wardrobe rut

In the past week I have gone to my wardrobe and decided I don’t like 75% of it anymore….

Leather jacket

Have I changed my tastes?
Is it because I’m sick of everything?
Could it be that I’m back at work?
Could it be this awful weather we having that hasn’t allowed me to get into my favourite season dressing (I LOVE summer!)?
Or if I think about it I haven’t bought much and worn the same things over and over> First pregnant, then breastfeeding and home with baby girl.

I’m in a wardrobe rut!

How do I get out…
I don’t have money to be buying a whole new wardrobe! Plus I hate getting rid of mine when I know there are some great pieces in there that still could get lots of wear.. but I’ve just had enough of it all.

No wonder so many people have giant wardrobes! I would love to keep everything but I don’t have the space either.
Plus I try to live within my means, not buying excessive and you do need somewhere to put it all!

I’m back at work, working part-time; this means I get a part-time wage (gasp!) plus I need to clothe my little girl too! Which again means I can’t just go spend all my money!

Over the past 12 months I have done a really good job of only buying pieces that work with a large percentage of my wardrobe.  I’ve also culled soooo much of it and have sitting in bags… I think someone would still get so much wear out of what I have… I really need to get them moving!

A big part of it has to do with the weather too. It has been awful! This time last year spring was here and we were having beautiful days. This year I can’t seem to put winter away and I don’t think that helping my issues either!

So the question is how do I get out of this wardrobe rut?
How do I breathe life back into what I have as really there are some amazing pieces in there that are still perfect for day-to-day living!

grey tee
Winter Sun
Close Up
Luullah Belle
Project Soco

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addicted to shopping

Senso flats

I am addicted to shopping; no surprise there!

I always try and find a good excuse to buy the incredible things I find on Instagram, Facebook or on fellow bloggers sites. I found these Senso sandals just the other day and knew I had to have them (just needed a good excuse to buy them)!

The weather was perfect Saturday and it made me think, “Yes Kirsty, you need a new pair of summer sandals!”  Next thing I know I’m driving into Geelong to Argentina (A shop on Pakington Street)  walk into the shop, try them on and before you can say snap they are in a bag on the way home with me! oops!

What do you think of my new beautiful shoes?


We took these photos just as a change had come in and boy did the wind pick up!

I was lucky to keep hold of my hat. You can see the wind really moving my top around!

This outfit was so comfy and I really like using grey and white as neutrals to get away from all the black that seems to be worn so often!

Ace of Something FedoraOcean Grove

White and grey

I was wearing:

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*the opinions in this post are my own. This was not a paid post. 

simple in oberoi street, bali

Oberi Street

It’s freezing here in Geelong and I thought I’d try and warm myself up by looking at more of my Bali images.

These photos were taking on a really popular strip in Bali called Oberoi Street. It’s known for its great shopping as well as great places to eat. We stayed in this street too, so makes getting around very easy.

This particular night we were on our way out to dinner (I’m going to do a post of my fav spots to eat in the next week or so!) Andrew and I stopped along the way to take a few snaps and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the busy street.

I took my trusty bright pink clutch from My.Boutique which really does make everything pop; and dressed it with a very monochrome look. Keeping things simple and cool is the key in Bali!

Have you been to Oberoi Street, Bali? What were your favourite places to shop and eat?

crossing the street

Geelong Fashionista

Empty Street


I was wearing:

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black bow bag

Forever New bag

I bought a new bag…. !
I have been eyeing off so many on different blogs from around the world of late, I decided I was in the market for a new one. All of the ones I wanted from seeing other blogs were well over $300AU plus! I decided for now, (until I get to go back to the USofA, one day) I would find one more in my price range. (plus I may need to  purchase another one!)

I was hoping not to get black, but I couldn’t look past the beautiful bow on this bag accented with the gold corners below and cute hand strap. I knew we were meant to be together!

This purchase wasn’t taken lightly! After asking numerous friends on their thoughts, plus looking at it three times at the shop (Forever New), I decided it was fate and we needed to be together!

What do you think of my new addition?

the black bow bag

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navy & white

Navy & white

This dress is an oldey but a goodie! I’ve had it now for quite some time, it’s one of those dresses that is so comfortable and really comes in handy at times.

Yesterday was one of those times, I had a BBQ and it was just what I felt like wearing. I paired it with a denim vest to give it a little something different.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends; I certainly did!

Navy & white

Navy & white

Navy & white

I was wearing:

  • Navy and white striped dress (from a boutique in Queensland, Leelouanne maybe 3 years ago!)
  •  Denim vest (from Ezibuy)
  • Necklace (from Goose)
  • Brown flats (Wittner)
  • Sportsgirl watch, bracelets & earrings

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january flashback

How did February come around so quickly! I feel like we just left December to be honest!
I am going to start doing flashbacks of each month, reviewing outfits I have worn.

This month I was pretty slack on the blog; I think January was actually busier than December! So not many outfits to choose from.

What was your favourite?

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pink shirt

Pink shirt

This shirt is another one I found while in Japan from Forever 21. I love the cut of it and the way it sits and I get comments every time I wear it which helps too! 😉

Pink Shirt

I apologise for the lighting on these photos, it was really bright in the background and they make me look a little pixelated! Time to upgrade the camera I think!!

Pink and black heels

Another weekend has come around so quickly (maybe coz it was only a four day week!)  I’m looking forward to the weekend as I’m working at Laneway Festival in Melbourne. Here is hoping we keep our good weather! It’s a great lineup this year too!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

 I was wearing:


pink skirt, grey pumps

Pink Skirt

I love wearing colour to work to brighten up the day and try to keep away from traditional black. In fact the ladies in my office are pretty good, with pretty much all of us staying away from an all-black outfit unless required!

This skirt I’ve had for a whole season now but it works great with tights as well as bare legs; so very versatile for all seasons.

These shoes are one of my favs (yes I say that about a lot of them!) They were a pair I brought in Vegas, back when we were travelling. Got them at a great price and love that grey pumps match so many outfits.

Grey Michael Kors Pumps

I saw an interview of Pink the other night, and she had her nails painted in all different shades of pink, so decided I need to give that a go! What do you think?

Pink Nails

PinkSkirtI was wearing:

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mustard jacket

Enjoying the snow

Ange and I enjoying the snow at Nozawa

I had to write at least one post about my time in Japan and it actually tied in nicely with one (ok maybe a few) of my new purchases. Back when I lived in Canada I discovered and fell in love with Forever 21. I had been told about it from Superficial Sadie’s creator but it wasn’t until I saw it that I found the appeal. I then introduced Ange to Forever 21 when she moved to Canada and also fell in love with this store.

Long story short, Tokyo had a Forever 21 and much to the horror of poor Andrew, Ange and I ran to the five floors. An hour later and several purchases down, he was able to pull us out of the store, remaining us we were here for snowboarding not shopping!

As I’ve mentioned before I want to grow this blog to include other people and not just myself, so I convinced Ange to have some photos with me while we were sightseeing at the Imperial Palace. It also includes some of our new purchases.

Kirsty with jacketKirsty side view, with jacketKirsty side view, No jacketAnge, no jacket


Ange & I

I was wearing:

  • new mustard jacket from Forever 21
  • new white sequin shoulder jumper, from Forever 21
  • Ange’s skirt (Thanks! 😉 ) also from Forever 21
  • Timberland snow boots (I know there is no snow in Tokyo, but it saved me having to overpack!) 

Ange was wearing:

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happy new year

Celebrating in Japan

Celebrating in Japan with Ange

Well I’m back… and it really was tough, to a) come home and b) start back at work!

I thought I’d write my first post by saying Happy New Year and hope that you have all had a wonderful start to 2013. I’m very excited to see new followers and hope you keep enjoying the blog in 2013.

This year I plan on posting not only my own style but that of people I know or people that give me inspiration. As well as friend’s favourite pieces and bargains they find. So please don’t hesitate to send me an email about your style!

My highlight from last year would have to be participating in Black Out, trying out something very different. I intend on many more experiments this year. Thanks Mon from Little Miss Mon Bon for that one!

These photos are a few of my favourites from last year (Even though I only really got into blogging late October!)

Sunny Girl Dress Black is backBlack Out  White peplumBlack Out   Aztec Skirt

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x Kirsty