world’s longest lunch attire

Michael Kors

On Friday I was lucky enough to go to the Geelong World’s Longest Lunch. It was held at Eastern Beach Reserve on a spectacular day; the view was amazing! Of course I didn’t bring my camera and the iPhone just didn’t do it justice. Andrew was kind enough to take these afterwards.
At the luncheon I was talking to someone who had just moved to Geelong and as they couldn’t believe what a beautiful place we live in! This makes me so happy and something I really want to explore more with Geelong Fashionista, to show everyone why Geelong is so special!  

The dress code for the lunch was daytime elegance and as I had to work before hand I decided my LBD was the perfect outfit for the day. It was a delicious lunch with Geelong’s Finest preparing the food and great local beverages!

What do you think of my daytime elegance?


Wittner heels

Sportsgirl dress


Kirsty close up

I was wearing;

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