weekend stylin’ in khaki

Ocean Grove

I’m very lucky where I live in beautiful Ocean Grove; and one of my favourite things to do on the weekend is going for walks down our main street. This was a simple outfit I had on for the weekend, in a colour I never thought I would have a lot of! As I got dressed I remembered I had a khaki jacket in my wardrobe. I love when you find these pieces; it’s like buying mew clothes!

As we walked down the streets there were no cars, but as soon as we got the camera out they seemed to come in the dozens, not that it takes away from the images and Andrew had fun playing around with the end result.

I have been having a really good explore of local places,  and as we walked down the main street it’s such a mixture of new and old places, some that could do with a good face lift! Maybe that is what makes it so unique and keeps its small town charm.

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Ocean Grove


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