navy, grey and stripes

Park Shot

I have two days to go until I can wear tights. No one would notice if I gave in early but I said I wouldn’t wear them until May and I’m sticking to it! Winter has come from no where and it has been pretty damn cold here in Geelong! I can’t believe it as I really love the warm weather and in no way am I ready for winter!

I thought the challenge I gave to myself would be easy until I realized how many skirts I own and how much I don’t like wearing pants. Don’t get me wrong I love my jeans but tailored pants I just don’t seem to own or wear and not wearing tights has limited my choice of daily outfit!

Someone said to me, “Aren’t you excited about scarves, coast and layering?” Well that answer is no! As much as I do love the looks and what is around I am not looking forward to the cold weather. I love summer!

What I am excited about is navy and grey. Stripes too. I think they will be a staple for me over the next six months. Although I still love these colours in summer I think they will be a good winter base for me as well.


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lime ricki


Although winter is on the horizon and I think summer has left us for a few months I still like keeping up with swimwear and seeing what is about as I do love a summer holiday in the middle of winter!

I have not worn a once piece cozi in a long time and have wanted to try one for a while! That is when I came across this navy, ruffle one piece from Lime Ricki and I thought I would give it a go.

Now I have to admit, this post was tough for me and I did struggle with picking photos, not because I have doubt in my appearance but there is something about bather shots that I am not such a fan of! However I do think it shows off how practical and perfect for hanging on the beach this one suit it. I often go to the beach with my friends kids and I find my bikini just doesn’t do the trick.

Some great news to you all is that Lime Ricki are going to offer Geelong Fashionista readers 15% their purchases by adding the discount code: GEELONG. A great way to get ready for those beach holidays!

Lime RickiSwimwearBeach Walkingbathers

I was wearing:

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denim, black and white

Geelong Fashionista

I’ve just had an impromptu social media vacation. It wasn’t intended nor was it because I was over it, it just sort of happened and it felt good.

I’m back now though! I cant wait to get stuck back into everything with lots of fun and exciting posts coming your way. It was nice to step away and relax and realise that life does go on without checking Instagram fifty times a day!

Back to fashion…

I love trying to adapt the clothes I have in my wardrobe. This way I get lots of wear out of  my clothes and change their style. This black top is one of those pieces I wanted to get more wear out of. Being a crop it’s not so easy to wear as the weather starts cooling down and not quite practical enough for work either. A simple white tee with some ripped jeans were the best pairing to try out the look I had in mind.

It was so fun to put this together and I’m really happy with the look, a casual yet fun style with heels to dress it up a little more ready for a dinner out.

Plus the industrial background made for some great images and was a fun shoot.

denim, white and blackBardot jeansRusticKirsty

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maxi and me

Tee and Me

Maxi dresses and I have not always been friends. It comes from the fact I am short and they seem to always be too long. Therefore they are rarely seen in my wardrobe!

However every blue moon one pops up that does want to be my friend and actually works on my small statue. This is so with this beautiful peach lace maxi dress. With an asymmetric hem line, coming up at the front, and adjustable straps the length is perfect on me. Although I have heels on for these images, it does also fit well with cute flat sandals as well. Don’t you just love those finds!

I came across Tee and Me on facebook and loved their story. A mum and daughter started out selling printed maxi and sundresses on the Sydney market circuit and have built their brand from there, and they have an eye for beautiful pieces. This dress been the perfect example!

Now my clutch i get here is going to have it’s very own post I think as it is incredible in itself. My brother introduced me to Design A Space and I was amazed at incredible pieces they stock from up and coming designers. This cork clutch the perfect example of amazing talent. But like I said, I think it needs its own story!

KOTCPeach loveKirsty

I was wearing:

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autumn layers

Today is all about autumn fashion as I say goodbye to my favourite season…

Looking at fashion inspiration will make me feel better about the changing seasons!

You can already feel the change in the air. Soon we will see the leaves falling from the trees.

Hopefully the sunshine stays longer and we still get to enjoy summer clothes, but when I look below I think perhaps it ain’t that bad!

Sincerely JulesHisSong of StyleChronicles of Nadia Oracle Fox
travelfashioin gone rouge
look!Decjuba leather jacket  skirt lovelove
denim styleall blackdenim duorestall blackwitchery_stylecollective_nadiabartel06Geelong Tuula

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Photos sourced from fashion gone rouge, Chronicles of Nadia, Tuula VintageOracle Fox 

i love melko


Don’t you love it when you find something you love, and when you wear it everyone feels that love for it as well?

That is how I feel about this dress. I put it on Friday morning and headed to work and all day I had people stop me to ask where I got my dress from. They were loving the pattern, the cut and the way it looked so comfortable!

As a fashion blogger I like to show readers beautiful clothes as well as new brands to go have a look at. This dress is no exception. What attracted me to this garment was the pattern and I love how perfect it is for the office. Easily adapted with boots, or flats as well as the heels as I’m wearing.

Melko is an Australian company that sources clothing from South America. (Only working with companies and brands which employ safe and fair workplace conditions!)

Their collections have a south american flair, fun and of an extremely high quality, perfect for Melbourne!! It really is a great brand with incredible pieces and this dress is so perfect as we now hit autumn weather!

I love Melko


Wittner Heels


Strike a pose


I was wearing:

  • thanks to Melko ~ brooke dress from the totem collection
  • heels from Wittner (same but in black here)
  • bag from Sportsgirl (similar here)

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back to work attire

Forever New Dress

I head back to work tomorrow… After a month off I think I am going to struggle.

The one thing I am looking forward to is the work outfits. I love trying out different styles and seeing what everyone else is wearing.

I’m very lucky in my office and job that basically anything goes. I guess you’d call it causal corporate although jeans are fine too!

I do always find that even though we are in summer I still need to take a cardi. It can get quite cold in our office with the AC and I tend to feel the cold.

This pink cardi is the perfect layer for the office chills and making it easy to take off and throw into your bag when you hit the sun outside. I love the pop of pink with this LBD making the outfit stand out. It’s a great fit and the perfect warmth for the air conditioning. It also comes in a variety of different colours, but as a pink girl I had to go with this colour. It’s a beautiful fabric and fits really well, go check out Woolovers

Walking Kirsty

Forever New LBD

Little Black Dress


Back to work

I was wearing:

  • pink cardigan gifted by Woolovers (go check out there incredible colours and styles! Perfect for this time of year and into autumn)
  • little black dress from Forever New (on sale!)
  • shoes from Kmart
  • sunnies from Sportsgirl
  • watch from The Horse

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no more tights

no more tights

I don’t want to wear tights anymore! I’ve had enough. No more tights for me, hopefully summer is around the corner and I don’t have to worry about them again…until May (or if we move to a tropical island!)

I don’t like my chances, the weather is so unpredictable this time of year but I’m going to try my hardest. I am also one of these people who really feels the cold. Everyone will be saying how warm and I’ll still have my jacket on. Just the way I am I think. I’ll take warm weather any day of the year!

This outfit will hopefully be the last tight post for a while! I wasn’t sure how it would work; the pink skirt with tights but I think it came together well. Normally I wear the skirt alone but after a big wardrobe clean out I thought I’d get the skirt out again to make sure I wanted it to stick around.

I’ve been watching a group of bloggers at the moment only wear 30 items out of their wardrobes for the month of November and it had me thinking… do we really need everything that is in our wardrobes or are we spoilt for choice? I’m not saying get rid of everything or anything for that matter; I know I couldn’t! I do think it’s really important to only have pieces you truly love in your wardrobe and that you are actually going to wear. No point holding on to something that is going to hang and stare at you! I’m dreaming of our next house, where I have requested Andrew build me a giant room for my shoes and clothes, but again I’ll only keep things I want and wear; maybe 😉 !

Do you have dreams of a big magical wardrobe?

Geelong Fashion

Pink and black

I was wearing:

  • blazer from Sportsgirl (similar here and here)
  • black and white top from Portmans (similar here)
  • old skirt from Ezibuy (similar here and here)
  • black Country Road tights
  • shoes from Betts Shoes (similar here)

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Navy and white

This skirt caught my attention when I first saw it, especially because of the unusual hemline and the way it sat and looked on the model.

It was the first time I had looked at The Iconic and I discover two skirts that I really liked and put them into my shopping cart. Although I got these a while ago I haven’t had them on the blog yet! I really need to get more photos!! I haven’t really had any reason to look at the iconic and have realized there is so much on there on offer and perhaps somewhere I should be checking often for good finds. Plus the mixture of brands is quite good and you can find a really good wide price range. Both skirts I brought were great value and I’m really happy with them.

This skirt is comfy and sits really well and I’ve found by wearing a slip underneath I relax a lot more about the split and it really doesn’t move around that much anyway. It really does show every curve, but as I said to Andrew I’m embracing my inner JLO; booty is in!

These photos were fun to take with the brick wall as the background, making for quite an interesting contrast. I actually took them near work and it was quite funny with the early morning workers walking past having a chuckle as they saw me posing getting the right snap. They started posing back at me and pulling the teapot at me as I like to call it!


Brick Walls

Jo Mercer Sandals



I was wearing:

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i’m not a shirt person

Good Morning

I’m not a shirt person (normally!) There is something about collars that annoy me. I don’t know what it is but I prefer either collarless or just skip the shirt altogether. Same goes for turtle necks. I don’t do these at all and don’t own any. They make me feel trapped or something, yet I love a good scarf.

I do own a chambray shirt and on this particular day decided to wear it and try out preppy style. I’ve seen a few people out and about of late with variations of this style and thought I’d put my own stamp and twist on the style, making it more “Kirsty”.

I love the way this outfit worked out and think maybe I should be a shirt person. Perhaps I should consider buying more and working them in with my outfits, this worked well and the collar didn’t feel like it was suffocating me. I even added a scarf for some warmth in the morning.

I had fun taking these photos and started dancing around which Andrew captured well! The sun was rising over beautiful Geelong and makes you smile at how lucky we are to live in this place!

What do you think of my style?



Leopard shoes

Geelong Fashionista

Good Morning


blue scarf



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