no more tights

no more tights

I don’t want to wear tights anymore! I’ve had enough. No more tights for me, hopefully summer is around the corner and I don’t have to worry about them again…until May (or if we move to a tropical island!)

I don’t like my chances, the weather is so unpredictable this time of year but I’m going to try my hardest. I am also one of these people who really feels the cold. Everyone will be saying how warm and I’ll still have my jacket on. Just the way I am I think. I’ll take warm weather any day of the year!

This outfit will hopefully be the last tight post for a while! I wasn’t sure how it would work; the pink skirt with tights but I think it came together well. Normally I wear the skirt alone but after a big wardrobe clean out I thought I’d get the skirt out again to make sure I wanted it to stick around.

I’ve been watching a group of bloggers at the moment only wear 30 items out of their wardrobes for the month of November and it had me thinking… do we really need everything that is in our wardrobes or are we spoilt for choice? I’m not saying get rid of everything or anything for that matter; I know I couldn’t! I do think it’s really important to only have pieces you truly love in your wardrobe and that you are actually going to wear. No point holding on to something that is going to hang and stare at you! I’m dreaming of our next house, where I have requested Andrew build me a giant room for my shoes and clothes, but again I’ll only keep things I want and wear; maybe 😉 !

Do you have dreams of a big magical wardrobe?

Geelong Fashion

Pink and black

I was wearing:

  • blazer from Sportsgirl (similar here and here)
  • black and white top from Portmans (similar here)
  • old skirt from Ezibuy (similar here and here)
  • black Country Road tights
  • shoes from Betts Shoes (similar here)

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september style dare by fox in flats

This month I decided to join in with Fox in Flats September Style Dare to experiment with my wardrobe. I have been putting all the photos up on Instagram so you can come follow along!

Lady Like

We are at day 14 at the moment but it has already made me come out and experiment and try some styles I normally wouldn’t!

Take these pants below for example. They have now been in my wardrobe for 12 months (To anyone else I would have told to remove from wardrobe) however I still have them sitting there just in case. The style challenge for the day was safari and I felt these pants were the perfect option!


I actually can’t believe how many people came out and said they liked these! Maybe I should consider wearing more often!

I’ve been trying to get my shirts out more and  coming up with different looks like this one below. I now want to go out and buy more shirts! Especially a crisp white one!


Even daring to show off my fitness attire, (which I do like making statements with)

Fitness attire

It’s not to late to join in if your keen to give it a go!



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colour pop weekend style

Geelong Fashionista

I love colour and this Elm Knitwear jumper is all about colour pop. The beautiful knitted fabric gives warmth while steering clear of the traditional Melbourne black. Although Winter has ended I’m looking forward to wearing this knit with shorts and skirts to still keep warm in the brisk spring evenings and mornings.

I love when winter ends and spring begins. There is excitement in the air that warmer days are coming. The weather was beautiful over the weekend and it really did feel like summer was on its way. People were all over the beach and enjoying living back outdoors which living by the beach does to you. I love walking down here and just staring out to the ocean.

Ocean Grove

Wittner Mules

Elm Knitwear

Bardot Jeans


Ocean Grove Beach

I was wearing:

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july instagram

To see what I’ve been up in July come follow along on Instagram @gfashionista

i’m back…

Well hello there everyone!! Can you below we already half way through the year!!

So sorry for the lack of posts. I have finally moved my blog over to and have been encountering a few problems. Hopefully they nearly all fixed so thank you for your patience.

I am also currently in beautiful Bali! The weather is beautiful and its so nice to escape and enjoy this sunshine in between such a busy time at work!

I’ve been having a lot of fun getting photos over here and I cant wait to share!

This is just a quick peek while I continue on bringing you some wonderful shots with this glorious sunshine!


Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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simple winter days

Country road jumper

A simple chic outfit is all you need on a wintery long weekend!

I went shopping in my wardrobe and rediscovered my mega high boots making a simple jumper and pants into a much more chic look.

I am in total love with my neon pink clutch, and so it seems everyone else! I keep getting the most wonderful comments from everyone! The thing I like even more about it; a fellow Geelong designer is the mastermind behind these! I highly recommend checking out My Boutique!

What is your favourite winter look?


Tony Bianco Boots



Geelong Fashionista

AoS Fedora

close up

I was wearing:

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high tea at the langham

The Langham

On Sunday I headed to The Langham to indulge in their Chocolate Bar Afternoon Tea, also known as high tea!  It was a birthday present to my mother-in-law and my mum’s mothers day present. My two sister-in-laws came along too. A wonderful ladies afternoon.

Here are a few pics of the scrumptious food!

Savory treats

Paris tea

Dessert Bar

Sweet treats

I was really happy with the outfit I choose to wear. Especially as the leather skirt was not to tight once I’d over indulged! 😉

I am still obsessed with this pink coat and so happy that I have now found a midi skirt that doesn’t look full length on me!

What do you think of my outfit?

Sportsgirl coat

Black and white

I was wearing:

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winter is here


Winter is here and it’s starting to get cold! Not my favorite time of year.. unless there is snow!

I shouldn’t be too sad as I am going to beautiful sunshine in 25 sleeps! I’m heading off to Bali to replenish after my crazy period at work.

I’ve pulled out my jumpers, tights are back out and layering is now the key; especially when the office goes from hot to cold.

Are you a winter person?

Winter is here


navy and orange

Dotti Jumper

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