and then there were three

39 weeks

You may have noticed that I have meaning missing of late.. it’s because our two has become three!

That is right… I’ve just had a baby! Well she is nearly three weeks old now but it has meant life has changed forever and I am still getting use to this new role of mine!

It all kind of happened rather quickly. I had a day planned to get the blog ready while I took some downtime for motherhood and next minute I was in hospital having a baby just a little earlier than expected. Not quite how I thought it would happen so very thrilled to have a healthy happy baby!

I am over the moon and so happy and loving this new adventure but Geelong Fashionista has been neglected with every ambition to come back and write as soon as I can.

I don’t plan on changing the blog into a baby blog by any means… that is not why you follow; but things will change around here in terms of lifestyle and no doubt I’ll be mentioning her in my writing but still with the focus on my everyday fashion, lifestyle and hometown of Geelong.

Before little miss was born I was thrilled that I got to get some amazing images of my belly. Andrew and I borrowed our friends beautiful house and took some to remember the time. I loved been pregnant; it was a wonderful time and I am so lucky that I had such a great pregnancy and enjoyed my changing body. I’m thrilled I captured it right before Frankie was born.

growing belly

Black and white 39 weeks

Baby bump

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comfy shorts


Wearing comfy clothes has been the biggest thing for me in the last couple of weeks as I grow and grow. Especially this last week with our “heat wave” and making sure I am comfortable as my temperature seems to have jumped quite a lot to normal. Not that I’m complaining!

These shorts are amazing. They look great and no one would know they go all the way over the bump! The minute I saw them I fell in love and knew they would be well-worn! It may only be for a short while but as maternity leaves approaches very very quickly I think they will become a wardrobe essential. That’s right; my last day of work is tomorrow and I am very very excited.

As much as I enjoy my job, I feel it’s time to stop. Almost like my mind knows it’s time to prepare for the next phase in my life.

Mim and Bas really does have some wonderful pieces and I have been getting excited by their new mum clothes, perfect for breastfeeding and yet still looking good! Make sure you go check out the website Mim and Bas to check out their pieces! I’m sure they will be more images to come.

Jean ShortsMim and Bas

I was  wearing:

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casual thursday

Princess Polly peplum

Sometimes you just need to go casual to work, and that’s how I felt today!

Comfy jeans, trusty peplum, a blazer and simple heels and I was set for the day!

I hope everyone is having a great week, it’s such a busy time of year and lots on again this weekend!

Target blazer

Urban Stalker jeans

I was wearing:

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pink jeans with leopard print and a hat

 Zu Shoes

 This is what I wore for casual Friday, after reading Rachel’s Lookbook the other day about jeans on to work, I decided jeans were fine to wear to work! I had to pair the look with my black hat as I’m in love with it at the moment, and I finally get to wear it in this weather!

I wanted to put fun socks in the gaps of my boots for something different. I think the sparkles worked with the sparkles in my jumper.

sparkle socks

As much as I love the colour of these jeans they aren’t the best quality. They stretch really quickly and look baggy, and you can really tell in these photos. Don’t you hate when a pair of jeans stretch way to much as soon as you put them on? 

Witchery Hat

Mink Pink jumper

Superficial Sadie

Cotton On Jeans

I was wearing:

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orange and lace

Johnson's Park

What a crazy week it’s been for me so far, with so many events at work I’ve been run off my feet! For those of you that haven’t heard me say, I’m an event manager so at times my work gets very busy, I even had to work Sunday!

 When my body tells me I’m doing too much, I’m one of those lucky people who gets cold sores on my lip. In the same spot every time and telling me to slow down or I’ll get sick. I’m hearing you body, I will slow down!

 This whole outfit costs probably as much as my beautiful bag! It consists of all bargains I have found and put together. I’m rapt with this dress that I found at Kmart, it’s very trans-seasonal. I should have taken off my jacket to get a better look at how I paired it with the striped long sleeve top, next time! I call the boots by event ones as they are perfect for lots of running around and are super comfy, although I think it’s time for a new pair!

 black lace dress


orange Jacket

Beige Boots

I was wearing:

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 black bow bag

orange and grey

orange and grey

This outfit is one I wore to work this week. I am loving the grey and white peplum skirt and it always manages a comment or two when I have it on. I have been wearing the skirt with white and yellow of late but decided it was time to change it up a little and paired it with my orange blazer and heels, as well as a grey tee for a change.

It was a rather foggy and dull morning Tuesday before the beautiful sunshine came out; you can see the mist in the background! The colour of my orange heels isn’t as bright as in real life, but they are a lot of fun!

Kirsty looking to side

Peplum Skirt

Orange Blazer

Kirsty close-up

Orange heels

Looking down

I was wearing:

  • Orange blazer from Target
  • Grey Tee from Sportsgirl
  • White & grey peplum skirt from Kmart (What a find!)
  • Orange shoes, I have had for years!
  • Bow necklace from Bali!
  • Watch & earrings from Sportsgirl
  • Colette bracelets

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floral… again

Floral Dress

Warning!! This is a repeat outfit, I did only recently post this dress. 🙂

What’s a girl to do though..?! I’m not rich and famous enough yet (ha ha) to stop the repeat wardrobe, and I felt good and changed a few things about the outfit, and decided it was ok for me to post new photos.

I was off to a first birthday party and felt this covered style and practical all into one.

I’ve finally had a hair cut too which is great and have my fringe back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

back of the dress

Kirsty standing


floral dress

close up

looking down

I was wearing:

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bodycon skirt with a splash of orange

orange target jacket
I have been really slack on the blog yet again, but if the truth be known, I’ve had no outfits to talk about.

We celebrated Australia Day this weekend, which also meant a long weekend. Instead of going away we decided it was time to work on the house (we’re renovating). However this also meant I spent the weekend in old working clothes. Nothing to blog about anyway.

This was my outfit for work. I found this skirt over the weekend (ok I found 5 mins to check out a shop! 😉 ) It is from Target and I got it at the bargin price of $15! What do you think?
target skirt
orange blazer
I was wearing:
– Orange Target blazer
– White Sportsgirl Tee (yes I live in this!)
– New black bodycon skirt from Target
Witchery necklace
– Nude wedges

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Kirsty  x

Orange Blazer

orange ~ blackout challenge


Last night I was all excited about Black Out, I got to my wardrobe to work out my outfits and then gasped. I didn’t realise how much I relied on black! Seriously, little things I didn’t think of; my tights, leggings, work handbag!

I thought I should dress up a little this morning as I had a corporate breakfast to attend.   I came up with a very bright outfit and felt very good (I even stood out in the crowd!)

It’s pouring rain here in Geelong and so please excuse the poor quality photos, we had to take them inside and very early this morning! Possibly I could have stood outside under an umbrella, I still could I guess, and you’ll be happy to know it’s not black!


I was wearing:

  • Watermelon Decjuba Dress
  • Orange Target Blazer
  • Orange Diva Necklace (I think its quite old!)
  • Wedges (I actually cant remember where they are from but they’ll be going to heaven as I fell in the rain on the way to work after the breakfast 🙁
  • Forever 21 Ring
  • The usual Bali bracelets

statement necklace

I felt like dressing up my outfit today with a big necklace. I also remebered about my black t-bar heels I hadn’t worn for a while and always get comments on so another add to the outfit.

Myer had a sale Tuesday night, great timing as Andrew needed some new work clothes and  for me any shopping is good shopping. He may let me one day post a photo on the blog! As I was looking for me  Andrew I discovered they had a special on Chi Chi nail polish, and the colours were great. Below is the pack I brought. As a result I planned today’s outfit around the new peach coloured nail polish.



I was wearing: