wardrobe rut

In the past week I have gone to my wardrobe and decided I don’t like 75% of it anymore….

Leather jacket

Have I changed my tastes?
Is it because I’m sick of everything?
Could it be that I’m back at work?
Could it be this awful weather we having that hasn’t allowed me to get into my favourite season dressing (I LOVE summer!)?
Or if I think about it I haven’t bought much and worn the same things over and over> First pregnant, then breastfeeding and home with baby girl.

I’m in a wardrobe rut!

How do I get out…
I don’t have money to be buying a whole new wardrobe! Plus I hate getting rid of mine when I know there are some great pieces in there that still could get lots of wear.. but I’ve just had enough of it all.

No wonder so many people have giant wardrobes! I would love to keep everything but I don’t have the space either.
Plus I try to live within my means, not buying excessive and you do need somewhere to put it all!

I’m back at work, working part-time; this means I get a part-time wage (gasp!) plus I need to clothe my little girl too! Which again means I can’t just go spend all my money!

Over the past 12 months I have done a really good job of only buying pieces that work with a large percentage of my wardrobe.  I’ve also culled soooo much of it and have sitting in bags… I think someone would still get so much wear out of what I have… I really need to get them moving!

A big part of it has to do with the weather too. It has been awful! This time last year spring was here and we were having beautiful days. This year I can’t seem to put winter away and I don’t think that helping my issues either!

So the question is how do I get out of this wardrobe rut?
How do I breathe life back into what I have as really there are some amazing pieces in there that are still perfect for day-to-day living!

grey tee
Winter Sun
Close Up
Luullah Belle
Project Soco

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geelong fashionista instagram outfits


I’ve been joining in with Styling You’s everyday style  over January to show what I have been wearing on a day to day basis (on instagram).

I thought I’d also share them here on Geelong Fashionista for you to have a look at some of my looks from the past month and see what you think of my style.

Although it is summer here in Geelong, we haven’t really had the traditional summer heat we normally experience. In fact it’s been a lot more like spring with sunny but mild days and cool nights. Hopefully next month we will see the summer heat as you know from all my other posts I LOVE the heat!!

It seems my sunnies have had a good workout as has my hat which I do love wearing, especially if you are having a bad hair day.

With most of January been holidays for me there is a lot of my casual wardrobe in here although the last few images are my work attire. Hopefully February will have lots of warm days!

St Frock Dress

Elm Knitwear

Casual days

Bardot Jeans

Stables of Como


Sportsgirl Shorts

Bardot top and skirt

Bardpt Skirt

Eds 12

eds 16


eds 18

eds 17

eds 19

Please ask if you would like to know where any of my outfits are from, otherwise they are all linked on instargram.

What look was your favourite?

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15 things i love about summer

Love heart

I love summer…

It is my favourite season. I would happily travel the world chasing summer if I could.

I think it helps that I have a birthday in there but I do truly love the heat!

I have put together a list of the 15 things I love about summer  and would love to hear what your favourite things are?!


1. Summer Holidays

I took a month off this year. I love having time off enjoying the sunshine

2. Swimming in the Ocean

I am so very lucky that I live by the beach and I love going for a swim to cool off either from a hot summer day in the sunshine or straight after work after a long day in the office.

Andrew Surfing

3. Beach Hair

That idea of not having to wash it all the time and embracing the curls in my hair. I love it.

Ace of Something

4. Bronzed skin

While I am all about been sun-smart it’s so great having bronzed legs, arms and tummy.I always have sunscreen on but very lucky my skin easily adapts to the sun.

5. Ice Cream

To cool us down on a hot day there is nothing better than a yummy flavoured ice cream or even a good icy pole.


6. Fresh Fruit

I love that so many fruits are in season and there is so much to eat and makes you feel so refreshed.

7. Daylight savings

The days go longer and there is so much more to fit into one day.


8. Outdoor activities

Playing outside enjoying the daylight well into the night, playing backyard cricket or laughing and chatting with friends

9. Balmy summer nights

The warmth in the evening, you can sit outside and enjoy dinner or a drink or two as the sun goes down.

10. Salads for lunch and dinner.

You can create so many different kinds and I love been creative with how I make them

Summer days

11. Sunday sessions

Enjoying a Sunday with mates at a winery or brewery and embracing the beautiful weather.

12. Lazy days

Not doing anything. Just relaxing and re-energizing for the day/week/year ahead. Seminyak Sunsets

13. Wearing bikinis

Each day is a new day to wear a different bikini


14. Summer sales

As a shopaholic I love shopping and summer always have amazing deals. You have boxing day sales and then there are always sales over Australia Day weekend.

15. Australia Day

Enjoying a day to celebrate this amazing country and how lucky we are. Of course filled with a good BBQ, drinks and listening to the Tripe J Hottest 100!

“Happy Australia Day ”

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5 favourite fashion blogger looks #1

I read a lot of blogs. I read them because I enjoy them and they give me inspiration. I don’t like to copy but I love to see what is out there so I too take risks and get inspired by pieces here or there.

I thought a great idea for Geelong Fashionista would be to do a recap of styles I have found from other fashion bloggers and show you my audience my favourite looks. Either to introduce you to these amazing bloggers or give inspiration to outfits for your everyday needs!

Today I bring you my 5 favourite looks from the year so far… For more go check out these ladies blogs.

1. Friend in Fashion

Jasmin rocks this white lace dress over her one piece. Perfect for a summer day.

Friend in Fashion

2. Tuula Vintage

Jessica looks perfect for a summer day in this stunning striped dress. Plus with my obsession for hats I couldn’t go past her boater hat! I think it’s the next must on my hat list!


3. Hello Fashion

Although we are in the heart of summer (not that you would think so today!) I still love seeing what the other side of the world is doing and get inspired for the colder months ahead. Christine looks amazing this long cardigan and of course a hat; perfect in any season!

Hello Fashion

4. Oracle Fox 

Amanda has summer styling to perfection in this black dress. Although not something I would wear to the beach I love her images and she rocks the minimal style!

Oracle Fox

5. Sincerely Jules 

Jules has her casual wardrobe down to an art. A big cardi, a big scarf and a big bag, perfect for a day of winter shopping.  So simple yet looks so great!

Sincerely Jules

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All these images taken from the bloggers sites as per links above. 



Andrew and I love exploring. Maybe that’s why we work so well together! While up in Newcastle we decided to go for a drive and see what was about.  Andrew is a big fan of architecture and saw a house he wanted to go check out. We are so glad we did as we came across an amazing piece of coastline. The houses on top of the hill had views of the coast both sides. It was an incredible spot with 360 views from their homes. Lucky for me I take the camera everywhere so was able to capture the beautiful background.

This top has come in so handy since I purchased. I love the cut and I seem to be addicted to anything navy at the moment! It also adds the stripe factor to my wardrobe which no one can ever have enough of! I paired it with a simple black skirt and as we weren’t going to get out and about had the trusty Havaianas on!  At least they too were black! This really does capture my everyday style as I’d put on a bit of bronzer and hadn’t even done my hair, but saltwater always makes a great wave!




I was wearing

  • navy and white stripe top from Kookai
  • black skirt; similar found here and here
  • sunnies from Sportsgirl; similar here

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Nicole in Pool

My beautiful model Nicole is having a birthday today! So I wish her the happiest of birthdays. I hope it brings a day of laughter and happiness.

Last weekend while we were in Sydney I asked her if I could take some photos of her outfit as I loved her style!

Culottes have been popping up everywhere of late and I thought why not capture this incredible print Nicole had on. Culottes are a great way to feel comfortable while adding something to your outfit. I love this print, you can never have too much leopard!!

We were enjoying the view drinks and fun at the Ivy Pool Bar and after a drink or two Nic let me capture her look.

There were people everywhere… It was packed as there was a charity event on where everyone had to wear budgie smugglers! It was very funny and a great cause. The photos still worked well and I think set the scene.

I really enjoy taking photos of other people. I still have a long way to go in learning techniques but I am happy with how my progress is coming along… Hopefully I’ll get a new camera for my birthday and this will make me a pro! ha ha

What do you think of  the culottes trend?

Bardot Culottes

Drinking at Ivy Poll Bar Sydney

Barot Top

Ivy Pool Bar


Ivy Pool Bar

Black and white

Nicole was wearing:

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The Girls

all I want for christmas (& my birthday)

I can not believe Christmas is under 4 weeks away. How did that happen?!

That means there is only 3 weeks until my Birthday and I can’t believe that either! I move up a bracket and not coping the best with that!!

I thought I’d put together a wish list for some inspiration and ideas for some great gift for Christmas.  All these products are from local stores in Geelong because I believe in buying local to support the local shops! I have been blown away but what is on offer around Geelong of late and so many great shops are popping up. I got to go check out the newly opened Frankie Say Relax and I cant wait to give you an insight in an upcoming post!

Wish List

1. Beach towel from Frankie Says Relax

2. Skin care products from Natural Supply Co.

3. Rings from Ernest and Joe

4. Skin care from Evergreen Australia

5. Shorts from My Boutique

6. Apple Tea from Oh So Tea

7. Rollies from Goose 

8. Beautiful print from Alma Custom Designs

9. Candles from Frieda and Gus

What have you found that’s on your Christmas wish list?

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This is not a sponsored post. Opinions are my own! 

white out

bring on summer

As the weather warms I love seeing all the white around… I think I’ll be wearing a lot this summer as it’s so fresh and fun!

From wearing as the statement piece to making other pieces pop, it’s the perfect neutral. Not only for personal style but it works so well in the home as well. I use a lot of white as a base colour.

I’m still am looking for the perfect white shirt (I’m so fussy!) but have realise I do have a lot of white pieces to get me through the spring/summer season. I also debating a pair of cons after seeing this top image, and how cute my cousin looked when we did our fun shoot. (here)

Although white can be a colour that gets dirty so very easily its one look I think makes everyone look fresh and fun ready for the sunshine; especially with a tan! 😉

Top perfection

Betts Shoes

white jeans; denim shirt

white everything!

white shirt

blogger life

bday ideas

Bardot Skirt


white shirt AO




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Photos sourced from Fashiion Gone Rouge and my own

10 best places to eat in bali

This latest trip to Bali was spent enjoying a lot of great food and finding some incredible places that we had never tried. Andrew and I do venture to Bali a lot but this time we enjoyed going and trying places we hadn’t been before.
I decided I need to share these spots and have created the list below. These are 10 of the best places to eat and try next time you are in Bali

Sea Circus
Sea Circus is a delicious place with a real mixture of fresh salads, wraps and also some Mexican treats. It even has incredible smoothies and juices.
The outside is quite fun and not hard to miss while inside is suitable for a nice dinner for two or a family to dine.

Sae Circus  Sea circus

Mama San
One of the best places I have ever been in Bali. This Asian infused menu has incredible flavours with beautiful local produce.
I had steamed fish with lemongrass infused sauce and it was the perfect mix of flavours. Andrew had twice cooked pork ribs and said the meat just fell away from the bone and again flavours were well-balanced. Our friends had a whole snapper which was full of flavour.

Mamma San  Fish from Mamma San

Lacalaca Cantina Mexicana
Mexican does seem to come up several time on this post, but the Balinese do this so well. Lacalaca is fresh mexican and had the right balance of spicy and zest.
The fish tacos are a must, and unlike me if you eat chicken the nachos are a must also!

Fish tacos

Taco Local
Andrew found Taco Local a few trips ago, but it is still somewhere we like to go. Yummy tacos, great burritos and perfect with a ice cold beer. This tiny spot is a great spot for lunch or dinner.

Our friends took us to this place for dinner and we were blown away with the yummy food. Fresh food at a very reasonable in price.
We enjoyed a soft shell crab salad and Andrew had an incredible steak.

soft shell crab salad

Drop. The Coffee Spot
As the name suggests, this is where Andrew came every morning for his coffee. I don’t drink coffee but enjoyed a fresh smoothie instead.
Great coffee and yummy fresh food.
Drop. The Coffee Spot    Drop

Cafe Zucchini
Vegetarian and vegans delights; this little cafe has delicious fresh wraps, sandwiches, salads, topped off with fresh juice and smoothies. The perfect lunch spot!

Zucchini Cafe  Zucchini

Potato Head
Always a spot I like to have a good dinner at and watch the incredible sunsets Potato Head is your luxury spot in Bali. I had a craving for fish and chips while here and Andrew enjoyed a lamb rump.
The cocktails are delicious, my favourite been the Kookaburra!

Fish at Potato Head    Potato Head

Ku de Ta
Ku De Ta is open all day long. Whether you are after breakfast, lunch or dinner, even a cocktail at sunset the cool vibes and beautiful view make it somewhere you want to keep coming back to.
I highly recommend the passionfruit foam cocktail!

Earth Cafe
As a vegetarian (but yes I do eat a little fish!) this cafe had everything I could hope for! Delicious vegan and vegetarian delights with so much I wanted to try. Fresh salads, burgers, wraps and genuine yummy food, this cafe has a lot to talk about, including a health food store inside with plenty of healthy snacks!
The best selection of organic food that tastes incredible and is prepared with love.
Earth Cafe

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bali sunsets on the beach

Bali SunsetOne of my favourite things to do in Bali is watch the beautiful sunsets. The sun turns into beautiful colours and it really is spectacular.

I enjoy either heading to the beach or going somewhere for a pre-drink before dinner to watch the sun go down. It really is a must when visiting Bali.

I like to dress in simple outfits when walking around and this monochrome look is no exception. Normally I would tuck in this top with the skirt, but this seemed cooler at the time. The top has detail at the shoulders but I didn’t get a close up unfortunately. This style of skirt I find to be really flattering with the flare at the bottom.

Mink Pink top


Seminyak Sunsets

Seminyak beach

Geelong Fashionista
I was wearing:

Our last night in Bali was spent at Potato Head and it’s always a great way to have a delicious cocktail while watching the sunsets.


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