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I wore this outfit last weekend, to do a few bits and pieces; a coffee date, shopping and staying cool!
I felt like playing around with the look when I got Andrew to take a few snaps, and couldn’t decide on which shoes worked better.
The hair had gone curly from the beach, but I love the feeling of salty hair and enjoying sunshine! I really am a summer baby!

Heels or flats? What is your preference?



Ocean Grove

Bardot hat

I was wearing:

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black and white pants

    Glassons Pants

I had been looking for a pair of pants for a quite a while now,and have finally found ones I am happy with (as seen in the photos!).
Sounds bizarre that I was looking for so long, I know; but you could say I’m fussy and not really a “pants” person of late!

I had criteria they had to pass before the purchase was made:
                1.   They had to fit me in length and not have a massive crutch! (yes, these ones are supposed to be 7/8ths but on me they are full length! 🙂 )
                2.   I didn’t want silk material on this occasion
                3.  I wanted something different, and not plain black pants.
                4. Something versatile

This was the outcome..!

Glassons printed ankle zip pants

Mink Pink Jumper

From the back

Close up pants

Kirsty close up

Full length

I was wearing:

 What do you think?

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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black and mint

black dress 2

We are having the most amazing start to March weather-wise. It’s going to be over 30 for 9 days straight! What a brilliant way to welcome Autumn!

We went via the beach this morning on the way to work, and I decided it was a great chance to grab some photos. Not only of me but the beautiful place we live in, Ocean Grove!

For those Australians out there too, Geelong has been named more livable than Melbourne, according to the news last night! Just proof why I love it! (Knowing Melbourne is only 60 minutes up the highway!)

I’ve added some more shoes to the shoe page too, so make sure you check them out! I’m slowly unpacking all of them now as we have our wardrobes finished! It’s amazing how quickly you forget some of the shoes you own (for me anyway!). What I do love about them is that every shoe I own has a story and how they came to be apart of my collection!

Mint small heeled Tony Bianco ‘Pazz’ Shoes – I had been eyeing off for ages, then all of a sudden they went on sale and I decided that was a sign! It was around my birthday last year so figured they were a birthday present to myself.  

Kirsty Sitting

Superficial Sadie Necklace

black dress

mint heels from Tony Bianco

Looking out to sea

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The view