picking berries

Berry Picking 

I love spending time with the girls, and still love one-on-one time too. Back in early January I took Frankie to Tuckerberry Hill to go twilight berry picking. A nice mum and daughter evening out.

It was so much fun! The weather was perfect, the company was great and it was a lot of fun.
At two years of age I wasn’t sure how successful we would be with the concept of picking berries. After only one accidental green berry Frankie got the hang of only picking blue berries. Then adding to her growing bucket. We would go looking for blue berries and she would continually say “these are good ones” as we got to another bush. A good laugh too.

After about 40 minutes of picking berries we headed back to the cafe at Tuckerberry. We had a nice cold drink (I may have decided it was a nice night for a beer) and ate some of our freshly picked berries, enjoying the beautiful summer evening.
My only complaint was there wasn’t enough food to choose from for a dinner meal. I should have researched more, as I hadn’t fed little miss dinner! (mum fail) That didn’t damper the evening though, still watching the kids run around and enjoy perfect evening.

I highly recommend this as a fun kids activity and something a bit different to try. Twilight picking was only for the month of January but you can still pick berries on Wednesdays and over the weekends, during berry season. Jump on their Facebook page to find out their opening times.

Location: 35 Becks Road, Drysdale

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