warm and cosy

Warm and Cosy

How cold has the weather been!? If you live in Geelong/Melbourne or anywhere in Victoria for that matter I’m sure you will all agree.

I have tried my hardest to stay extra warm and cosy these past couple of days and loving a good knit and scarf combo to do exactly that. I find if the top part of me is warm I can get away with a little skin shown on the ankles (and legs in this case!)

My wardrobe of late has involved five colours on rotation; black, white, grey, navy and pink.  I love the way they all look either alone or combined which has helped me with a really good winter wardrobe. I’ve tried really hard to create a wardrobe that can easily adapt itself from “mum” to “fun” plus  combine to make lots and lots of looks.
I’ve had a massive wardrobe clean out and getting rid of so many clothes. I’m in the process of selling as some have barely been worn but I figure some things I don’t need and anything to make me choosing an outfit in the morning easier.

That brings me to something really exciting I’m working on. I’ve met an incredible group of ladies through Geelong Women in Business and working with them to create a fashion parade at the Geelong Small Business Expo. We are looking for everyday models so if you are from Geelong and keen get in touch! I’d love you to be apart of it!

Navy and grey
Streets of Geelong
Navy shoes
Grey scarf
ripped jeans
I believe

I was wearing:

  • Shoes are Mollini from Goose Store Geelong
  • Jeans from Bardot
  • Jumper from H&M
  • Scarf from Decjuba

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10 thoughts on “warm and cosy

    • Thanks Mica! I cant believe the cold weather! But you are right we did have a good autumn and it did go bang into cold winter!

  1. Ooh I love a fashion parade, I wish I could be in it!

    In answer to your question, yes, it’s been super cold. We had snow in Adelaide / surrounds yesterday and that very rarely happens so you know it’s serious. I can’t do cut-outs or exposed skin in winter so my favourite jeans with the knee slits have been languishing for months!

    • I’d have you in a second Beth!
      I only had these jeans on as the day was actually quite sunny!
      Otherwise I am in about a million layers! ha ha

    • Thanks Bron! I’m obsessed and cant take them off my feet!
      And yes loving having a working wardrobe!

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