wardrobe rut

In the past week I have gone to my wardrobe and decided I don’t like 75% of it anymore….

Leather jacket

Have I changed my tastes?
Is it because I’m sick of everything?
Could it be that I’m back at work?
Could it be this awful weather we having that hasn’t allowed me to get into my favourite season dressing (I LOVE summer!)?
Or if I think about it I haven’t bought much and worn the same things over and over> First pregnant, then breastfeeding and home with baby girl.

I’m in a wardrobe rut!

How do I get out…
I don’t have money to be buying a whole new wardrobe! Plus I hate getting rid of mine when I know there are some great pieces in there that still could get lots of wear.. but I’ve just had enough of it all.

No wonder so many people have giant wardrobes! I would love to keep everything but I don’t have the space either.
Plus I try to live within my means, not buying excessive and you do need somewhere to put it all!

I’m back at work, working part-time; this means I get a part-time wage (gasp!) plus I need to clothe my little girl too! Which again means I can’t just go spend all my money!

Over the past 12 months I have done a really good job of only buying pieces that work with a large percentage of my wardrobe.  I’ve also culled soooo much of it and have sitting in bags… I think someone would still get so much wear out of what I have… I really need to get them moving!

A big part of it has to do with the weather too. It has been awful! This time last year spring was here and we were having beautiful days. This year I can’t seem to put winter away and I don’t think that helping my issues either!

So the question is how do I get out of this wardrobe rut?
How do I breathe life back into what I have as really there are some amazing pieces in there that are still perfect for day-to-day living!

grey tee
Winter Sun
Close Up
Luullah Belle
Project Soco

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8 thoughts on “wardrobe rut

  1. Yes Spring has not been very inspirational Kirsty has it, it’s usually the time of year where you start shedding layers, feeling lighter and brighter once a good dose of vitamin D kicks in but it just hasn’t happened yet this year!
    On a side note…love that off the shoulder top…where’s that from please??

    • Bring on the vitamin D! I need sunshine to feel better I think!
      The top was from a boutique I found Steph. I’ll tag you on instagram. xx

  2. Every time after I had a baby I found my tastes changed and I felt the need to purchase new, fresh pieces. It was a bit of a pick up I think after the hard work put in getting the baby into the world and then the hardship of feeding through nights and the day to day monotony and challenges. I wanted to reinvent myself to shake off that hardship, I think. I wonder if you’re feeling a bit the same? I don’t have any answers on how to make your wardrobe feel alive again but just wanted to add my food for thought xx

  3. I hit the same point after my eldest son, and I’m reaching that point now too with baby boy. It’s easy to get unimpressed with your wardrobe when you feel like you’re always repeating the same pieces as they make for easy mum style. I had ‘pamper money’ for Christmas I used on getting a personal stylist to come over and do a wardrobe detox and give me outfit ideas, I felt much better afterwards and I don’t regret many of the pieces I let go. When I clean out myself I always have regrets, haha!

    So sorry I don’t have a solution for you, but I do know how you feel! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. I was the same when I got back to work, everything was awful or didn’t fit or was no longer in style. Not having the budget to splash out, I mostly hit up op shops. Working part time means I only have to come up with three outfits a week and Friday is casual anyway so that helps. I just tend to rotate through less stuff now, rather than not wear the same thing in a fortnight like I used to! Agree totally on the weather tooo!

    • Good tips! Since starting work I am noticing it’s easier to rotate the same things. So that helping but bring on sunshine I say!

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