i’m a shopaholic…


Hi my name is Kirsty and I’m a shopaholic. “Hi Kirsty!”

I have come to the realisation that I like to shop; A LOT and I seem to be purchasing a little too much at times.

I try and budget and only buy the things I really need, but when places like Country Road start stocking things I want need; I tend to spend money and purchase some great pieces!

That being said this top is my latest and was brought as a must have top for work and was the perfect top to go watch Geelong play, when in a corporate box over the weekend!

I admit I dont have a serious problem. I can show some self control but somehow I always convince myself its a must have.

Are you a shopaholic?

Country Road Top



Sportsgirl Coat


Country Road



Geelong Cats

I was wearing:

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drape skirt and a black blazer


The weekend has been and gone, but I don’t think it helped that I worked Sunday, so I guess for me it’s already Wednesday!

These photos aren’t great as it was at night and the colour of the skirt hasn’t come up well; it’s a beautiful emerald-green colour; but I really liked what I was wearing.

I went out for cocktails with some friends.

Hope you all had great weekends.

Colette bracelet

Tony Bianco boots

Bardot skirt

I was wearing:
– NEW emearld green drape skirt from Bardot
Tony Bianco Boots (now on sale! 🙁 )
– Bracelet from Colette
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april flashback

The last month of Autumn… now the cold weather will start here in Geelong!

April was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to a busy May.

Here is a recap of my outfits. Which one was your favourite for April?

cream peplum and black jeans

Cream peplum top

On Saturday night I caught up with some friends for dinner. Knowing I had to work the next day, (very early) I decided to go a little more casual than normal and opted for my trusty black jeans. These Mavi jeans were a birthday present and I do love them, except for the fact they are a little long in the legs. I guess that’s what I get for being short!

This top I found in H&M Tokyo! Ange actually found it first and got herself a black one, I decided to copy her with a cream one! It’s so comfortable and was a bargain!

The necklace is another favourite birthday present I was given. Its from one of my favourite boutiques, Princess Polly.

Hope your week is going well, Friday is getting closer!

(Sorry about the photos, the light wasn’t great and my usual photographer was unavailable so got mum to give it a go!)


Black Tony Bianco Heels

Cream Peplum

I was wearing:

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pink shirt

Pink shirt

This shirt is another one I found while in Japan from Forever 21. I love the cut of it and the way it sits and I get comments every time I wear it which helps too! 😉

Pink Shirt

I apologise for the lighting on these photos, it was really bright in the background and they make me look a little pixelated! Time to upgrade the camera I think!!

Pink and black heels

Another weekend has come around so quickly (maybe coz it was only a four day week!)  I’m looking forward to the weekend as I’m working at Laneway Festival in Melbourne. Here is hoping we keep our good weather! It’s a great lineup this year too!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

 I was wearing:


bodycon skirt with a splash of orange

orange target jacket
I have been really slack on the blog yet again, but if the truth be known, I’ve had no outfits to talk about.

We celebrated Australia Day this weekend, which also meant a long weekend. Instead of going away we decided it was time to work on the house (we’re renovating). However this also meant I spent the weekend in old working clothes. Nothing to blog about anyway.

This was my outfit for work. I found this skirt over the weekend (ok I found 5 mins to check out a shop! 😉 ) It is from Target and I got it at the bargin price of $15! What do you think?
target skirt
orange blazer
I was wearing:
– Orange Target blazer
– White Sportsgirl Tee (yes I live in this!)
– New black bodycon skirt from Target
Witchery necklace
– Nude wedges

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Orange Blazer

midi skirt

Midi Skirt

Today is casual Friday, I also had a meeting this morning so I was trying to pick an outfit that would cater for both options. I remembered I had this skirt which I think  works for the look I’m after.

I have been a little slack on posts of late but I feel like I am so busy… In both work and social life! There is so much on and so much to do. Not that I’m complaining, it’s been a lot of fun, but will it ever stop?! Thinking February may be a detox month… hmmmm Febtox I think I’ll be joining!

Arm CandyWittner Shoes

I was wearing:

  • Sportsgirl White Tee
  • Necklace (Christmas gift from the store Goose)
  • Black & green skirt from Kmart (love a good bargin!)
  • Wittner flats (Very old but worked for all the walking this morning)
  • Mixer of bracelets from Colette & ones I have had for a long time) 
  • Sportsgirl Bag (from two seasons ago)close up of outfit

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vintage tony bianco

Kirsty Sitting

I dont often wear long pants (as you may have noticed). But last week I decided to wear them to the office. I was trying to work out an outfit to wear with a pair of shoes I found in my wardrobe.

This may seem strange, but I own A LOT of shoes! Sometimes I forget exactly what is in my shoe cupboard, especailly if they are ones I haven’t worn in a long time. I came across these babies. They are a Tony Bianco pair I brought quite a few years ago now.

What do you think?

Tony Bianco Yellow Shoes

Kirsty full length

Yellow Necklace

I was wearing:

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mustard jacket

Enjoying the snow

Ange and I enjoying the snow at Nozawa

I had to write at least one post about my time in Japan and it actually tied in nicely with one (ok maybe a few) of my new purchases. Back when I lived in Canada I discovered and fell in love with Forever 21. I had been told about it from Superficial Sadie’s creator but it wasn’t until I saw it that I found the appeal. I then introduced Ange to Forever 21 when she moved to Canada and also fell in love with this store.

Long story short, Tokyo had a Forever 21 and much to the horror of poor Andrew, Ange and I ran to the five floors. An hour later and several purchases down, he was able to pull us out of the store, remaining us we were here for snowboarding not shopping!

As I’ve mentioned before I want to grow this blog to include other people and not just myself, so I convinced Ange to have some photos with me while we were sightseeing at the Imperial Palace. It also includes some of our new purchases.

Kirsty with jacketKirsty side view, with jacketKirsty side view, No jacketAnge, no jacket


Ange & I

I was wearing:

  • new mustard jacket from Forever 21
  • new white sequin shoulder jumper, from Forever 21
  • Ange’s skirt (Thanks! 😉 ) also from Forever 21
  • Timberland snow boots (I know there is no snow in Tokyo, but it saved me having to overpack!) 

Ange was wearing:

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Kirsty xx