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Time… Something I think I have yet it goes by so quickly!

I love writing this blog. I find it fun, exciting and love sharing my thoughts with the world; yet somehow it gets neglected and forgotten about and pushed aside.

Maybe I should have called this post balance… Finding that balance of looking after your baby girl; cooking meals; doing washing; exercise; catching up with friends, family time and even trying to stay up to date with world news; all seems to pile on top of each other and I sit back and wonder how do I fit it all in.

I’ve tried really hard not to pick up my phone anymore in front of little miss. I don’t want her to think that mum has a phone stuck to her hand, or that I don’t want her undivided attention. So I’ve been putting aside and not checking social media as much. This does make me feel like I miss out on things and have now noticed silly Instagram has changed from a chronological scroll to anywhere and I HATE that! I want it in order and I want to see everyone I follow feeds!!!!!

I have tried to work on the computer while she sits and plays but again I don’t want her to think I have to be in front of a screen, and I get the guilt’s when I see her looking around to make sure I’m watching her! she smiles and always checks I’m seeing her latest trick! It’s so cute and very distracting! 😉

The other thing about time is that I have three more months until I go back to work… That still seems to be a while away but I know it’s going to fly past and gets me thinking about what I really want to do. I love been a mum, yet I do want to work too. Have that life/work balance. What is it that I really want to do?

So I ask you… How do you find the time to fit everything in? How do you prioritize?


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4 thoughts on “time

  1. That is a cute photo! 🙂

    It’s hard juggling things with a baby! I use naptimes or feed times to catch up with things, I have a bit of a routine and posts scheduled in advance so it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get any computer time one day 🙂

    All you can do is do your best – looking after baby is number 1, everything else can wait a little longer. Don’t be too hard on yourself 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. It really is so hard. I am always running behind. Always.
    Finding time to blog is really tricky in amongst it all. I have to really make time for it now, otherwise an entire week will slip by and no creative opportunities will present. I like to blog on Tuesdays so I always make that a bit of deadline and then if I happen to get another up for the week, I feel like I’m winning. So often it’s just the once that it actually happens.
    As for how to find balance in general, no clue. I guess the important things get attention when they present and the rest goes on a list! The key is to not feel bad about everything being a bit higgildy piggildy. It’s taken me 6 years of mothering to gradually be somewhat okay with being behind and not getting all the things done or knowing how to juggle. But some days I do hate not being able to be as productive as I would like. I don’t think that will change.

    • It’s reassuring Vicki that others feel the same! I think that is a great idea to give a deadline and stick to having a goal.
      fingers crossed that may help! and yes as a control freak, i need to learn to let things go and not do everything and be higgildy piggildy!!!
      Great advice. xxx

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