement for what the coming years will bring but still can’t believe how quick this last decade has gone!

As I appreciate and try to embrace this birthday I realise maybe we are all here for different reasons with different purposes. This blog has been by release and has meant more to me than I thought over the last two years I have written it. Geelong Fashionista found its voice this time two years ago and what a journey it has been. I cant wait to continue to grow and hopefully maintain you as wonderful readers to follow my journey into the next tick box of my life!

Happy blogaversay to this blog, Geelong Fashionista of mine and I hope you continue to follow along too.

Aztec Skirt

From my first post!! Nov 2012

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Photos were sourced from Fashiion Gone Rouge, and my own

whatever is thrown my way


On a warm day I like to feel comfortable, stylish and ready to take on whatever is thrown my way. These photos were taken two weekends ago when we were lucky enough to have beautiful warm weather for this time of year!

I had a lunch date with some girlfriends, an afternoon drink with a friend for her birthday and a simple bbq dinner. Let me tell you this outfit really did work a trick for all occasions!

These shorts I’ve had for a while now and thought I’d give them one more try before I decided on their fate in my wardrobe. I’ve tried to be ruthless of late and only keep pieces I am actually wearing! I mean why clutter the wardrobe with outfits that aren’t going to be coming out! I forgot how comfy these were and how they make a real statement when worn and can easily be dressed up a little! They have been saved to be used some more over summer!  If you don’t see me in them it means I should have thrown!

Are you ruthless with your wardrobes?  Do you try to wear everything you have hanging in there or do you have way too much clutter?

Geelong Fashionista


Full Shot

Ocean Grove

I was wearing:

  • Bardot black cami (the white version I had on last post)
  • Wittner sandals (Wittner have brought them back this season and I highly recommend, so comfy!!)
  • Shorts I have had for a while (similar here and here)

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white out

bring on summer

As the weather warms I love seeing all the white around… I think I’ll be wearing a lot this summer as it’s so fresh and fun!

From wearing as the statement piece to making other pieces pop, it’s the perfect neutral. Not only for personal style but it works so well in the home as well. I use a lot of white as a base colour.

I’m still am looking for the perfect white shirt (I’m so fussy!) but have realise I do have a lot of white pieces to get me through the spring/summer season. I also debating a pair of cons after seeing this top image, and how cute my cousin looked when we did our fun shoot. (here)

Although white can be a colour that gets dirty so very easily its one look I think makes everyone look fresh and fun ready for the sunshine; especially with a tan! 😉

Top perfection

Betts Shoes

white jeans; denim shirt

white everything!

white shirt

blogger life

bday ideas

Bardot Skirt


white shirt AO




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Photos sourced from Fashiion Gone Rouge and my own

i’m not a shirt person

Good Morning

I’m not a shirt person (normally!) There is something about collars that annoy me. I don’t know what it is but I prefer either collarless or just skip the shirt altogether. Same goes for turtle necks. I don’t do these at all and don’t own any. They make me feel trapped or something, yet I love a good scarf.

I do own a chambray shirt and on this particular day decided to wear it and try out preppy style. I’ve seen a few people out and about of late with variations of this style and thought I’d put my own stamp and twist on the style, making it more “Kirsty”.

I love the way this outfit worked out and think maybe I should be a shirt person. Perhaps I should consider buying more and working them in with my outfits, this worked well and the collar didn’t feel like it was suffocating me. I even added a scarf for some warmth in the morning.

I had fun taking these photos and started dancing around which Andrew captured well! The sun was rising over beautiful Geelong and makes you smile at how lucky we are to live in this place!

What do you think of my style?



Leopard shoes

Geelong Fashionista

Good Morning


blue scarf



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weekend stylin’ in khaki

Ocean Grove

I’m very lucky where I live in beautiful Ocean Grove; and one of my favourite things to do on the weekend is going for walks down our main street. This was a simple outfit I had on for the weekend, in a colour I never thought I would have a lot of! As I got dressed I remembered I had a khaki jacket in my wardrobe. I love when you find these pieces; it’s like buying mew clothes!

As we walked down the streets there were no cars, but as soon as we got the camera out they seemed to come in the dozens, not that it takes away from the images and Andrew had fun playing around with the end result.

I have been having a really good explore of local places,  and as we walked down the main street it’s such a mixture of new and old places, some that could do with a good face lift! Maybe that is what makes it so unique and keeps its small town charm.

Geelong Fashionista

Ocean Grove


winter stylin

I was wearing:

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simple in oberoi street, bali

Oberi Street

It’s freezing here in Geelong and I thought I’d try and warm myself up by looking at more of my Bali images.

These photos were taking on a really popular strip in Bali called Oberoi Street. It’s known for its great shopping as well as great places to eat. We stayed in this street too, so makes getting around very easy.

This particular night we were on our way out to dinner (I’m going to do a post of my fav spots to eat in the next week or so!) Andrew and I stopped along the way to take a few snaps and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the busy street.

I took my trusty bright pink clutch from My.Boutique which really does make everything pop; and dressed it with a very monochrome look. Keeping things simple and cool is the key in Bali!

Have you been to Oberoi Street, Bali? What were your favourite places to shop and eat?

crossing the street

Geelong Fashionista

Empty Street


I was wearing:

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simple winter days

Country road jumper

A simple chic outfit is all you need on a wintery long weekend!

I went shopping in my wardrobe and rediscovered my mega high boots making a simple jumper and pants into a much more chic look.

I am in total love with my neon pink clutch, and so it seems everyone else! I keep getting the most wonderful comments from everyone! The thing I like even more about it; a fellow Geelong designer is the mastermind behind these! I highly recommend checking out My Boutique!

What is your favourite winter look?


Tony Bianco Boots



Geelong Fashionista

AoS Fedora

close up

I was wearing:

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winter is here


Winter is here and it’s starting to get cold! Not my favorite time of year.. unless there is snow!

I shouldn’t be too sad as I am going to beautiful sunshine in 25 sleeps! I’m heading off to Bali to replenish after my crazy period at work.

I’ve pulled out my jumpers, tights are back out and layering is now the key; especially when the office goes from hot to cold.

Are you a winter person?

Winter is here


navy and orange

Dotti Jumper

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warm up winter with magic metallics and vibrant pieces by rebecca thompson!

For this amazing post about local Melbourne designer Rebecca Thompson I got help from the beautiful Emmaleine Savio. Check out her Instagram!

Make sure you check out the competition below too!

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Attention to all fashionistas, Rebecca Thompson’s Autumn/Winter 2014 Journey collection is HERE!

We are just in LOVE with RT’s style this Winter. Looking at her latest catalogue, it’s all about the luscious fabrics, delicate hand embroidery and vibrant colours.

Royale Keyhole Dress (1)

Since launching in June 2000, Rebecca Thompson has become one of Australia’s premier luxury fashion labels with an eccentric cultural twist.

“The Journey collection is inspired by the artisans in India, where I make all of my garments with my Indian family.”

Pulkari Jacket

RT combines emerging trends with objects or emotions that are truly inspiring. Simple things like gift-wrapping and fabric swatches, even her Nanna’s box of old-school wallpapers have focused as a central point of her eclectic pattern work and design.

Oh My longer Length Dress

RT’s new e-boutique offers a gorgeous mix of signature relaxed separates and unique dresses for every season. The Journey collection sets the trend with a variety of garments that are complementary to your figure, not bulky and hard to wear during the colder season.

Georgette Jaquard Top

So ladies, it’s time to liven up what we would traditionally call a ‘hibernation’ period – the first step is to ditch those stereotypically boring, dull and dreary winter shades and head online or into your nearest Rebecca Thompson store!

So Much Embroidery Dress

All styles featured within this article can be found at – https://www.rebeccathompson.com.au/

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